Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials for Beginners

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials for Beginners

Games like Farming Simulator may be extremely intimidating, especially if you’ve never really played one. This game has a really high learning curve, especially if you genuinely want to create and run a successful farm. The following tutorial for beginners will help you get up to speed if you are new to Farming Simulator 22 or Simulator 19.

GIANTS Software produced the Farming Simulator line of farming simulation video games. The settings are based on places in North and South America and Europe. Players may cultivate crops, raise livestock, breed them, and sell the assets they make through farming.

90 million mobile users have downloaded the games, which have sold more than 25 million copies combined. The game is updated, expanded, and re-released every two years (with the exception of their most recent version), and each time it does so, it gets better graphics, a wider selection of vehicles, and more engaging tasks for players to complete.

Overview of Farming Simulator

The Farming Simulator franchise has a history of not relying too heavily on any form of traditional plot and instead encourages players to create their own stories through gameplay.

All Available Maps

Farming Simulator 22 offers you the option of three maps, all of which are accessible right away:

  • Elm Creek- a rural location with a lot of flat terrain. An ideal place to start for beginners.
  • Haut-Beyleron-  is a map in the Nordic style with a good variety of topography. for individuals who have some self-assurance but still need some help.
  • Erlengrat- a large, mountainous map that ppears to be designed for seasoned players.

The user can choose from two beginning locations in Farming Simulator 19:

  • Ravenport- features a climate that is distinctly American. Large arable fields and the lush greenery typical of the USA, as well as other environmental features like structures and automobiles, are what most distinguish it.
  • Felsbrunn- Germany is depicted on this map. The best environments for felling are those with mostly coniferous trees and mountainous terrain. Here, you’ll frequently come across terrain that is challenging: little areas of land that are surrounded by stones or that are situated on inclining slopes.

Activities in Farming Simulator 

You will be doing three main things within the Farming Simulator:

  • Agricultural activities – Plowing, planting seeds, growing, harvesting, selling yields, and other agricultural tasks.
  • Livestock-related activities – include housing, feeding, breeding, and marketing of premium animals.
  • Forestry related activities- chopping down trees, de-stumping, moving and selling timber 

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials for Beginners

How to Begin in Agriculture

You may plant, grow, and harvest a wide variety of crops in the Farming Simulator video game series. There are 16 distinct crops that may be cultivated in Farming Simulator 22, and each one requires a distinct set of condition. Nevertheless, there are only 13 crops that may be farmed in Farming Simulator 19.

The majority of your attention in the game will be on crops, especially at the beginning because other sources of revenue, such as animal husbandry and forestry, demand substantial upfront investments and are thus impractical. It is advised that you spend some time reading the lesson if you are a beginner since it will lead you through every step of planting a crop, harvesting it, and selling it.

Starting an Animal Husbandry

As you progress in the game, you may raise animals, breed them, and sell the offspring. There are 8 distinct animals in the game, and you may care for and profit from 6 of them. Each animal has various requirements and advantages.

Although they appear to be more challenging to handle than crops, animals may keep you occupied when crops cannot during the changing seasons. Animals also can produce products vital to specific industrial chains, therefore it might be essential to make investments in animals as quickly as you can.

Starting an Forestry

The cultivation and harvesting of trees on your property is the focus of forestry. These tasks can bring you a substantial return, but they are also among the hardest work you can do because no AI workers can be utilized.

While a chainsaw can be used to chop down trees, it is admittedly not very costly, in order to get rid of the stump, clear out larger trees, and then logs, you will need some powerful gear. Remember that you can only chop down trees with your own land, which you must buy, and that you must plant your own new trees if you routinely want to make forestry a part of your business.

The Farming Simulator series is known for being deep and highly detailed, and Farming Simulator 22 is no different from Farming Simulator 19.  It can be difficult to comprehend anything at first, whether it be systems, mechanics, gameplay loops, collectibles, seasonal planning, or anything else. You may discover beginning tutorials on this page to help you navigate Farming Simulator as smoothly and leisurely as possible. To start, it’s important to note that Farming Simulator 22 has a far greater selection of tools and plants. You may explore our website to find the lowest prices on popular games, like Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition before we get started.

Start In New Farm Mode

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Start in New Farm  Mode

There are three distinct difficulty settings in Farming Simulator 22 and Farm Simulator 19, based on the kind of gaming experience you want. You have the option of starting from scratch (Hard), Farm-Manager (Medium), or New Farmer (Easy). For brand-new gamers, the game explains exactly what each difficulty setting has to offer.

For the majority of gamers, New Farmer or Farm-Manager is probably the best choice. There are many gaming concepts to understand, which mght feel overwhelming and daunting, even on the New Farmer easy option. Really, you should only use the Start from Scratch mode if you have a lot of Farming Simulator experience.

Complete the guided tutorial

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Complete the Guided Tutorial

Going through the long and incredibly detailed guided tour on their map is one of the nicest things you can do as a new player of Farming Simulator. This extensive lesson serves as a guided tour to help you learn how to operate and manage your farm and to comprehend the many types of major farm machinery.

