The Most Beautiful Locations in Forspoken: A Photo Gallery

The Most Beautiful Locations in Forspoken: A Photo Gallery

Forspoken, an action role-playing game, was developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square Enix. It was made available on January 24, 2023, for PlayStation 5 and Windows platforms. Takeshi Aramaki, the director of the game described the game as a “narrative-driven adventure”.

The game basically sets up in an open world and players can travel anywhere at any time. Our protagonist, Frey has magical spells that can be used during combat encounters. As the game is in an open-world format which gives us a whole world to explore. In this article, we will cover the most beautiful places you can find on the whole map. Surely you will get the best experience of the game if you will hang around till the end.


Frey, the player character in the game, can explore an open world and use a variety of magical spells in combat. After each battle, the player earns experience points and can upgrade Frey’s cloak to improve her combat abilities and stats or unlock special abilities by applying nail polish. The player can also craft new items and rest at safe locations to restore health. 

During exploration, the player may encounter “break storms” where waves of demonic creatures spawn and attack Frey, ending with a boss character. The game is designed to focus on terrain traversal speed and fluidity, and is described as a “narrative-driven adventure.”


Forspoken is a video game developed by Luminous Productions, a company formed by former employees of Final Fantasy XV. The game utilizes advanced graphics technology such as ray tracing and procedural generation and is set to release for both PlayStation 5 and Windows. 

The game’s writing team includes notable figures in the industry such as Gary Whitta, Amy Hennig, Allison Rymer, and Todd Stashwick, with music composed by Bear McCreary and Garry Schyman. Initially planned for release in May 2022, the game’s release date was later delayed to October 2022, and then further delayed to January 24, 2023. Forspoken will be a PlayStation 5 console exclusive for two years.

Most Beautiful Locations in Forspoken

In Chapter 4, when leaving Cipal, players will automatically trigger the Side Quest “New Perspectives.” Nevertheless, the quest involves capturing pictures on Frey’s phone and showing them to the children of Cipal. The photo spots will then be marked by yellow camera icons, which are revealed when the map is unfogged. These spots can’t be missed as they become available at this point in the game.

In this section, we will be exploring these locations and we will point the most beautiful locations out of these all that you must visit to live the best experience of the game.

Region: Near Cipal

1. The Blessed Plains

The beautiful scenic view combined with the structure looking like a dragon adds beauty to this view. The tomb-like structure in the background just makes it perfect.

Forspoken: The Blessed Plains

The tomb-like structure that was visible in the background is now the centerpiece of this beautiful view. The angle by which the picture is taken makes it one of a kind.

Forspoken: The Blessed Plains tomb-like structure

A beautiful cottage located on a hill in the region of Cipal. The architecture of the structure goes perfectly with the background provided by the hill.

Forspoken: Beautiful cottage located on a hill in the region of Cipal

Region: Praenost

2. The Guardian’s Way

An epic view of the Guardian’s Way. The setting sun adds a reddish flavor to this majestic view.

Forspoken: The Guardian’s Way

A rook lookalike from the game of chess. It symbolizes a guardian on the hill side. 

Forspoken:  Rook lookalike from the game of chess

3. Dianthus Wood

The perk of playing a game set in a fantasy world is you get to see beautiful views like this one. 

Forspoken: Dianthus Wood

4. Brass Hollow

A ruined structure giving hints of past civilizations in the area. A perfect detail added to the map.

Forspoken: Brass Hollow

It’s again the dragon-like structure that we have discovered in the blessed plains.

Forspoken: Dragon-like structure

5. Middle Praenost

The sunlight passing through the two gigantic hills, presents the perfect example of nature’s beauty.

Forspoken: Middle Praenost

6. The Citadel

Following is the entrance door to the Citadel. A ruin structure waiting for us to explore it.

Forspoken: The Citadel

7. Pioneers’ Plain

An epic depiction of the fantasy world is the Pioneer’s Plains. The following picture presents a majestic view of the plains with the perfect sky to spice it up.

Forspoken: Pioneers' Plain

The picture of the castle taken from the perfect angle is enough to serve our cravings.

Forspoken: Pioneers' Plain Castle

8. The Mustering Ground

Another beautiful scenery made out of sheer imagination. The perfect Description of development team’s ability.

Forspoken: The Mustering Ground

Another giant structure straight from the imagination. It’s just the angle from which the picture is taken that makes it unique.

Forspoken: The Mustering Ground Giant Structure

9. Fields of Fallen

As the name suggests, the view depicts great warriors have fought on this terrain.

Forspoken: Fields of Fallen

10. Opal Hills

A beautiful hill that looks like a lava cake, if you ask me.

Forspoken: Opal Hills

Region: Avoalet

11. The Water Garden

Perfect picture to transit from the imaginary world to the real one. This waterfall reminds me of the great waterfalls straight out of Hawaii.

Forspoken: The Water Garden

A simple entrance point with a beautiful background making it special.

Forspoken: The Water Garden Entrance point

A pond that refreshes your mood and relaxes your mind. 

