Is ELEX II as Difficult as ELEX I?

Is ELEX II as Difficult as ELEX I
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An ultimate experience of open-world games, Piranha Bytes games has been developing what the players want. ELEX II is now launched five years after its first game and now bringing even a huge new open world to explore with a new story and lots of other activities which we will shortly be reaching there.

There’s no going around the fact that ELEX 2 is similar to ELEX I in one way or another. There are clear differences between the two games and we will get to that later in a bit. Typically we would be talking about the game mechanics and storyline with a comparison of the previous version of it. Let’s get started!


ELEX & ELEX II is an open-world role-playing game (RPG) made by Piranha bytes a company that made the Gothic and Risen franchise, Where Gothic is still considered one of the best RPG games of all the time and one of the best franchises of all time if you go back to the Gothic 1 & Gothic 2 even today those games aged well because of the open-world mechanics and ideas Piranha Bytes had before. 

Now ELEX I came out a while ago and it was a new addition into their library and whenever Piranha Bytes likes to do games they like to do trilogy so we can kind of expect that this is the second part of the trilogy when it comes to the ELEX franchise. 

Now ELEX I came out as something new. The world that we haven’t seen before was set on the world of Magalan which was hit by an asteroid or meteor and everything was destroyed. Now, of course, you have people who survived the actual collision and are trying to build a new world on top of that old world that we had so there you will have a bunch of different ideas which are going to be implemented. 

You have people who use bows and arrows and shields and swords but on the other side, you have this modern side where people are going to be using guns and rifles and just robots. So it’s a blend of the magical world and the Sci-Fi world game. Now ELEX story is going to be set after the events of ELEX I as we can see from their trailer and website and everything which has happened in ELEX I and is now obviously going to have a direct continuation of ELEX II. 

Does ELEX II Require Prior Knowledge of ELEX I Due to Its Complexity?

I would say for the newcomers who fully want to understand the game and its sequences. ELEX II should be played after ELEX I. That is because of the complexity of the game. In it you will have to explore the whole map and find all the necessities a person needs for his survival like finding the elements, finding food, finding weapons. So the person playing it for the first time would need to grasp the whole game to be a pro.

Second, you will have a lot of dialogues, backlashes, and scenes from the prior version of this game, which will be interesting if you already know the context from the previous game in the series. While it’s tempting to leap right into the sequel, it’s occasionally worth it to play through the first game in a series first. This tutorial explains whether or not you need to play ELEX before moving on to ELEX II and that is because of the complexity of the game.

Should I Play ELEX before ELEX II Due to Difficulty?

Honestly speaking if you want to enjoy the complete series then you must go for ELEX I and then ELEX II because in that way you will discover all the moves in ELEX I and understand the game sequence and events. But, if you want to shift directly on ELEX II, you can and there is no trouble with it.

 ELEX II while on the starting has a lengthy introduction that explains most of the events of the first game so the whole story can be extracted from it and somehow the fun would also be spoiled to try ELEX if you play ELEX II first.

ELEX II does pretty solid work. The story is deep, rich and the vast explorable game provides good content. As you keep playing the story keeps showing the backstory of Jax, in this way it offers some of the knowledge you would have if you completed the original game. 

The game mechanics are not different from the previous one but playing the original one will help you better understand how to play it effectively as I mentioned earlier as well. 

Guide for Beginners

This section explains a bit to help the beginners about taking the guides for learning the game. Here is the list of activities you can do in ELEX II:-

Inventory Space

The inventory in ELEX II has some sort of unlimited capacity. It’s used to collect anything you find while exploring the world. There are things in the maps which are not valuable for use in the game but selling them can give Elexit crystals that can be used to buy better equipment and skills.

Jetpack | fully useful in ELEX II

In this game you will be having a jetpack just like in ELEX I. Jetpack at the start of the game has low fuel and capacity to fly but upgrades are still available. Jetpack allows you to explore the map a lot easier. Elevating yourself to high places, descending from the high places instead of jumping from there. 

Useful Items & Healing

In ELEX 2, the bastion is the first-ever place you will visit. There will be a destroyed fortress which would contain a lot of items like food, potions, and other items which can be sold later. Also, this game allows you to relax for a bit to recover from the injuries you get from fights. Other ways of healing are typical like eating food and potions which you collect. Quite real right? 

Skull Icon Enemies

The most dangerous and deadly enemies in this game are those which have skulls marked on their icons. This means that the enemy is stronger than you and beating them would be difficult. Upgrading your equipment and skills would be better before going head-on with them. 


One thing this game provides is the companion which lets the gameplay a lot easier. From helping in fights to crafting and completing tasks and making a decision, the other character participates and communicates properly.

Traveling with a companion in Elex 2 makes combat much easier - Elex 2: Beginners Guide - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

Skills Acquiring

Leveling up lets you receive attribute points and allows you to develop strength and intelligence. For acquiring the skills, firstly, you will need a good teacher who is scattered on the whole map. Find and learn from them the specialized skills from crafting to fighting.

When you level up, you will receive attribute points, which allow you to develop Strength or Intelligence at any time - Elex 2: Beginners Guide - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

All You Need to Know About ELEX II & ELEX I

Now that you have gained the context of ELEX II as compared to the previous game. The only thing which needs to be seen is the comparison between both the versions of the games. This is the only way to deduce the difference in the difficulty of both the games before playing. 


