Everything you need to know about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Everything you need to know about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

About the game

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is an action-based role-playing game developed by Koei Tecmo Games with the collaboration of Team Ninja. Square Enix is the original publisher of the game. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy is a brand new ARPG that is actually a spin-off of the first Final Fantasy game. The story follows a set of characters who are brought into a fantasy world and face different types of enemies. You will play as the main playable character of the game, Jack Garland. Stranger of Paradise is a story-driven PC game that throws a variety of challenging action gameplay and intense combat. Players will see battles punctuated by iconic actions and abilities. Introducing the gameplay based on different jobs that players need to complete while defeating enemies in tricky situations. 

The game borrows some of the elements and features from the original title. However, the developers added an exciting job-based system that allows players to have specific and strategic approaches to every battle. 

 Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- About the Game

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game that received an M rating for its violence and content. This game has gained the attention of almost every Final Fantasy series and Nioh fans. You can get the game from the official website as the pre-ordering is now open and a chance to get bonus items as well.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

Is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin a remake?

As seen in its trailer, players felt that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is inspired directly from the original Final Fantasy title. This raises the question of whether it is a remake of the original game or not. The great proportions of similarities between the original game and the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin give rise to confusion about the making of the game. It is important to distinguish if the game is a remake or an entirely new game.  

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin not a remake

Despite sharing some elements, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is not a remake of the original Final Fantasy. It is clear that the game’s characters and story are inspired by the original game but there are a lot of features and attributes that make it different enough to classify as its own independent game. It is a different interpretation of the original Final Fantasy time-looping story with brand new modes and gameplay mechanics. 

The producer of the game, Jin Fujiwara explained in an interview, “The game is created so that you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the original first Final Fantasy,”. However, having an understanding of the original Final Fantasy might help you in expanding the lore that you’re familiar with.

When is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin going to be released?

The first announcement and limited trial demo about the game were made in May 2021. The wait is now almost over as the game is going to launch soon.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is going to release officially on March 18, 2022. It will be available on current and next-gen consoles and Windows PC via Epic Games Store on the day of its release.

The story behind the game

In an interview, the producer of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin told the press “The story is going to be depicting Jack and how he lived and the choices he made throughout his life,”.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- The Story behind game

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is not just a retelling of the original Final Fantasy story. The game is more like a different interpretation of what are the other possibilities in the story of the Final Fantasy original. The story of the game revolves around Jack and his allies who believe themselves to be prophetic Warriors of Light. The mission of Jack and his allies is to kill Chaos, who was the final boss of the original Final Fantasy.

The game depicts some of the story elements from the original game however it is completely a different side of the story making Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, a game with a unique story. The story is about the character, Jack and it is about how he feels and reacts to certain situations, what experiences and circumstances made him the way he is, and how he tackles the enemies.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- Official Trailer

Gameplay and Features

In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, jobs are the essential roles that the main character Jack and allies can adopt in the battle. The jobs can determine abilities, weapons, and actions when approaching each battle in the game. It is said that only two jobs can be assigned in the game. The job in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has its own title and its uniqueness to each fighting style such as The Breaker and Void Knight.

Switch between jobs and spells

Players can switch jobs between battles as well. Equipping weapons such as greatswords, daggers, and spears can determine a character’s job while in a battle. The developers of the game used their expertise in making a series of nail-biting combat encounters. The angry Jack has different physical attack abilities in combat using various types of weapons and gears. Along with the physical attacks, you can use spells in the game in and out of combat. You can cast spells on characters as well as on the enemies giving you various magical abilities.

The spells can help you in harnessing the power to clear obstacles and open new paths. You can use the spells to hack through the environment. It allows you to uncover new items and convert the enemies abilities to your advantage. For crowd control, you can use abilities to use the enemies attacks against them in order to attack weaknesses and boost combo strings.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- Jobs and Spells

Visual Customization

Visual customization of characters is also possible in the game. Equipping weapons and gears not only changes the fighting abilities of the character but also adds stylish dark fantasy flair. Moreover, using complete sets of multiple pieces give stats bonuses to your characters allowing you to have various advantages in battles.  

Job-based skill trees help in crafting a party that supports each other with abilities and special attacks. You can use that to offset weaknesses and bolster strengths for your party. You can also customize your party according to your play style.

Multiplayer co-op mode

The game has the main story as well as a side story that players can play in multiplayer mode. In this mode, you play in a group of up to 3 players through online multiplayer mode.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- Multiplayer co-op mode

In Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, you will see different movesets based on equipped weapons to change combos, unlock new attacks via upgrades and add job specializations. The combinations of different weapons and movesets can help you to widen the skillsets of Jack and his allies. Just like in the original Final Fantasy, HP, MP and potions need to balance carefully along with the limited-use soul shield ability to lessen incoming damage. You need to do this in real-time. A new feature added to the game is that resting at save points also brings back enemies for easy grinding and balancing risk/reward.

What’s new

Sharing elements with original Final Fantasy, Stranger of Paradise is a combat game. In the game, you play as a man named Jack, the main character of the story. The game is all about the mission of Jack to kill Chaos. While the combat system may initially seem very similar to the other action games like Nioh and Final Fantasy 1, there are actually a couple of key differences that make the game alot different.

The first main difference that the game presents is that there is no stamina meter in Stranger of Paradise. It means that you can swing your weapon without worrying about running out of stamina.

The second one is the Soul Meter. The Soul Meter depletes as your character gets hit, blocked, or uses a Soul Shield. The Soul Shield is a special type of barrier that drains the meter extremely quickly. But it can absorb enemy powers and cause enemies to recoil when timed correctly. If the Soul Meter runs out, you will stagger and be completely vulnerable to enemy attacks until it fills back up, which makes it a vital meter to manage carefully. You can stagger the enemies as well by draining their own meters, which then opens them up to an execution. You will also see an MP meter that governs your usage of special skills. It also helps in determining the job system that determines what those special skills are.

Job System

The job system is a whole new addition to the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. When you start the game, you’ll have access to a limited number of basic jobs that each come with their own weapon type, special move, and playstyle that gets defined by their own unique skill tree. The more you play with that job, the more you level it up. It gives you points to spend on that job-based skill tree. Once you gain enough experience with a job, you’ll unlock an advanced job that builds off the same playstyle. However, it comes with its own unique ability and a whole skill tree that adds more new powers and further improves your stats while using that job.

The new level introduced in the game itself was pretty lengthy. It features a bunch of new, challenging enemies. The game has a great boss fight that really encourages you to switch jobs in the middle of the battle. It helps you in dealing with two separate enemies with different strengths and weaknesses in real-time. The multiplayer mode allows two other friends (3-players) to take control of your party members. This mode is sure to be a fun challenge. The job White Mage will no doubt be a more appealing pick, with its focus on healing magic.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin- Worth It

Is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin worth it? 

The game is going to launch in the next month exclusively on the Epic Games Store. 

The fans who are looking to re-experience the story of Final Fantasy with different angles can try it, as it features the side storyline of the original game with some new features and gameplay mechanics. Undoubtedly, the game offers a fresh new take on the original game, so it’s worth giving it a try!

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