The Sims 4 Group Cooking and Gardening Free Update Released

The Sims 4 Group Cooking and Gardening Free Update Released

Togetherness has been a huge center point for The Sims franchise since its humble beginnings more than two decades ago. Since then, The Sims franchise has morphed into a simulation that allows gamers to step into a truly unique world of their own creation. Although news recently broke of the future development of The Sims 5, gamers are still rejoicing over the new features consistently being added to The Sims 4 by the game’s developers, Maxis.

Two features in particular that were added in The Sims 4 Pre Cottage Living Update that gamers are excited about revolve around groups; group cooking and group gardening. Up until now, cooking and gardening have been a solo endeavor. Now that you can bring in family members to the mix, it’s bound to kick the fun factor up a few notches. Learn more about this new, free update to The Sims 4 and where you can give your discounted CD key of The Sims 4 PC game from!

An Overview of the Full Update

The July 2021 update, detailed by EA, continues that trend, introducing two new group activities for The Sims 4 children to take part in: cooking and gardening. These allow the whole family to join in the process, and kids earn Mental skill points for both activities. 

Builders also have something to look forward to, as a new terrain tool means natural bodies of water can now be built, replacing “cleverly disguised pools” previously created by Simmers. Players can also use the new Pond Objects to decorate their creations, with water options including Mossy Water and Pond Scum. The update also adds Zoomer Food Delivery, offering food delivery options beyond pizza.

Get a Closer Look at Group Cooking

Have you always wanted to have your Sims cook together instead of having one Sim cook while the rest of your clan does what they please? Then you’re in luck because the new, free update of The Sims 4 lets up to five Sims participate in “Group Cooking.” 

There are several benefits from this group activity. Meals are more likely to be better quality, with more servings being prepared. Sims that cook together also get a new sentiment. While adults will gain Cooking Skill through group cooking, children will gain Mental Skill. Arguably, the best part of this update is that if your Sim is feeling lazy, you can always order out via the new Zoomers food delivery service! This gives you the best of both worlds.

Kids Can Partake in Group Gardening

In addition to group cooking, July’s update introduced children’s gardening abilities. Children now can help out in the garden by planting, watering, and weeding. They build their Mental Skill as they garden. The process of purchasing and planting seeds is streamlined as well to make gardening more enjoyable for everyone.

While children won’t be able to use the Vertical Garden from The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack, they will be able to water, weed, plant, and harvest crops – if they have a high enough Mental Skill level. Weed, plant, and harvest options are locked behind Mental skill requirements, but children will be able to water plants from the beginning.

If their Gardening skill is high enough, the option will be available for teen, young adult, and elder Sims to bond with child Sims by teaching them about plants. This interaction also increases the kid’s Mental skill. Lastly, children and toddlers can talk to plants, which has been described as a “cute social interaction”.

Where to Get Your Discounted The Sims 4 PC Key

The Sims 4 is packed with a ton of intriguing features that have given gamers an overwhelming supply of entertainment for more than 20 years. The latest The Sims 4 free update shows that the franchise is still going strong and is likely to have many more great features added in the future. If you’re keen on playing these new added features for The Sims 4 for yourself, then purchase The Sims 4 PC Key for just $7.03 (that’s 82% off!) only on Electronic First! 

What do you think of the new additions in today’s The Sims 4 update? What features do you feel EA really needs to add to the game? Let us know!

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