Forspoken: The Water Garden pond

A gigantic pic connecting two hills over a dried river. 

Forspoken: The Water Garden Gigantic connecting two hills over a dried river

A baron structure at the feet of a hill. The background cloudy sky makes it perfect.

Forspoken: The Water Garden Baron Structure

A beautiful view that makes you think that the whole world is at your disposal. The clean sky add is a plus one.

Forspoken: The Water Garden

12. Trout Mountain

A simple entrance point with a beautiful background making it special.

Forspoken: Trout Mountain

13. The Fountain Fields

Another depiction of the creative abilities of humans. This time instead of dark everything is light colors which relaxes your mind during intense gaming.

Forspoken: The Foauntain Fields

14. The Untrodden Forest

The name of the area fits perfectly with the picture below. A forest at the foot of a gigantic hill. The sky and effects on the trees makes it special.

The Untrodden Forest

15. The Misty Shore

This looks like straight out of a modern world movie. Taken at sunset this picture depicts the beauty of the setting sun.

The Misty Shore

Another beautiful structure right on the edge of the mountain. The floating rocks in the background add beauty to the scenery.

Forspoken: Structure on the edge of the mountain

16. Samum Coast

The close-up picture of a structure shown in the picture above. The magical globe placed on the top is a great addition to the architecture.

Forspoken: Samum Coast

The angle of this picture makes it unique and beautiful. It is taken from the under of floating rocks.

Forspoken: Under Floating Rocks

17. The Moulderings

A simple entrance point with a beautiful background making it special.

Forspoken: The Moulderings

Region: Visoria

18. The Windy Hill

A beautiful scenic view that depicts the fields of Switzerland. Amazing sky serves as perfect background to the picture.

Forspoken: The Windy Hill

19. Humble Plain

The concept of Northern Lights is used in this place. A beautifully structured hut in the middle of fields with the perfect background sky.

Forspoken: Humble Plain

20. Visorian Plateau

This picture reminds me of Stonehenge and the seaside of Goa. Beautiful sky makes it perfect view to relax during the gaming sessions.

Forspoken: Visorian Plateau

A beautiful structure that represents a door. Pit is that the surrounding structure is missing otherwise this would have been one of my favorites. 

Forspoken: Structure represent a door

21. Tanta’s Demesne

A castle-like structure standing at the bed of a hill. The Northern Lights effect never siezes to amaze.

Forspoken: Tanta's Demesne

A castle that sends shivers through the spine. As haunted as it looks it is as much beautiful.

Forspoken: Castle that sends shivers through the spine

A baron structure standing alone in the middle of the fields. The background and the angle of the picture make it a view to admire.

Forspoken: Baron structure standing alone in the middle of the fields

22. Homestead Hills

A group of small plateaus standing in the middle of the sea. They give the view an extra charm.

Forspoken: Homestead Hills

23. South Plateau

A baron structure in the midst of nowhere. The lighting around the structure makes it beautiful and a place to visit.

Forspoken: South Plateau

24. Academy Hills

The hill in the background depicts an arena. The beautiful sky makes it perfect to be on this list.

Forspoken: Academy Hills

25. Inner Visoria

A simple entrance point with a beautiful background makes it special. The angle from which the picture is taken plays its role too.

Forspoken: Inner Visoria

It is a picture with nothing special in it(as it seems), but if you look closely you will understand its beauty. The background hill and the green sky with black patches make it epic.

Forspoken: Background Hill and the green sky with the black patches

26. The Northern Corridor

As the name says, it is a pathway through the hills with a beautiful view at its end. The ring like structure in the background is at a perfect distance to make it special.

Forspoken: The Northern Corridor

Region: Junoon

27. Cipalian Way

The close-up look of the ring-like structure we have seen above. It is as majestic from this close as it looked from far away.

Forspoken: Cipalian Way

It’s a ditch with purple trees and stones around it. The color combination around the ditch makes it unique and beautiful. The background sky pushes it up a notch.

Forspoken: Purple tress and stones

A massive castle at a hill side. It is majestic and beautiful and perfectly aligned with the hill on the side.

Forspoken: Massive castle at a hills side

28. The Wolfwoods

In real life it might be a bit scary if you are standing under a giant waterfall but this is just beautiful. Angle plays a very important role in describing beauty through pictures and its at showcase here.

Forspoken: Wolfwoods

A simple entrance point with a beautiful background makes it special.

Forspoken: Simple entrance with a beautiful background

29. Crisstide Coast

Another relaxing picture out of many. A beautiful location to chill during the game. The clean sky makes it perfect and enjoyable.

Forspoken: Crisstide Coast

30. Nowhere

The name of this place says a lot about the picture except its beauty of it. 

Forspoken: Nowhere


This article is a photo gallery of the most beautiful places you can find on the map of Forspoken. During the game, you are given a side quest to take 50 pictures on the map, during these missions you visit all the places that are mentioned above. You take pictures of the children of Cipal.

Hopefully, this article will help you get an insight into the game’s map. Have fun playing the game and enjoy the beautiful scenery the developers have produced for us.

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