10 Most Overpowered & Underated Items in Elden Ring

Hey guys! I’m Arihead from Electronic First and today we’re gonna be talking about Elden Ring again! Elden Ring may be hard for most people, who blame their failures on their skill level. Or worse, they blame it on the game’s difficult boss fights. In fact, I’ve seen countless people doing this when they are insufficiently geared. Elden Ring is an RPG with tons of equipment...[Read More]

Elden Ring – Worth a Buy?

Hey guys! I’m Arihead from Electronic First and today, we’re gonna be talking about Elden Ring. Elden Ring has finally been released and everyone is raving over it, and for good reason. Developed by FromSoftware, the creators of the Souls series and written by the esteemed author, George R. R. Martin, Elden Ring is an unforgettable experience. Even now, I feel like playing Elden Ring. ...[Read More]

Horizon Forbidden West – Worth a buy?

Horizon Forbidden West – Worth a Buy Hey guys! I’m Arihead from Electronic First and today we’re gonna be talking about Horizon Forbidden West. In our last Horizon article, I covered the 10 things to look forward to. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you check it out. Horizon Forbidden West is finally out now and boy is it amazing. Released in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn is...[Read More]

Is ELEX II as Difficult as ELEX I?

An ultimate experience of open-world games, Piranha Bytes games has been developing what the players want. ELEX II is now launched five years after its first game and now bringing even a huge new open world to explore with a new story and lots of other activities which we will shortly be reaching there. There’s no going around the fact that ELEX 2 is similar to ELEX I in one way or another. There ...[Read More]

Why Kirby and The Forgotten Land will be a huge success

Swift off on an all-new adventure as a powerful Kirby the puffball The Nintendo Switch has been a remarkable success through the following years and a large part of it is representing the franchise. From the whole era of Super Mario and Zelda games and more previously the adventures of 2D and a little bit of 3D games. But now a full-fledged three-dimensional mainline escapade has arrived.  Mo...[Read More]

Xbox Live Gold vs Xbox Game Pass: Which One Should You Buy?

Learn whether Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass is best for your budget and gaming habits and where you can buy a membership for cheap.

Explore ARK: Survival Evolved as an Inflatable T-Rex!

Run around the tropical paradise and soak up the sun in an inflatable T-Rex costume during the ARK Summer Bash event for ARK: Survival Evolved!

Updates Could Be On the Way for Left 4 Dead 2

With Left 4 Dead 3 out of the picture, gamers are clamoring for more updates to Left 4 Dead 2 instead. Learn more:

Free Xbox Games with Gold for August 2021

August 2021’s Games with Gold lineup is packed with over $100 of value! Check out this month’s free Xbox Live Gold games!

5 Key Benefits of Windows 10 Professional

Learn about the Windows 10 Professional features that add significant benefits for users looking for a robust yet flexible software platform.

Boost Your Borderlands 3 Gameplay with Crossplay

Borderlands 3 developer, Gearbox Studios, decided it was time to fine tune this epic series with the roll out of the Crossplay update.

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