Gran Turismo 7 VS Forza Horizon 2 | Which is the car game for you?

Gran Turismo 7 VS Forza Horizon 2 | Which is the car game for you?

Engine’s growling & crackling backfire, squealing tires, tricked and tuned beasts weaving in and out of the heavy traffic as if it were their playground down the highway… 

That’s all a melody for a racing enthusiast.

Not long ago when kids turned 10, Microsoft Studio & Polyphony Digital decided to make two fantastic racing games: Forza Horizon by Microsoft Studios & Gran Turismo by Polyphony Digital. Beautiful visuals with remarkable details, tons of Visual and Hardware mods, and other features are what make those games the most popular.

These games pushed the potential of the Playstation & Xbox to the max and the games required many tune-ups. So for the hardcore fans, it wasn’t enough & their creators released other versions of the games, Forza Horizon 2, released in 2014 & the GT series is upcoming for another Gran Turismo 7 initial release in just over a month.

Forza Horizon 2

Forza Horizon 2 is built on the Forza Motorsport 5 game engine & based on Xbox One and Xbox 360, which were created for the ultimate driving and tourism experience. Like its predecessors, Forza Horizon 2 is an open-world game in which racers travel to southeast France and North-West Italy, offering them a familiar road and car physics experience. The motoring in this game is focused on this vast open map.

Racing games are obviously about outrunning other players on the road, and Forza Horizon 2 has a firm ground in the tracks they’ve designed. Completing the championships, tiny activities, breaking billboards, and going through the speed traps are all part of the game. It’s more of a journey.

With completing & winning back-to-back championships what more can you ask for if you are not locked in for a specific path. Switch between the championships with over 200 cars whether it’s a Lancer or a Lamborghini and beating the leaderboard.

Another feature is the amount of tuning in the cars is incredible. Whether you want to ride and tune LS X or 1000 horsepower Supra or a twin-turbo hurricane, Go for it! Earn more credits in the game through the challenges and earn more cars and their modification options.

One of the very appreciated features is the online mode where you can play with your friends or even free roam the city. It’s a hugely social game where you have a Car Club where people can join or leave as well and compete with you. There is, even more, you can explore in this game than to just say here. Watch a detailed video of the review by IGN on Forza Horizon 2.

Gran Turismo 7

Before the release, the Gran Turismo 7 is being categorized as one of the biggest games of 2022. We also got Gran Turismo sports back in 2017. It was a solid game on its own but the fans wanted something more. 

Gran Turismo 7 is going to be in PS4 & PS5 based games to deliver a promising Gran Turismo experience including some of the features from the past games and introducing new & interesting ones to meet the expectations of the fans. 

The game features hyper-realistic & detailed graphics with over 400 cars originally reported & confirmed from the Gran Turismo 7. These cars will have brands like Aston Martin, BMW, Lamborghini, Mustang Alpine Ferrari, and Bugatti. So whether you are a rally racing lover or a drag racing fan there is bound to be a car for you. Build the cash and earn your beast.

GT Sport Nurburgring 1

Car Customization for the enthusiast is also taken to another level. Up to 60 performance part types for each car whether you are adjusting its visual appearance, body mods, wheel type or the engine there is a lot to choose from now.

Gran Turismo 7 is introducing  Mission races, license tests, and Music rallies while the time trial & the like are mission races that provide a bit more spice, this is where it might stand out. They have introduced a custom race mode where you can select from the track to the weather dynamics and feel every physics of the game. The track will give you another handling experience in sunny, rainy weather & time of the day. So weather simulation will provide plenty of enjoyment.
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Scapes feature returns again in Turismo 7 offering the players to take photographs of your cars with over 2500 beautiful real-world locations. Also, a small editing feature in the game will give a jump from the previous series of this game.

The physics simulation in the game is excellent, and it’s fascinating to watch how the PS5’s dual-sensing support is there to replicate various occurrences in a race. The adaptive trigger and haptic feedback imitate tire lock during braking, as well as the sensation of the front tires when taking a high-speed corner.

Finally, they revealed in the last series that the game has multiplayer parity, so we can assume that multiplayer will be present in this one, implying that players will be able to create lobbies and communicate in multiple locations. Players can also post their work online and search for popular stuff. Check out this amazing detailed video on 15 new things about Gran Turismo 7 before buying.

Gran Turismo 7 | Forza Horizon 2

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Common Features

Missions & Races

Car racing is centred on accomplishing milestones and beating the race track. Forza Horizon 2 provides free roam in its open-world area. It comes with the feature to locate races online and complete their assigned milestones. You can also do rampage, brawl, extreme cross country, cross country circuit, and gauntlets. Similarly, there will be some real circuit courses and some fictional circuits in Gran Turismo 7. These two do not give what Gran Turismo does; instead, they have a list of events and a total of 97 tracks in the initial edition.
Action-Packed Driving
Instantly Connect with Friends

Photo Mode

Both games have a Photo Mode which allows players to take photos of anything they want, whether it is your car with the scenery behind, a group of cars or the track. All appear to be present in Forza Horizon 2 as well as Gran Turismo 7.

In Forza, all the Photos get saved in gallery where other players can get help to take better photos of their own. Similarly, for Gran Turismo, they are saved on

Car Purchases

Car Dealerships from three major continents, America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, are available to purchase in Gran Turismo 7. And the credits needed to purchase the automobiles are earned as you progress through the game. Players may also find cars there for more reasonable costs. You can access the store at any time from the game’s sub-menu, just like you do in Forza Horizon to buy cars.


