Destiny 2: Lightfall must make some major changes in order to survive.

Destiny 2: Lightfall must make some major changes in order to survive.

The famous online first-person shooter game Destiny 2 will soon get an addition called Destiny 2: Lightfall. A new storyline, as well as new weapons, armor, and settings, are just a few of the additional content additions that are promised. The expansion will be the game’s biggest update to date, according to Bungie, the company that created Destiny 2. The expansion will represent the conclusion of the game’s narrative arc.

The Traveler’s Shard is a new destination that will be one of Destiny 2: Lightfall’s most important features. This place will serve as a gathering spot, social center, and access point for new content for gamers. The campaign of the expansion, which will send players on a voyage across the furthest reaches of the cosmos, will likewise begin from the shard.

The campaign is said to be the most ambitious yet, with Bungie claiming that it would be a “fantastic culmination of the story we’ve been telling for the past decade.” Players will be charged with battling the Darkness, a potent entity that threatens to destroy everything in its path. Throughout their quest to prevent the end of the universe, they will come across new allies, enemies, and explore new worlds.

The expansion will also include a brand-new raid that takes place in what Bungie calls “the most hard and complicated” setting they have ever designed. The raid is the ultimate challenge for Destiny 2 players and promises to be a test of skill and collaboration.

Players will be able to gather and customize new weapons and armor in Lightfall in addition to the campaign and raid. According to Bungie, the new weapons and armor will play a big role in their endeavor to make the loot system in Destiny 2 more lucrative and entertaining.

Lastly, Bungie stated that Lightfall will significantly alter the gameplay and mechanics of Destiny 2. They have said they are striving to make the game more approachable, interesting, and rewarding for all players, however they have not yet provided any specifics. Moreover, they have said that they are dedicated to hearing player comments and making adjustments as a result.

The fifth significant DLC update for Destiny 2: Lightfall will be made available by Bungie on February 28, 2023. Because the game is already in its sixth year, it should come as no surprise that new players find it challenging to completely connect with the whole experience. Even when the original game became free to play, reviewers said that Destiny 2 is a jumble of menus and game types with an equally complicated plot.

Nevertheless, the onboarding process has gotten so chaotic that even former players experience, it’s nearly impossible to figure out what material to engage with or what the hell is going on at any given moment. If Bungie is careless, Destiny 2 will only appeal to a diehard following that is unsustainable and constantly dwindling.

We must first identify the main issues before discussing what Bungie may do to resolve the onboarding problem. The first step towards doing this is admitting that Destiny 2 is not an F2P game, despite how unique Bungie’s choice to make the main game free to play was. Most of end-game activities and the majority of story missions are not available to you even if there are plenty of things for F2P players to do. Even “F2P” content, such as the twilight strike in the vanguard operations, might be restricted if the mission is a part of a DLC package.

What are the main issues of Destiny 2: Lightfall

What are the main issues of Destiny 2: Lightfall

Payment Process

You’re going to have to pay to play Destiny. It’s a complicated procedure, especially on Steam. The pre-order cost for Lightfall is $49.99 and it includes edition bonuses.

There are currently 11 different DLC options for Destiny 2. Major expansions like The Witch Queen are among them, as are emote packages and seasonal silver bundles. If a player were to buy every DLC option available, it would cost them $218.99. While buying Destiny 2 Lightfall + Annual Pass Steam Key will cost you $60.99, it contains the Standard Edition, all Year 6 season passes (4 Seasons Overall), and 2 dungeons throughout Year 6.

Here, the curation is a complete chaos. A new player isn’t going to associate the word “legacy” with “important plot and mechanics,” even though the $60 “legacy package” includes the prior major expansions (apart from The Witch Queen). It would take time for a new or returning player to determine which pieces of material are significant to them. Before buying game add-ons, you should conduct some independent research. If not, something is missing.

Games’s user interface

The game’s chaotic user interface is the next significant challenge after the gamer has successfully purchased the game. You’ll be thrust into a mission of some kind as soon as you launch Destiny 2, whether it’s the New Light assignment for first-time players or another seasonal first task may be for seasoned players. Finding exactly what you have to accomplish is difficult after you are in the main menus and out of that. The destinations tab will be cluttered with several icons that are difficult for people who are not already familiar with them to understand and even those that know this already.

