10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers: Battle League That You Didn’t Know You Could Do

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers: Battle League That You Didn't Know You Could Do

On the GameCube, Super Mario Strikers was first published in 2005. Soccer games are often tedious, somber events, but Mario’s absurd perspective on the sport was a breath of new air. In 2007, Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii was the final installment in the series before it was discontinued.

A 2022 sports video game called Mario Strikers: Battle League was created by Next Level Games and released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. The world wide release took place on June 10, 2022. The third installment of the Mario Strikers franchise. The game garnered mixed reviews, with some complimenting its multiplayer, presentation, and gameplay mechanics others criticizing its lack of single-player content and limited launch character list.

Soccer is back in the Super Mario universe almost exactly 15 years to the day after that game’s debut with the  Mario Strikers: Battle League. According to Mario Strikers: Battle League official website, there are no rules in this 5-on-5, soccer-like game; win at any costs! Take on opponents, use equipment, and use Hyper Strikes to increase your score as you compete to score the most goals. The new game has a visual overhaul and a number of brand-new gameplay elements that bring the franchise into the current gaming age.


A five vs five soccer video game is called Mario Strikers: Battle League. The gameplay is wild and exaggerated, shunning reality altogether. The sport’s fundamental tenet is upheld in the game, in which participants move around a field while attempting to pass and shoot a ball into the a net to win points, the said team that accumulates the most number of points at the end of a match will win. Yet the game savagely bends the rules of the game. Despite the fact that they allow the opposing player “things” to employ at their disposal, violent tackles and attacks are entirely permitted. Items frequently work in a similar fashion to Mario Kart or Mario Tennis; for example, banana peels may be put on the field to cause characters to trip over them, and shells can be fired at them to briefly knock them down. Players can check and knock opponents into the electric fence around the field to stun them. Moreover, if a player collects a light orb that emerges on the field, they can use a move known as a “Hyper Strike” to earn a 2-point goal if the move is charged up continuously.

The player selects a key Mario franchise character, such as Mario or Princess Peach, along with a squad of three more characters to complete the team.Battle League also enables equipment customisation for characters, altering character characteristics for things like strength, pass accuracy and  speed. All characters have unique strengths and weaknesses.

With just one Joy-Con per player, up to eight people may participate in local multiplayer games that support four-versus-four matches with the computer acting as the goalkeeper. A “Club Mode” wherein teams up to 20 players may construct their own game season with leaderboards recording scores is also available for online multiplayer.

Before the game begins

In singleplayer, always select “Auto”

Make sure you use the “Auto” option (instead of “Manual”) when moving between the members of your team because it is typically simpler. It makes sense to automatically swap between both the teammates on your team if you pass the ball because you’ll nearly always want to control the guy who receives it.

During games with two players or more, manual controls are preferable since you may divide up the control of the character who is about to receive the ball.

Ensure that you are starting from the correct end.

In multiplayer or online games, you could start on the right side of the field, which might temporarily disrupt your focus if you’re not paying attention. It seems simple because, well, it is apparent, but with singleplayer games, you always start on one side.

And it just takes a split second for a quick opponent to put one in the back of your net in the first few seconds! Thus, double-check whether you’re starting on the left or right to avoid any early-game awkwardness that can throw you off your game for the remainder of the match.

Despite the fact that the game’s tutorial covers the fundamentals, there are a ton of secret strategies and tactics that may let players go from feeling like beginners to playing like Premier League champions (or Mario Strikers: Battle League Champion, as the case may be). In this article we will talk about 10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers: Battle League That You Didn’t Know You Could Do.

10. Dodging is key, But There Is A Simpler Way

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Dodge

The tutorial for the game briefly explains the advantage of dodging. It may help the controlled character dodge a tackle and, if used at the right moment, provide them an extra burst of speed.

If you want to avoid losing, you must master this skill since your ability to dodge can make the difference between winning and losing.

The tutorial instructs you to use the shoulder button labeled “R” to dodge and the left analogue stick to travel in the direction you want to go, however we suggest using the right analogue stick. This allows you to execute the dodge without changing the direction of your running on the left stick, which helps more experienced players maintain flow, especially as things grow more frenetic on the field.

9. Missed Interceptions Are Not Punished

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Missed Interceptions Are Not Punished

In Mario Strikers: Battle League combat has substantial risk. There is the aforementioned dodge ability, which allows players to evade an impending tackle, leaving the tackler in the dust and accelerating their intended victim. Additionally, if a player without the ball is tackled, they will earn an item, which can have strong powers in the proper hands. If the interception is timed poorly, players will nevertheless intercept the pass without running the danger of undesirable outcomes.

8. Having a balanced team

Create characters with various stats. Four Toads or four Yoshis may be preferred by some gamers, but we’d advise having diversity in your team. By changing things up, you’ll have more tactical alternatives to use against the opposition.

Go for it if, for instance, you discover that having a heavy hitter works for you. However, in our experience, having a balanced squad provides you with alternatives, which you’ll need if you want to defeat the most difficult foes.