The Multiplayer function lets you connect with your friends and family via a split-screen view, and then take things online to enjoy real-time racing challenges. Gran Turismo 7 and Forza Horizon 2 both provide multiplayer options, among other things.

Performance & Visual Mods

Forza Horizon and GT7 both have a tuning shop where you may buy and install high-performance items to improve your car’s performance. Each car in GT7 has around 60 elements, ranging from visual appearance to body shape to engine performance and decals. There are thousands of alternatives to pick from.

The same goes for the Forza Horizon 2 where players can change the look of their cars from engine performance parts, handling upgrades, tire changes, body kits, rim brands, even the car horns, and alot more!

Car Meet

Forza Horizon 2 & Gran Turismo 7 both offer a car meet in their games where players can meet up online and compare their rides and replace even!


Open World Map like Forza

Gran Turismo has been more focused on the car experience which is what the fans want. It is about what the player wants but no offence to Forza. That’s not the way the GT series has done and it’s a clear note that the open world is not a part of it and might be not in the 7th series as well as the CEO of this game has confirmed that Gran Turismo will be “ more like classic GT titles “. 

However, there are 34 locations in Gran Turismo 7 for the tracks and the world map is back for the display in the main menu.

Car & Environment Graphics

In terms of visuals, the games are breathtaking, making them feel more alive than ever before when compared to the earlier series. Both creators are aiming for 60 frames per second at 4K resolution, making the game more lifelike than ever before. 

With accurate 4K lighting on every automobile detail, Gran Turismo takes the visuals to a whole new level. There is one winner when it comes to the environment, such as people in the crowds, trees and car details.

Trees are a combination of 2D images in Forza Horizon. But when compared to the Gran Turismo the tree structure is a bit complex. The look is much less artificial than in the Forza Horizon.

When comparing two identical automobiles with the same paint scheme, we can see how GT has gone to great lengths to add the finest details to the cars, allowing them to blend in more naturally with the scene. Forza Motorsport 4 looks fantastic, but it has an unnatural feel about it. The details start to fade as we zoom into the car, which is rather disheartening.

Look at how wonderfully the Mclaren details are in Gran Turismo in comparison to the Forza Horizon. The detail of glowing rear light is perfectly blending and the reflection of the metallic body. A clear winner here in the graphics and detail department.

Engine Sounds 

The changing sounds in Gran Turismo have been an issue. Fans say that the engine in Gran Turismo is more like a vacuum cleaner and better in Forza Horizon. However, users defended as well by using quality sound equipment to play the game. We can expect some betterment in the new series Gran Turismo 7.

Gameplay Mechanics

While appreciating the differences between both the games, users have claimed that game mechanics are better in Gran Turismo. It means that this game is more technical and physics in the latest one is great. So what do you need in a racing car game? The only things that make a difference are the cars and their realistic behaviour.

Car Options

It is worth noting that Forza Horizon has 200+ car options where you can find your choice of car, Gran Turismo has more than 400 car choices and another feature they introduced is the used car options. Players can buy old cars and enjoy tuning them up.


The car showroom is in both of the games but the museum is in Gran Turismo for every car where fans can enhance their knowledge about a car manufacturer & learn about the history of each brand.

The Café

Gran Turismo offers players café-based locations where they may pick up a menu book that will help them collect automobiles. The menu books allow players to interact with the history and culture of the vehicle.

Which is Better in What? 

Depends on whether you like more intense or a casual racing game. Some things are not really like many people who have criticized the engine sounds to be better in Forza Horizon Series than in Gran Turismo. Lack of Open-World map in Gran Turismo, Lesser car and environmental details in Forza but greater Anti-Aliasing capability in Forza Games

To be honest, I don’t think we should compare these two games because Forza Horizon 2 was released in 2014, and Gran Turismo 7 is set to release this year, so Gran Turismo 7 will undoubtedly have the upper hand. So, which game is a better fit for you? Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo? Check out the famous review of the hotcars website as well.

If you want a more realistic car simulation, Gran Turismo 7 is the way to go because the trailer indicates that the heat is too intense. Other than driving wheel compatibility (which Forza Horizon also supports), there are many other more features, such as a wide collection of tuning settings and the largest variety of automobiles, as well as the DualSense Controller and VR support. Yes, this game has the potential to be the best racing game of 2022!

If you want to enjoy the landscapes and road trips and free roams then Forza is for you. The graphics are also better in the next series of this game and more supports as well. 

Gran Turismo 7 

  • Greater Details
  • More Cars
  • More tuning & Visual mods
  • Newer features
  • Better Action & Racing Experience 

Forza Horizon 2

  • Better Missions & Races
  • More Content
  • More tracks and Places
  • Free Roam in an Open World Map & Fictional Places
  • Better Game Sounds for a realistic Experience

Game Reviews 

The initial impact of the game may be seen by checking the Metacritic and other comparable websites’ scores. The user score for Forza Horizon 2 is around 8.3. However, the user score for Gran Turismo 6 is around 8.0. This demonstrates that both games have a positive impact on the players. Let’s see how Gran Turismo 7 performs following its release.

Game Trailer:

Forza Horizon 2: 

Gran Turismo 7:

About the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 fans are very much excited about the release, waiting to experience the extreme graphics. 

The Internet is vastly speaking about the argument about Is Gran Turismo better than Forza. Moreover, you can check for yourself on this link for a complete list of events and cars in Gran Turismo 7. IGN, a famous site for games and entertainment guides, shows a brief description of all the things in Forza Horizon 2

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