The tale of ELEX 2 begins immediately after the original ELEX, assuming the player picked the Emotion course and aided the various Free Peoples. The main character, Jax, married a good woman, settled down, and had a family with a kid named Dex. Unfortunately, Jax is too much of a hero, and he continues to traverse the countries to help the various Free Peoples, as well as being a bad father in general.

For those who have already played the original ELEX, Jax has continually warned the Free Peoples of an alien threat to Magalan’s world. However, none of the Free Peoples paid attention as they went about their petty squabbles for ELEX. Years after Jax warned them about the threat, the aliens invaded Magalan and began draining it off ELEX.

Now, with the extraterrestrial menace looming over the globe, and injured to the point of frailty and near death, Jax must organize his faction to fight the aliens and potentially bring peace to the Free Peoples.

Combat Movements

How ELEX II works in combat time is somehow the same and different as well in the new variant. A total of 7 combating styles are included and can be utilized in this game. Here is the one-by-one explanation of each.

Melee Combat 

Melee combat in ELEX II is a bit simple as compared to the previous part of the series. The whole context of this combat is stamina, dodging, blocking, punching, and sprinting. All you have to do is to utilize your abilities in such a way that your stamina bar does not drop. Once your stamina is empty you cannot do anything. Stamina regenerates on its own even during the combat once you succeed. If the bar is going to be empty, retreat somehow from the fight to allow it to regenerate.

Ranged Combat

Ranged fighting is another approach to eliminate foes in ELEX II. You will also come across some flying enemies, so keep at least a basic ranged weapon with you at all times. You can choose from Bows, Crossbows, Throwing Weapons, Shotguns, Energy Weapons, Heavy Weapons, and Grenades. Although ranged weapons do not use any stamina bar but require ammunition so playing wisely would be important.

Ranged combat in Elex 2 is another way to eliminate enemies - Elex 2: Combat - Ranged Weapons, Stamina, Magic - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

Jetpack Fight Combat

You can use a jetpack to assault your adversaries from above, using both melee and ranged weaponry. The gasoline bar is, of course, the constraint. You must also purchase the Floating skill from the JetPack Bench.

By using a jetpack, you can attack your enemies from above - both with melee and ranged weapons - Elex 2: Combat - Ranged Weapons, Stamina, Magic - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

Magic/Spell Combat

In ELEX II, magic is not available from the start of the game. Spells can only be unlocked by joining the Berserkers or Albs. When you join the Berserkers, you will gain access to the mana bar (which can be replenished with potions) and fire spells. Albs, on the other hand, rely on the ELEX bar and frost spells.

Magic in Elex 2 is not available from the beginning of the game - Elex 2: Combat - Ranged Weapons, Stamina, Magic - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

Stealth Combat

Stealth attacks are one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences a person can have. Theft is one of stealth’s most essential applications. If you aim to rob, you can use stealth. ELEX II includes a special stealth mode that is available from the start of the game.One of stealth's most important uses it theft - Elex 2: Stealth and sneak attacks - Basics - Elex 2 game guide

Freedom to Explore | ELEX I vs ELEX II Maps

ELEX II and ELEX I both are unique in their ways but still have many things in common. If we look into the map the blue marked part is from ELEX I and the portion of the yellow border is of ELEX II. You see a lot of the map is overlapping between both the games and ELEX II is somehow easier in this way that exploration of the map will remind a lot about the previous one. Hidden items, the danger points. The storyline of the game would contradict if the map would have been different, that is the invasion of the Magalan world. 

r/elex - My ELEX I vs ELEX II map comparison


The new thing in ELEX II is the factions. There are five main factions to deal with: the Berserkers, Albs, Clerics, Outlaws, and Morkons. The Berserkers are magic users and can be found in Tavar which they have converted from a desert into an area teeming with greenery. 

Factions in ELEX II

The Albs were heavy ELEX consumers in the first game and have thankfully reduced their dependencies on it and are operating on pure logic. The Clerics are craftsmen and are good at creating robots. 

The Outlaws are scavengers who are opposed to the Berserkers and prefer to live life on their terms. Though they have been scattered throughout magicians over the past several years. 

Авторы ELEX 2 показали все пять группировок

Finally, there are the Morkons residents of Magalan tunnels who have very harsh standards to their limited resources and exhibit fanaticism following their beliefs, not every faction likes or gets along with the others but it will be Jax’s job to unite them against the Skyans. He can also join a faction which leads to interesting consequences like rejoining the Albs as a commander.

Final Thoughts

According to me, ELEX I & ELEX II games are not for every kind of player. The Metacritic score shows clearly my statement. This might be the main reason why ELEX & ELEX II are difficult to play. Strategy and gaming sense is required in these RPG games. RPGs are tailored towards a specific type of player because people are always looking for thrills, yet titles like ELEX, Gothic, and other Piranha Bytes & THQ Nordic games are a little slower-paced with a lot more interactions. One thing to keep in mind is that the user score continues to rise after a while. That is, when more of a specific set of players enter the fray, more acceptable reviews are emerging.

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