Explore ARK: Survival Evolved as an Inflatable T-Rex!

Explore ARK: Survival Evolved as an Inflatable T-Rex!

The long-running online dino-survival game ARK: Survival Evolved just added some awesome features for two weeks during the third annual ARK Summer Bash event! Gamers were given the chance to run around the tropical paradise and soak up the sun in an inflatable T-Rex costume. Check out how to do this classic inflatable T-Rex costume along with over 35 summer-themed outfits, such as new Hawaiian shirts and swimsuits, along with cute new pets and fun emotes in ARK: Survival Evolved!

Here is a total list of all the new goodies:

  • Hula Dance Emote
  • Flip In Place Emote
  • Inflatable T-Rex costume
  • 3 Hawaiian Shirt patterns
  • 3 Swimsuit patterns
  • Retro Sunglasses Skin
  • Floppy Straw Summer Hat Skin
  • Angler Hat Skin
  • Maewing pet
  • Spacedolphin pet
  • Voidwyrm pet
  • Deal With It Dodo pet
  • Straw Hat Otter pet

It also wouldn’t be an event without a big numbers boost. Throughout the event, harvest, taming, and breeding is increased to three times the normal rates on Official servers, 4.5 times the rate on Small Tribe and Conquest servers, and 5 times on ARKPocalypse servers!

How to Spawn the Inflatable Rex Costume

Developer Studio Wildcard has shown off the puffy, plasticky new dino skins with a screen (above) that has an army of them armed with assault rifles and it’s – well, it is something. If you’re interested to see how to get this skin, watch the clip below:

Gamers were also surprised to see that previous Summer Bash event skins, emotes, and pets were also present in the event. This means that even though this event ended on July 14th, 2021, the success and demand for these inflatable dino skins is sure to be something that will end up in future ARK events in the future.

Where to Buy ARK: Survival Evolved without Breaking the Bank

It’s easy to see why ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most anticipated games that packs a big punch and takes a bite out of the competition. If you want to see what it’s like to survive while avoiding a huge variety of terrifyingly detailed dinosaurs and other beasts long enough to progress up the tech tree, then now is the perfect time to purchase a ARK: Survival Evolved PC Steam Pre Loaded Account today! Instead of paying retail price for this amazing game, get it for just $26.65 (that’s 21% off!) only on Electronic First

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