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Elden Ring All Hidden WallsPath
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A journey along with the hurdles of dark souls and crags.

Elden Ring has undoubtedly won the hearts of millions of new and old role-playing game (RPG) lovers. Filled with suspense, action, fantasy, and an extraordinary open world to explore, this game has secured a ‘must play’ remark by many people and review websites, especially the Metacritic. A New World by the DARK SOULS creator, FromSoftware and  BANDAI NAMCO with a touch of Game of Throne inspired look by Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R. R. producing some of the unforgettable experience anyone can have. 

Elden Ring Gameplay

The Elden Ring narrative takes place in a location between a great world populated by demigods and blessed by the Elden Ring’s power and Erdtree. These regions are essentially a massive mythical continent encircled by sea. You begin your trip in Limgrave, a southern section of the larger world, as the main character. This area has lush grassy valleys, tall trees, cliffs, and old ruins.

The Elden Ring, which is a relic encased inside a big dazzling golden spectral tree known as Erdtree, was sent down by some unknown god to bless the areas between the Elden Ring. This tree has the main source to bless the land and its inhabitants.

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The land was ruled by Queen Marika, who was chosen by the Greater Will, the keeper of the Ring, and had a large family. She then removed the mystery of death by making everyone immortal, except for the Elden Ring and Erdtree, who were not included in this immortality, making them exiled and tarnished.

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Night of the Black Knives

After an occurrence known as the Night of the Black Knives, in which a clan of mystery assassins assassinated several of the Queen’s demigods, the Elden Ring was shattered into multiple Great Runes. As a result, a war broke out, destroying the Elden Ring, and the Queen vanished without warning. Demigods, who are the children of Queen Marika the Eternal, each retain one fragment of the ring, but those shards are corrupting the demigods, and the player is entrusted with discovering each shard and restoring the Elden Ring for the sake of the world’s health.

Elden Ring: The Night of the Black Knives

Now, this article is mainly about the Illusory Walls and paths which are the main obstacles in this game. We are going to discuss everything about this in the article and what all you need to know about those walls. 

What are the Illusory Walls in Elden Ring? 

Illusory walls are barriers put on players by the developers, similar to those found in Dark Souls and incorporated into the Elden Ring. The players are presented with these secret walls to trap them and reveal a hidden passage beyond. These are not genuine rock walls, but rather optical illusions. If you come to a dead end at a spot and can’t find another way out. There’s a good likelihood there are some barriers to getting to another part of the building.

These barriers can be readily eliminated by striking them with your weapon or casting a spell. Doing so will dispel the illusion, and you may be rewarded with a prize, a secret passage, or even bosses. There are multiple walls in Elden Ring, and spotting them might be difficult due to their lack of visibility. It takes several passes by them before it becomes apparent that they are illusions.

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All You Need to Know about Illusory Walls

The appearance of the Illusory Walls is quite intriguing in this game, and there are a few things you need to be aware of to appreciate the taste of Elden Ring. Most new players have trouble locating the area where the false barriers can be found. Here are some interesting facts for you to consider.

Where can I Find Illusory Walls in Elden Ring?

Illusory walls are located in different areas on the Elden Ring map. While starting the first one, the game takes place in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Where it looks like a bookshelf, and while playing, it leads to some room containing the comet sorcery spell. 

Elden Ring: Illusory Wall location

Then, above the position of the Rin-Strewn Precipice in the Liurnia of the Lakes area, you’ll find another wall in the Sages Caves. The wall can be found near the walkway that leads past the campfire. The imaginary wall that separates the bazaar from the rest of the city is also illusory. There are two walls in the midst of the waterfall, each containing two chests. Shortly, we will be discussing a list of all the locations and the Walls in those locations.

Opening Illusionary Walls

If you’re caught in a place with no obvious route out, you’re probably close to hitting an illusory wall. Start by hitting all the neighboring walls with your weapon to break illusory walls in Elden Ring. Hitting illusory walls aids in the dismantling of the illusion. There’s a hidden path behind each false wall that leads to a secret location or treasure. 