7. Sometimes it is better not to have gear

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Better not to have gear

Your character’s stats are simply redistributed when you add gear; points from one stat are transferred to another. The default layout is frequently the best since there are always trade-offs. Increasing your equipment alone isn’t always the solution, so pay attention to your numbers stats.

6. Create A Super-Peach

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Create Super Peach

That being said, when done correctly, creating a specialty character by adding gear may be a game-changer. Peach is the finest illustration of this. She has a strong starting Technique stat that can be increased even higher with new gear.

Tackling and Hyper Strikes are the two areas where technique has the most impact. Hyper Strikes are a unique type of charged-up shot that, if made, counts for two goals as opposed to one. The Technique stat affects how challenging it is to time a Hyper Strike; the greater it is, the simpler a Hyper Strike is to execute. By using her gear wisely, Peach may increase her technique to a second-highest level of 23, the highest of any character in the game. Peach is the greatest choice for this because she is a naturally swift character that can specialize in Hyper Strikes and yet return to defend.

5. Execute Hyper Strike Mash

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Hyper Strike

As has already noted, Hyper Strikes, when used properly, may be deadly. Players must charge up their shot in order to perform a powerful Hyper Strike, which exposes them to tackles if they aren’t careful.

By pressing the A button quickly rather than trying to time it properly, you may prevent this. A shot from a Hyper Strike that is mashed will be less powerful, but it is still preferable to no shot at all. Don’t be afraid to execute a fast Hyper Strike if a fully-powered one seems too hazardous because it may also provide rebounds for other characters to tap into the net.

4. Make Use of the Electric Fence

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Make use of Electric Fence

There is an electric fence all the way around the perimeter of the playing area. It will electrocute and temporarily stun any characters that come into contact with it. This can work in the players’ favor.

During a tackle, players can hurl their opponent into the electric fence. Then, in addition to having the ball, the opponent will be down for a short period of time. Similar to how a well-timed dodge may prevent a would-be tackler from charging into the electric fence and allow the player’s character to continue without being block.  Even while it’s not always simple to execute, it always feels good when it does.

3. Use the Visual Assistant Feature

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Assistant Feature

The “Visual-Assist Mode” in Mario Strikers: Battle League’s settings will place colorful shapes above the characters on the field, making it simpler to distinguish between them.

This is especially helpful when using the handled Switch because the action on the screen may occasionally get fairly wild. Even on a large television, knowing which characters are on which team and where they are on the field can save valuable time when deciding where to direct the next pass.

2. Block Colors Have Meaning

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- Block Colors Have Meaning

The Question Blocks in Mario Strikers: Battle League have various colors for a reason, however it isn’t made clear why in the game.

Players may only utilize the Blocks that match their team’s color, thus it’s crucial to be aware of the color differences between their team and their opponent’s outfits. While hitting the Block of the other team will cause animation, nothing will be given to the player. While Rainbow Blocks can be attacked by either team, it is usually a good idea to hurry to strike them first.

1. The goal is larger in the center

10 Awesome Things in Mario Strikers- The goal is larger in the center

The goal is plainly larger the closer you are to the center as you approach it, but it’s simple to forget this when you’re scurrying across the field hunting for any opening you can find.

The relative size of your target will be smaller whether if you approach the goal from the “top” or “bottom” of the field. Additionally, your chances are significantly reduced if there is a large figure defending the goal in front of you.

It’s not always easy to get into the ideal shooting position, but if you want to increase the likelihood that your shot will go in, aim to move into the middle of the field before toe-punching the ball at the keeper.

Additional Tips

Make oneself seem more unpredictable

If an opponent consistently employs the same strategies, it becomes simple to predict what they will do over time. By switching up your strategy and being as surprising as you can, you will be more difficult to defeat.

By triggering a dodge with ‘R’ or by just hitting ‘B,’ you may fool opponents by canceling charge shots and tackles. Another effective tactic to make your opponents guessing is to make a short pass in a position where you may typically use a charging shot.

Another approach to keep the enemy on their toes is to vary when and how you deploy stuff.

Keep in mind that tackling players away from the ball grants your opponents stuff.

Keep in mind that tackling players away from the ball grants your opponents stuff. You should refrain from giving your opponent gifts because of how beneficial products might be. Keep in mind that while objects are randomly placed on the field, tackling a player without the ball results in the opponent obtaining stuff.

Occasionally it may be essential to tackle a player off the ball, for example, to keep them from regaining control. Just keep in mind that being unfair has ripple effects!

That concludes our list of the top 10 awesome things you didn’t know you could do in Mario Strikers: Battle League. What do you guys think? Do you know of any fantastic tips that ought to be included on this list? Please comment below and let us know what you think. In addition, there are still a ton of things to discover, and we will watch out to give you Mario Strikers: Battle League update. Therefore, be sure to check Electronic First. I sincerely hope this article will help you advance in the Mario Strikers Battle League. Good Luck!

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