12 things you should know before playing Dying Light 2

12 things you should know before playing Dying Light 2
12 things you should know before playing Dying Light 2

After much anticipation and a great deal of delays, the sequel to the hugely popular Dying Light, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is finally set to release on February 4.  If you haven’t heard of the Dying Light Series, it is essentially an open world zombie apocalypse game with a lot of parkour mechanics. Think Assassin’s Creed with Zombies.  The first Dying Light had critics stunned and it was praised for its fresh new take on the zombie genre. 

If you’re interested in Dying Light and its sequel, be sure to check out our website where we offer the games at a great deal.  Dying Light 2 can be played on most current gen consoles and the PC. It is touted to be Techland’s masterpiece and expectations are quite high for this one, given how good the first Dying Light was. With all that out of the way, we want to let you guys know what to expect in this new Dying Light experience. Here are the 12 things you should know before playing Dying Light 2. 

1. Story

The game takes place in Europe, 20 years after the events of the first Dying Light, where the Harran virus has devastated the entire globe. The new protagonist is Aiden Caldwell, a member of a group called the Pilgrims, wanderers who have been compared to the Ronin and Desperados. When Aiden uncovers a lead on his sister’s whereabouts, he then goes to The City, the last refuge of humanity in a world overrun with zombies, who are known as The Infected.  Just like Kyle Crane, the protagonist of the first Dying Light, Aiden is infected with the Harran Virus and is searching for a cure. He allies with Lawan, a former Nightrunner and soon gets caught up in The City’s political strife, which involves three factions, The Peacekeepers, The Renegades and The Survivors. The Peacekeepers are a powerful group of former soldiers determined to rule The City with an iron fist. They are known for being authoritarians who treat dissidents with extreme prejudice. However, the Peacekeepers only want to achieve the best possible future for humankind. To The Peacekeepers, the end justifies the means, and to that end, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. In direct opposition, The Renegades are thought to be the polar opposites of The Peacekeepers. They are a group of ex-prisoners and their influence is said to even rival The Peacekeepers. The Renegades aim to be the sole ruler of The City and are upon the behest of their ruthless Colonel. Finally, we have The Survivors, regular people who build safe houses and utilize the environment around them to stay alive. Out of the three factions, The Survivors are the most peaceful, but also lack the influence and weaponry the other factions possess. There are many zones in The City, and the player can choose to assign districts to different factions. How you interact with these factions can have extreme consequences and greatly influence the narrative, background music and environment, which brings us to the game’s setting.

2. Setting

The City comprises 7 different districts and its architecture can be described to be a mesh between various European cultures. Unlike the first Dying Light, the citizens of The City live on the rooftops and have long since grown accustomed to dealing with The Infected. There is certainly a lot to explore in The City, as the map is said to be four times larger than the first dying light and features many skyscrapers and structures to see around The City. Also, it is extremely beautifully designed and unlike the first Dying Light, it looks a lot brighter and less grim. 

3. Parkour

Aiden Caldwell is also a lot nimbler than Kyle Crane is and basically turns the architecture into his playground, especially with some of the new parkour skills added, such as mid air dashes, wall running and other crazy things. Parkour really plays a huge role in Dying Light 2 and has seen many improvements since the last game. In fact, the lead game designer, Tymon Smektala and animation director, Dawid Lubryka have stated that there are thousands of animations dedicated specifically to parkour. Who would have thought parkour and zombies could go so well together?

4. Grappling Hook, Para-glider and Zip-line

The Grappling Hook also makes a return, but is quite different from the original game’s, which was well known for being quite overpowered and felt a lot more like a web slinger. In Dying Light 2, the Grappling Hook is more physics-based and is quite similar to the one in Ghost of Tsushima. Now it’s been a trend in Open-World games to incorporate hand-gliding, and Dying Light 2 doesn’t miss out, as it features the paraglider, which can be used to traverse from building to building and greatly improves the game’s verticality. There are also numerous air vents you can use while you’re paragliding to stay in the air longer. Furthermore, there are also countless zip-lines installed everywhere, so you can literally run, jump, fly and zip-line around the city to your heart’s content. You’ll be doing all these things as you try to stay alive against the onslaught of the infected. Overall, If you liked the mobility of the first

5. Open-World Activities

The world in Dying Light 2 is bigger, and with it, there are plenty more open-world activities to take part in, such as side missions and the many Bandit camps and fortresses around the city. You can conquer them to turn these camps into safe zones. Many buildings can be explored to obtain crafting materials and collectibles to upgrade your character. Volatile Nests are also making a return here. They can be ventured in while the infected are prowling in the night to obtain GRE Biomarkers and experience. However, a number of infected do remain to keep watch, so you’ll have to keep your guard up and remain vigilant as you delve into these Volatile Nests. There is never a moment’s rest in the world of Dying Light 2.