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How to Spot the Walls

This is the game mechanic that allows players to discover hidden treasures and passageways. Walls can be difficult to see, especially for those who are new to the game. The walls are usually adjusted in such a way that you get the impression that they shouldn’t be there; it produces a strange appearance. That’s most likely the clue concerning the illusory wall. The main strategy is to explore every possible nook and cranny.

Elden Ring: Spot the illusory wall

All Hidden Illusory Walls and How to Find them

*Name all locations – how to enter that location and which are the walls- and what do you get from that wall*

Seeing as they hide a lot of bonus rewards, these walls can be hard to find, but since we have curated a list of all the possibilities in this game. Their locations make up the way to that location, and where the walls are, what can you get behind that!


Academy Crystal Cave

Inside the Liurnia of the Lakes and to the west of Raya Lucaria Academy is this Academy of Crystal Cave. The hidden wall is at the left of the room, guarded by one of the stronger mages. The rewards are some farm items (Budding Cave Moss, Crystal Cave Moss, Cave Moss, Cuckoo Glint Stone, Rune Arc, Silver Firefly), equipment and magic (Crystal Release, Terra Magica, Crystal Staff), unique keys (Stonesworrd Key), creatures (Rat, Glinstone Sorcerer, Twinsage Sorcerer, Lazuli Sorcerer, Battlemage) and bosses (Crystalians). 

Elden Ring: Academy Crystal Cave

The Academy of Raya Lucaria

The Academy of Raya Lucaria is a dungeon situated in Limgrave. A vast place to explore with a lot of enemies to tackle, such as the bosses of Red Wolf of Radagon, Rennala, and Queen of the Full Moon. The rewards from these locations are Rune Arc, Smithing Stone, Olivinus, Flintstone, Crown, Comet, Graven School, Talisman, and Stonesword Key. The first wall is to the right of the Church of the Cuckoo. The second wall is the bookshelf by the corpse, and the left of the hallway is right after that Schoolhouse Classroom site. The third wall is on the Debate Parlor site of grace by moving back the way to the mage and the right of the bookshelf with no books. 

Elden Ring: The Academy of Raya Lucaria

Auriza Side Tomb

This location Auriza Side Tomb in Elden Ring is situated in the Capital Outskirts in Altus Plateau and can be easily accessed by following Leyndell Road close to Auriza Hero’s Grave. The total you gain is some farm items (Grave Violet), Upgrade Materials (Grave Glovewort (5)(6)(7)), Ashes and Keys (Soldjars of Fortune Ashes, Cracked Pot, Ritual Pot, Perfumer’s Cookbook), Enemies and Creatures (Living Jars, Stone Imps), Bosses (Grave Warden Duelist). The illusory wall can be found by facing the chest in the room after using the first teleporter trap.

Elden Ring: Auriza Side Tomb

Black Knife Catacombs

The Black Knife Catacombs can be found in the northeast of the Liurnia of the Lake region. The main side f the catacombs can be found by heading towards the northeast of the Ruined Labyrinth Site of Grace. The items gained through this place are farm items (Grave Violet, Crab Egg, Spell proof Dried Liver, Rune Arc, Root Resin),  upgrade material (Grave Glovewort (2)(3)(4)), Equipment (Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger), Uniques Ashes and Keys (Black Knifeprint, Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes, Deathroot), Creature (Skeleton, Crab) and bosses (Black Knife Assassin, Cemetery Shade). The illusory wall is at the end of the hall by hitting the wall.

