10 Minecraft Hacks you didn’t know

10 Minecraft Hacks you didn't know

Minecraft is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Due to its increased popularity and a great number of active players, several players have tried to find ways to hack it. The hacks in this article refer to the tricks and shortcuts that allow you to accomplish various tasks within the game with minimal effort.  

Even if you are playing Minecraft for years, there are still hundreds of things that always remain and need to be explored. Minecraft is so extensive with continuous updates that it keeps on throwing new features and gameplay mechanics to players.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the 10 Minecraft hacks that you probably didn’t know before. All of the mentioned tricks and hacks apply in the latest version of Minecraft. These hacks do not need any mods so you will be able to do these on your base Minecraft game, on your own.

Let’s get started!

1. Infinite water source

10 Minecraft Hacks- Infinite water source

It’s probably one of the coolest ways you can build your infinite water source in the game. This little but useful hack lets you build an infinite source of water. For this, you just need an existing water source, a bucket, and holes of some blocks in the ground.

In this trick, you need to use the quirks of Minecraft physics. First of all, you have to dig a hole three blocks long and three blocks deep in the ground. Pour the water into the dug hole starting from the left and right side with respect to the center of the hole. The center of the hole should fill in the last otherwise this trick will not work. When done accordingly, you can get as much water as you want without running out of water as the built water source will keep on refilling itself. This hack is more useful than you would imagine, especially when someone wants to do potion-making.

Crafting potions is an important thing in Minecraft as they make you faster, tougher, or able to deal damage to enemies by throwing the bottle at them. Using this hack, players will never run out of water and essential potion-making parts.

To know how you can build this infinite water source, watch this video.

2. Use boats to walk through the walls

10 Minecraft Hacks- Use boats to walk through the walls

The open world of Minecraft always left players wondering what they can do and how they can build new things using little quirks of Minecraft’s physics. They keep trying to figure out making things that the original designer Notch never intended or conceived of. In this way, the game itself becomes interesting and you never know what it can be.

Among several other quirks, one useful hack is that you can have a boat that allows you to walk through walls. We know that walking can be exhausting sometimes as you will need to climb walls or find alternate paths to cross the walls. With this hack, you can pass the walls with the help of a boat.

All you need to do is to place a boat in front of a wall and when about half of the boat is inside it, gently push it into the blocks of the wall. When your boat is half into the wall, you can left-click on the boat to enter it, then left-shift to exit it. As we know, every time players exit from a boat they always exit off of the front of the boat. In this way, they will see that they have passed the walls while the boat is sticking in and out of the other side of the wall. 

This hack is very useful when you need quick escapes or for breaching into a structure during player-vs-player survival matches. It is worth noting that this hack only works in one direction. It means that once you have passed the wall, you cannot use the boat to go back.

3. Play Minecraft in Minecraft when building a computer

10 Minecraft Hacks- 10 Minecraft Hacks you didn't know

This hack was introduced by one of the famous Minecraft players, Hans Lemurson when he built a working, rudimentary computer within Minecraft using Redstone and Redstone components. It is one of the most incredible hacks that most of the players are unaware of. The computer in Minecraft is built using magical crimson dust and its related interactable so you can make the basic electrical circuits in-game. All you need to do is to combine these circuits with sensors and input devices. It allows creating doors that open automatically, lights that turn on when the sun goes down, and a host of other useful gadgets. You will need other materials as well to make a working computer like the binary computer of Lemurson, who used a massive web of Redstone circuitry and interactive blocks.      

After designing the computer he was challenged by one of these fans to see if his in-game computer could run Minecraft. He then successfully programmed a 2-D version of Minecraft into his Minecraft computer and was able to play Minecraft within Minecraft.

You can see this in-game computer and how to build it in this video.

4. Cooked chicken farm automation

10 Minecraft Hacks- Cooked chicken farm automation

Players don’t need to worry about finding and consuming food in the creative mode of Minecraft. But, the survival mode demands it, as it is an essential part of your survival in the game. In this mode, if a player’s food meter goes too low, the health of your player stops regenerating from damage. If the food meter continues to grow lower, you will not be able to sprint and will keep on taking damage until it reaches zero. 

For your survival in the game, you always need a steady, reliable source of food. For food, players always think about building farms while some resort to hunting. However, no one has ever found a never-ending food supply. It wasn’t possible before until a clever player found a way to ensure an ultimate infinite food source using a little help from Redstone circuitry. The Youtuber TheBeached Hippo successfully created a “farm” that automatically spawns chickens, kills them, cooks them, and then uses water to wash all of the finished chicken and feathers out to the waiting player. This sounds too good to be true, but you heard that right. This hack is a little harder than farming wheat but much more useful and satisfying.