6. Weapons and Combat

Dying Light 2 is a Zombie apocalypse type of game, and what’s a zombie apocalypse game without the blood and gore that could make Quentin Tarantino blush. The combat in Dying Light 2 is even more brutal than the first and features many more ways to beat your opponents to death, whether you’re beheading the infected or vault kicking bandits. They’ve included perfect parry and dodge mechanics to make combat more fluid and feel more skill-based. There are almost 200 weapons in total and can be scavenged all around the city. Weapon durability is making a return here, so you’re gonna have to be extra careful. Weapon mods are a thing now and can offer your weapon various effects to help you in combat, like infusing your blade with fire to scorch your enemies, and it seems these mods also repair your weapon at the same time.  Guns are also making a return, but are apparently scarcer than ever. Interestingly, the Grappling Hook can now even be used in combat too and of course, you can still use throwing stars and other consumables. I don’t know about you, but kicking opponents to death has always been a valid option for me. 

7.Classes and Gear

Dying Light 2 has a lot of new RPG mechanics, most notably, its new class and gear system.

There seem to be four different classes: the brawler, medic, tank and ranger. Each class has its own distinct advantages. Brawler is a class focused on dealing damage with one handed weapons, while tanks like to deal damage with two-handed weapons. The medic is focused on parkour combat and healing. And finally, we have the rangers, a class specialized on ranged weapons and stealth. Also, you can equip 6 types of gear. Each piece is assigned its own rarity, class, level and gear armor. You can combine these pieces with varying effects to create a load out that best suits your playstyle. This is definitely a huge improvement from the last Dying Light and I’m really looking forward to it.


The skill tree makes its return in Dying Light 2, but is divided into two sections, Combat and Parkour.

There are a total of 23 combat skills and 19 parkour skills, and they can greatly enhance your gameplay. Dying Light 2 might feel a lot slower early-game without parkour skills such as wall running and far jumping. Likewise, combat will be more difficult without the parry counter and bow unlocked. Suffice to say, you’ll need these skills to tackle some of the harder content in Dying Light 2.

9. Infected

There are many infected enemies in Dying Light 2, like the Banshee, who use their long claws to tear their prey apart and can even attack from midair. Then there’s the drowners, underwater-type zombies with  spikes on their forearms. Not much is known about the drowners but their name seems pretty self-evident. There’s also the Revenant, which emits a mist that buffs other zombies in the area, making them stronger and more dangerous. A new interesting zombie is the Howler, who… howl, as the name suggests. This alerts the infected to attack the player. We also have the Demolishers, a large and extremely dangerous infected. Of course, many of the infected from the last Dying Light are returning, like the Biters and Virals, so fans can expect a huge slew of monstrosities to fight off, or to be devoured by.

10. Stealth

One of the problems of the first Dying Light’s was its very inconsistent stealth system. Human enemies could spot you from a mile away, which forced players to confront problems head on. Using stealth on zombies was generally very easy, especially when you finally unlock the Camouflage skill, an overpowered ability that basically allows the player to walk to a zombie and snap their necks undetected. The problem with this mechanic is that it’s more like you’re invisible rather than being stealthy. Dying Light 2 fixes this by offering us a more fleshed out stealth system, featuring hiding spots, alert meters and even more takedowns. This honestly goes quite well with the overall idea of Dying Light. Techland is known for listening to their player-base, and Dying Light 2’s new stealth mechanics prove this.


One of the things that made the first Dying Light so popular was its fun and engaging multiplayer. Dying Light has awesome modes like co-op, where you can play alongside your friends and battle hoards of zombies together, or become the zombie in Dying Light’s be the zombie mode, which was a really cool PVP mode. Dying Light 2 returns with co-op and its multiplayer system seems to be more ambitious than the first game. Like the previous game, you can team up with 4 players, however things have slightly changed. Players now join the host’s world with all of the many different decisions affecting the environment of the city. We don’t know how players can interact with the host’s world, but we are expecting a lot from Techland in this front. I also hope the Be The Zombie mode returns here in this game. It was really fun, and I expect it to return, maybe in the form of DLC.

12. DLC

It’s been confirmed that Dying Light 2 will be getting at least 5 years of support, including a lot of free DLC content, as well as 2 purchasable story DLCs. Factions Inspired Free DLCs will be launched soon after the game’s release. This seems to be a more cosmetic-oriented DLC, allowing players to look like members of each respective faction. We know that 2 new weapons will also be introduced in the form of a two-handed axe and a sword. There might be other things added in this free DLC, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Dying Light 2 has us all hyped up and I can’t wait to get my hands on the game, start bashing some zombie heads in and parkour my way around The City. What aspect of Dying Light 2 are you most excited for?  Personally, I find the relationship between parkour and combat to be really fun and interesting, so I might be building my character with parkour skills in mind. We wanna to hear your thoughts on this, so let us know what you guys think in the comments below! And if you want great games with the best deals out there, remember to check out our website. And for everything else gaming, stick with Electronic First, where we make the best guides on the latest and upcoming games. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and hit the notification bell so you don’t miss our next videos. See you next time! 

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