Elden Ring: The Black Knife Catacombs

Caelid Catacombs

The first illusory wall in this place can be found by moving to the stairs that lead to the swamp, then turning to the right and going under the platform where Archer Skeleton was. The right wall is to be hit. The second wall is opposite the locked door at the end of the dungeon. Caelid Catacombs can be accessed from Caelid at the west of the Impassable Greatbridge site and southeast of the Cathedral of the Dragon Communion. The rewards in this are farm items (Grave Violet, Root Resin), upgrade material (Grave Glovewort), unique ashes (Miranda Sprout Ashes, Kindred of Rot Ashes), regular creatures (Poison Flower, Giant Poison Flower, Skeleton), and field bosses (Cemetery Shade)  

Elden Ring: Caelid Catacombs

Cathedral of the Forsaken

The illusory wall in this place is in the grace but on the other side of the chest, hitting the wall will move out of the way. The Cathedral of Forsaken is found within the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. The rewards gained through this are the Farm Item (Yellow Ember, Golden Rune, Eye of Yelough), Upgrade Materials (Smithing Stone), Equipment and Magic (Erd Favor, Inescapable Frenzy, Frenzied Cookbook, Fingerprint Stone Shield, Nomadic Merchant Set, Miquella Needle), consumables (Grace Mimic, Golden Rune), Regular Enemy (Normad), Field Bosses (Mohg, the Omen).

Elden Ring: The Cathedral of the Forsaken

Frenzied Flame Proscription

The location of this place is Frenzied Flame Proscription is beneath the Subterranean Shunning Grounds and underneath the Cathedral of Forsaken. The first wall is next to Hyetta’s final location hiding a hallway leading to a chest with a Rune Arc. 

The rewards are NPCs (Hyetta’s, Three Finger), Proscription (Rune Arcs, Golden Rune, Yellow Ember, Eyes of yelough, ), Equipment (Frenzied Flame Seal, Nomadic Merchant’s Set, Fingerprint Stone Shield, Inescapable Frenzy), and Creatures (Nomad). 

Elden Ring: The Frenzied Flame Proscription

A Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave

The wall is found to be down the hallway where it opens up. Turn to the right and find the panel on the left. It is located on the mountaintops. The rewards in Hero’s Grave are Grace Violet, Ghost, Great Grave, and Grace Glovewort, equipment (Cranial Vessel Candlestand, Fire Grease, Flame, Giant Seal), some Zamor drops, Mountaintops regular creatures (Fire Monk, Imp, Lesser Burial Watchdog, Prelate, Troll), and bosses (Ancient Hero of Zamor). 

Elden Ring: The Giant Conquering Hero's Grave

The Giant Mountaintop Catacombs

Mountaintop Catacombs Once you’ve taken the lift down to the first level, raise it to find the secret subterranean area of the dungeon. After you’ve taken the lift down and passed through the first room, you’ll come across two frost breath traps down a long corridor. Between the two traps on the right-hand side, just before the second trap, lies a concealed wall. 

The place is located to the north of the Zamor Ruins until you find the fire monks. The rewards are farm items (Stimulating Boluses, Nascent Butterfly Root Resin, Golden Rune), Upgrade Materials (Golden Seed, Grave Glovewort, Smithing Stone), Unique Keys and Ashes (Death Root, Fire Monk Ashes, Glovewort Pickers Bell, Ritual Pot), Creatures (Fanged Imp, Giant Miranda Sprout, Miranda Sprout, Lesser Burial Watchdog, Land Squirt, Living Jars), and Bosses (Ulcerated Tree Spirit).

Elden Ring: The Giant Mountaintop Catacombs

The Hidden Path to the Haligtree

The wall in this location is found after falling onto the invisible floor, going south into the open arch, and turning right at the end of the hallway. The Hidden Path to the Haligtree is in the Forbidden Lands.

The rewards are farm items (warming stone and Freezing Grease), equipment (Silver Scrab, Spelldrake Talisman), upgrade materials (Grave Glovewort), unique keys and ashes (Death Root, Black Flame Monk Ashes), Creatures (Giant Land Octopus, Vulgar Militant), and bosses (Stray Mimic Tear).

Elden Ring: The Hidden Path to the Haligtree

Kingrealm Ruins

Kingrealm is found in the northwest of Liurnia of the Lakes. This illusion wall, which appears to be a big brick wall, is located on the north side of Kingrealm Ruins, blocking the route. To see the road ahead of you and continue to the manor, hit it.