And some of these activities, like the “Ketchcrash” from Season Of Plunder, will be related to prior seasonal events. The activity is just not available to F2P gamers. The legacy content is inaccessible to returning players who have only bought the most current season. Without study, it is impossible to determine what is pertinent to the present. Once more, something is wrong if a player has seek outside study in order to figure out what to do in a game.

Overwhelming Gameplay

Another onboarding issue in Destiny 2: Lightfall is its overwhelming gameplay. The game has a lot of different activities, game modes, and mechanics that can be overwhelming for new players. This can lead to new players feeling lost and unsure of what to do.


Destiny 2: Lightfall- Storyline

I won’t dwell too much on Destiny’s story since it’s been a well-known disaster. With the addition of weapon lore tabs and a larger lore area within the menus, Bungie has made significant progress in bringing the story accessible to players. Yet unless you are very interested in thoroughly dissecting every detail of this environment, you won’t stop playing the game to read a lot of text.

The only way the average player will interact with the story is through gaming. And as of right now, that makes the story seem like a genuinely complicated mess. For instance, what if I had a one-year break from Destiny 2 and then when I returned, the Fallen had shifted into the Last City, Caitl, and Cabal, was now our buddy, To comprehend what is going on, I shouldn’t have to go to YouTube and watch a four-hour video

Confusing Controls

One of the biggest onboarding issues in Destiny 2: Lightfall is its confusing controls. Destiny 2: Lightfall is a complex game with many different mechanics, and the controls can be overwhelming for new players. The game doesn’t do a good job of explaining the controls, which can make it difficult for new players to get into the game.

Poor Matchmaking

Another onboarding issue in Destiny 2: Lightfall is its poor matchmaking system. The game’s matchmaking system can be frustrating for new players, as they can be matched with more experienced players who may have an advantage over them. This can lead to new players feeling discouraged and frustrated.

So, Destiny 2: Lightfall must make some major changes in order to survive

So, Destiny 2: Lightfall must make some major changes in order to survive

All pre-Lightfall content should be free if Bungie wants Destiny 2 to be a true F2P game. The most essential elements of the finest F2P games are free to play, with in-game extras like customizable items and particular firearms available for purchase. Currently, F2P content that requires more DLC may become unavailable. Bungie could learn from Square Enix, which made the first 60 levels of Final Fantasy 14 available for free and allowed gamers to access enough of the game to at least have a thorough knowledge of the scenario before logging in. Make all prior DLC available for free. Give F2P gamers the ability to fully immerse themselves in everything that makes Destiny great.

The player onboarding procedure must be made as simple as possible. All material for Lightfall should be a one-time purchase when it launches, comparable to the traditional package now available but with better marketing. Older content should be made available to all users for free, such as the Destiny 2: Forsaken pack (the Forsaken campaign content is now vaulted and unable to be played) and the 30th Anniversary package (Bungie is now 31). Make it such that a new player may buy all they require in a single transaction and that returning players can select only the pertinent content. Avoid confusing and perplexing them with emote packages and other things.

The in-game user interface (UI) issue is difficult to resolve. I won’t instruct anyone how to do their work because I am not a game developer or UI professional. Clearing mission goals for legacy content, such as an activity from a prior season, should be taken into account. Make the most current material prominently visible to players, at the very least. Or allow us to shut off alerts that aren’t urgent.

Destiny 2: Lightfall needs to provide better guidance and direction for new players. The game should have a better tutorial system that guides players through the game’s mechanics and objectives. This will help new players understand what they need to do and how to do it.

Players should be able to access the whole plot of Destiny 2, including the vaulted Red War and Forsaken campaigns. It doesn’t always imply that all of the gaming ideas must return. Instead, they can use an in-game figure like Ikora to disclose “shadows,” some of Destiny’s magnificent cinematics that are presently lost to the ether may be brought back to life. or anything to that effect, as a doorway to an in-game cut-scene cinema.

In addition, Destiny 2: Lightfall needs to provide better storytelling and exposition. The game should have a better tutorial system that explains the game’s backstory and history in more detail. This will help new players understand the game’s world and characters and make it easier for them to get into the game.