How you build this automatic chicken farm to get an endless food supply, you can watch this video.

5. Use soul sand and ice to trap the players

10 Minecraft Hacks- Use soul sand and ice to trap the players

The multiplayer survival mode of Minecraft allows players to work together to survive. In this mode, you need to build, explore, and create or fight the other players. This mode allows you to use several combinations of inventive death traps and weapons to defeat each other. 

There are more complex death traps that you can build and even automate with Redstone, pistons, etc. One of the most useful and interesting ways to build a trap that makes the enemy slow and vulnerable is the usage of ice and soul sand. You can find ice easily by finding snow and then water near the snow. The soul sand is present in the spooky alternate realm known as The Nether. You need to build portals to reach The Nether and there you will find soul sand. The burying of a block of ice underneath a block of soul sand can slow down the enemy to a great extent. Walking on such blocks can reduce the speed of players and make their speed snail-like.

6. It is possible to place torches on crafting tables and furnaces

10 Minecraft Hacks- It is possible to place torches on crafting tables and furnaces

Other than pleasing looks, this hack has no significant use in Minecraft. Using this hack, you can place a torch on top of a crafting table or furnace. It is not anything important to do so but it is also possible and a fact that you can place the torch on the crafting tables. All you need to do is to put a transparent block (invisible blocks explained later) behind the crafting table. It is just like a block of glass. Now, face the crafting table from the front side and put a torch on the glass. This way you can place the torch on that.

7. Invisible Blocks 

10 Minecraft Hacks- Invisible Blocks

Invisible blocks are not similar to those transparent blocks that you can make with glass and ice. Players can make invisible blocks as well. This hack is only applicable in creative mode and can only be used with the help of a command-line prompt. You can spawn blocks known as “barriers” by simply typing in: “/give Minecraft: barrier”. The invisible block will be available in your inventory as a red box with a slash through it. It serves as a normal block aside from a few exceptions. The spawned invisible blocks cannot be pushed by pistons, nor can they be broken when the player switches to survival mode. They are an excellent option while setting up a trap for enemies as they can suffocate enemies just like normal blocks of solid.

8. Use of torches to hold weights

10 Minecraft Hacks- Use of torches to hold weights

There is more than one use of torches in Minecraft. Not only can they save life by bubbles of safety underwater but they can also hold any amount of weight in the game. You need to place a torch on a wall and after that, you can put any amount of weight or block over it. You can use blocks of sand, dirt, wood, steel, diamond. The torch will bear the weight irrespective of its weight and amount. This seems quite simple but this trick can be very useful when you are going to create building structures out of materials that normally fall with gravity like sand. In addition to that, torches are also used to rig structures for easy demolition. It can create a handy and deadly trap for enemies as well.

9. Collars on tamed dogs

10 Minecraft Hacks- Collar tame dogs

This trick has no use in the game that can help you in advancement. However, it seems cute to use this hack. As we know we can tame the animals that we found in the Minecraft world. Ocelots are tamed into cats, wolves are tamed into dogs, and horses are tamed into horses. Players having dogs don’t usually realize that they can put or change the collar on them. All you need to do is to equip one of the 16 possible dyes in the game and use it on your dog. You can also customize your dog’s collar as per your wish. As explained above, this trick is completely useless but it seems cute as you can use your favorite color.

10. Wear a pumpkin

10 Minecraft Hacks- Wear Pumpkin

You can wear a pumpkin in Minecraft that has several uses other than just looking awesome. Wearing a pumpkin ultimately helps you in fighting a powerful foe. Wearing a pumpkin will keep Endermen away from you and even if you attack them they will not attack back. These are the creatures that roam around the world of Minecraft and attack those who make eye contact with them. Wearing a pumpkin prevents you from making eye contact with Endermen so they keep in their play and don’t attack you.

Final Thoughts

Players of Minecraft have spent hours exploring new things and secret details in the game. We’ve shared 10 Minecraft hacks that you probably didn’t know. There are hundreds of these tricks stored away within the game that still need to be explored. We can’t cover every tiny hidden detail in the game but these are some of the more interesting and important ones. The game sees constant updates every day so there will be a whole bunch of new secrets to uncover. Minecraft is an expansive game that is limited only by the creativity of the players. There are still hundreds of things to discover and we will add more to the list. You also should try out your creativity in the game to uncover something new and special.

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