Jumping into this game without playing before will probably result in you being overwhelmed and unable to grasp how to even begin growing and cultivating your field. There is no pressure to complete this guided trip. It teaches you how to operate the buttons and what cues to look for in the outside world.

Knowing The Different Farmland Crop Types

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Know the Different Farmland Crop Types

In Farming Simulator 22, more crops are available. Between Farming Simulator 19 to Farming Simulator 22, three new crops have been included. The addition of sorghum, olives, and grapes—while not a substantial one—does provide a little more diversity in terms of income crops.

The fact that various crops may only be grown during certain seasons, precisely like in the real world, gives the game’s agriculture system its strength. You will have access to a certain selection of crops depending on the map you decided to start your farm on.

Just to mention a few of the crops in the game, there are wheat, canola, barley, oat, soybeans, grapes, and olives. In order for your crops to grow, you must consider the weather, season, climate, and area. Success in this game depends on your ability to adapt, since you may need to replace a whole plot of farmland when the seasons change. Also, depending on the contracts you sign, some harvests are worth more than others.

Start Planting Basic Crops

Every crop needs a unique degree of care, much as in the real world. Wheat, Canola, Oats, Soybeans, and Barley are the easiest crops to cultivate. Users won’t have all the tools they need to take care of any of the other accessible crops, even when playing New Farmer Mode.

After operating a profitable farm, move on to more complex plants from the simpler ones. The lack of useful in-game tutorials leaves many things up in the air for beginning farmers.

Animals Can Be A Pain

Although maintaining farm animals could appear to be a pleasant side job, it is far more difficult than managing plants. Apart from costs, live things require much more attention.

Players will require a ton of equipment, and farmers who don’t do their homework ahead risk making blunders. Many individuals believe that all pigs require is a sow and food. Anybody with that mentality runs the risk of becoming stuck in a money hole.

How to Start Earning Money

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Start Earning Money

There are a ton of methods to earn money in Farming Simulator, but they are neither simple nor quick. In order to earn money and expand your farm in this game, you must transport your gathered crops to particular selling locations scattered around the game’s areas. Simply explained, taking a sizable portion of a harvest to key selling locations is the greatest method to generate rapid money. These may be found on the game’s map.

In Farming Simulator 22, you may also acquire factories to transform your gathered crops into other profitable goods, or you can even buy a greenhouse to grow and harvest more specialized crops. You may make sure you’re getting money from a variety of sources by diversifying the way you create your farm.

In Farming Simulator, try to borrow and lease as much as you can. Although it may be tempting for players to save up enormous sums of money to buy pricey tractors and harvesters, there are really a variety of tools and vehicles that players may lease to start their adventure. Because they are less expensive, these goods won’t be as customizable or upgradeable as regular vehicles, but they will still enable players to do jobs and gather crops beyond the capabilities of their currently owned equipment.

This can be the ideal method for making more money without investing your own money in larger equipment.

Getting Farm Equipment Ready for Use

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Getting Farm Equipment Ready for Use

To make the most of your farm in the Farming Simulator, you must completely comprehend every piece of agricultural equipment. Numerous farm equipment and vehicles are available, ranging from tractors to combine harvesters to equipment used to plow fields and plant seeds. Anyone who has played a Farming Simulator game will be familiar with the distinct gameplay elements that each farm machine has to offer.

As a new player to the game, one of the most crucial things to remember is that you must physically prepare each machine or vehicle, which usually entails attaching particular components or tools.

Begin without mods

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Begin without mods

Farming Simulator has a lot of things to teach you. It will be impossible to comprehend the game if mods and modified maps are included. The user can find anything they require in New Farm Mode. Starting without modifications will be beneficial in the long run. Looking at all the modifications and deciding which ones will be useful is also really daunting.

After players gain a feel for the game, there are countless Farming Simulator 19 mods and modified maps to explore. If you wish to look into some of the choices, the mod hub is on the main menu.

Don’t focus on grass

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Don't focus on grass

Although dealing with grass requires expertise, it may be rewarding. If new farmers start the game by performing a lot of lawn labor, they won’t know what they’re entering into. The majority of the resources that players will require are not present on the maps in New Farm Mode, and like the majority of in-game equipment, they are expensive.

A Tedder, which is far from a common term, is required for anyone who wants to produce hay. Prior to mastering the art of farming grass, stick to those basic crops.

Use the help button

Farming Simulator: Complete Tutorials- Use help button

The help button is a helpful tool for gamers even if the tutorials can include more difficult information than anything else. It will just take a few minutes to read and will at least give you some background on the game’s key features.

Many individuals play the game instantly and they tend to avoid reading, but those who prefer reading will find the brief advice to be highly beneficial.

Well, that sums up our tutorials for beginners in Farming Simulator that will help you to get you up to the game. What do you think, guys? If you have any recommendations that need to be on the list, Please share them in the comments below. we wanna hear from you. We hope that we have helped you learn on how to play Farming Simulator. And while you’re at it, and looking for Farming Simulator 19 download, make sure to visit our website.

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