Allow players to observe the Red War’s events, Osiris’ ascent from the Endless Forest, Cayde’s dying moments, Prine Uldren’s change into a guardian, and much more. Even this fragmented narrative would make it possible for lapsed players to catch up on what they missed and for new players to fully understand who the voices instructing them to do certain things are.

To address the confusing controls, Destiny 2: Lightfall needs to provide better tutorials and explanations for its controls. The game should explain each control in detail and provide players with examples of how to use them. This will help new players get a better understanding of the game’s controls and mechanics.

Destiny 2: Lightfall need to match new players with other new players, so they can play against players with similar experience levels. This will help new players feel more comfortable playing the game and give them a better chance of winning.

Bungie is doing an injustice to its famous franchise by keeping some of Destiny 2’s best moments buried behind too restrictive gates. The game is fantastic and has several stand-out moments. It’s high time that changed.

Destiny 2: Lightfall negative feedback

Destiny 2: Lightfall negative feedback

A little over a day has passed since the release of Destiny 2: Lightfall, and although the new addition has added fresh content for gamers to enjoy, it has also received a ton of negative feedback from players. We’ll look at some of the causes of gamers’ worries regarding the expansion.

One of the main concerns that players have expressed about Lightfall is that it feels like the end of the game’s story arc. While Bungie, the developer behind Destiny 2, has stated that the expansion will be the culmination of the game’s narrative arc, some players feel that this means the end of the game itself. They worry that once the expansion is complete, there will be nothing left to do in the game.

This sentiment is not entirely unfounded. Destiny 2 has faced criticism in the past for not having enough end-game content. Players have complained that once they have completed the game’s campaigns and raids, there is little left to do in the game. While Bungie has attempted to address these concerns with updates and expansions, some players worry that Lightfall will be the end of the game’s story and, by extension, the end of the game itself.

Another concern that players have expressed is the lack of information about the expansion. While Bungie has released teasers and trailers for Lightfall, they have not provided many details about the content. Players worry that this lack of information means that the expansion may not be as substantial as they hope. They worry that it may be more of the same content that they have already seen in the game.

This concern is understandable. Players want to know what they are getting for their money, and they want to be excited about the new content. If Bungie does not provide enough information about Lightfall, players may be hesitant to purchase it.

The pricing of the expansion is also a concern for some players. Destiny 2 has a history of charging players for expansions that do not provide enough content to justify the price. Players worry that Lightfall will follow this trend and that they will be paying too much for too little content.

Another concern that players have expressed is the lack of innovation in the game. Destiny 2 has faced criticism in the past for not innovating enough. Players have complained that the game feels like more of the same content that they have already seen in the first game. They worry that Lightfall will not introduce enough new content to keep the game feeling fresh and engaging.

This concern is valid. Players want to see new content that is innovative and exciting. If Lightfall does not introduce enough new content, players may become bored with the game and move on to other games.

Finally, some players have expressed concerns about the direction that the game is taking. Destiny 2 has faced criticism in the past for its story and lore. Players have complained that the story is convoluted and difficult to follow. They worry that Lightfall will not address these concerns and that the game will continue to be a mess of a story.

This concern is understandable. Players want to be invested in the story of the game. If the story is too convoluted and difficult to follow, players may become disinterested in the game’s narrative.

In conclusion, while Destiny 2: Lightfall promises to bring new content to the game, including a new campaign, weapons, armor, and locations, it has also received negative feedback from players. Some players worry that Destiny 2: Lightfall won’t survive in the gaming world and this might be the end of the game. Several onboarding issues must need to be addressed to ensure that new players and returning players can get into the game smoothly and that the game itself will be successful.

Though this game receives issues and negative feedback, it is still worth noting that Destiny 2: Lightfall looks set to be a fantastic addition to an already impressive game. With a new storyline, new locations, new gear, and expanded endgame content, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re a long-time fan of Destiny 2 or you’re just getting started, Lightfall is sure to provide hours of entertainment and excitement. So why not jump in and join the battle between the Light and the Darkness? Luckily, if you’re looking for Destiny 2: Lightfall Steam, search no more. Electronic First offers a huge range of the hottest games at the cheapest prices. You can also join our Discord server. We are a community of passionate players that like discussing the most recent and forthcoming releases games.

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