The rewards are farm items (rowa fruit, mushroom), equipment (Frozen Needle), creatures (Aristocrat Wolf), and bosses (Royal Revenant).

Elden Ring: The Kingrealm Ruins

Leyndell Catacombs

The Leyndell Catacombs, located beneath the Royal Capital, are a huge underground mausoleum. The Subterranean Shunning-Grounds lead to these catacombs. The illusion wall is found up the elevator in the room with enemies and up the stairs that lead to two walls leading to snails.

The rewards are farm items (Grave Violet, Sacramental Bud, Golden Rune), upgrade materials (Ghost Glovewort), equipment and magic (Crucible Scale Talisman, Haligdrake, Lord of Blood’s Exultation), creatures (Imp, Spirit Caller Snail, Omen, Putid Corpse), and bosses (Esgar, Priest of Blood).

Elden Ring: The Leyndell Catacombs

Mirage Rise

Elden Ring’s Mirage Rise is a location. The Altus Plateau is home to the tower. To get there, head west from the Minor Erdtree in the region. Hitting the enormous rock on top of the cliff southeast of the Site of Grace will break up the wall.

The rewards are farm items (Slumbering Egg, Altus Bloom), Equipment and Magic (Unseen Blade, Unseen Form), unique ashes and Keys (Mirage Riddle) Creatures (Spirit Fanged Imp).

Elden Ring: The Mirage Rise

Moonfolk Ruins

The Moonfolk Ruins are located in the Lakes area of Liurnia. On the approach to the Cathedral of Manus Celes, the ruins can be located up the hill from the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace. The wall is located in the northeast part of the ruins.

The rewards are farm items (mushroom, Herba Rowa Fruit), Upgrade Materials (Somber Smithing Stone), and creatures (deer, Noble Sorcerer).

Elden Ring: The Moonfolk Ruins

Road’s End Catacombs

The illusory walls are higher in this one. The first two are one floor below the lever, in the stone archways; both lead to the same region. After that, you’ll encounter another false wall, then another, until you reach the boss room in the Road ‘s End Catacombs.

The second two are two stories below the lever, in stone archways that are adjacent to one another and lead to the same room. And the last one is at the dead-end area with a chest.

The rewards are Farm Items (Root Resin), Upgrade Materials (Ghost and Grave Glovewort), Equipment and Magic (Rune Arc, Watchdog’s Staff), Ashes (Raya Lucaria Soldier, Glintstone Sorcerer), Creatures (Fanged Imp), and Bosses (Spirit Caller Snail).

Elden Ring: The Road's End Catacombs

Sage’s Cave

The illusory wall is near the path after the campfire. The wall between the two bazaars is also illusory. Lastly, there are two illusory in the middle of the waterfall, having two chests in the middle. The rewards in Sage Cave are farm items, equipment, and Magic, Ashes, Creatures, and Bosses.

Elden Ring: The Sage's Cave

Sainted Hero’s Grave

In Sainted Hero’s Grave Take the left path down the stairs past the site of grace, continue down the corridor until you reach the end, and enter the room with the two Wraith Callers up the stairs past them. The wall behind them is illusory.

Elden Ring: The Sainted Hero's Grave

Sellia Hideaway

The illusory wall is located northeast of the Church of the Plague on the rock face. This leads to Sellia Hideaway, a hidden dungeon that is part of Sellen’s quest in Sellia Hideaway.

Elden Ring: The Sellia Hideaway

Three Sisters

This illusory wall, disguised as a stone floor, can be found in Caria Manor’s Three Sisters section. It will lead you inside the wizard Seluvis’ puppet dungeon, with a message inside warning intruders away.

Elden Ring: The Three Sisters

Volcano Manor

Volcano Manor, the illusory wall opens the first door on the right in the hallway next to Tanith after getting the Drawing-Room Key from Tanith. The right corner of the rear wall is imaginary. Follow the corridor, and when it opens up, take the path to the left instead of the stairs. At the end of the hallway, there is an illusory wall on the left.

Elden Ring: The Volcano Manor

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