Atomic Heart Release Date, Trailer, and Everything you need to know

Atomic Heart Release Date, Trailer, and Everything you need to know

The USSR’s ability to deploy robotics and advanced engineering more quickly in the 1930s helped them establish themselves as a force, beat the Nazis considerably quicker, and ultimately launch.

Although it borrows elements from well-known first-person shooters like DOOM and Bioshock, this game stands out for its own twists and exhilarating action.

Atomic Heart: Everything you need to know

What is Atomic Heart All About? 

What is Atomic Heart all about

In the action role-playing video game Atomic Heart, players engage in shooting and slashing battles using improvised weapons. There are many different types of enemies present, including airborne as well as mechanical, biomechanical, and biological ones.

A first-person action game set takes place in an alternate 1955 on the grounds of Facility 3826, the main center for scientific research in the Soviet Union. In a different version of the Soviet era, Scientist Dmitry Sechenov created the Polymer, a liquidized programmable module that revolutionized the areas of robotics and energy in the USSR and freed most of the population from manual work. Atomic Heart features killer robots, grandmothers stuck in molecular glop, and torture rooms filled with clowns. Not only does the environment sound strange, but it also appears dangerous. The lack of ammunition forces you to sneak through various regions while the fight alternates between shooting and melee with improvised weapons.

Some gameplay sneak peeks have been made public by the creators. There are several battle choices available, and you can see all kinds of abilities from the player’s left hand, like telekinesis and ice jets. The right hand also has a variety of weapons, including pistols, pitchforks, electrified rifles, and other things.

The idea of Atomic Heart may be compared to a Black Mirror episode that was filmed in a twisted version of the Soviet Union between the 1930s and 1960s. According to Robert Bagratuni, the CEO of Mundfish,

The robots are now embarking on a revolt after being mass-produced to help with agriculture, the manufacturing of wood, defense, and simple household chores. The government has assigned you the role of Major Nechaev, a disturbed KGB operative with the pseudonym P-3, and sent you on a mission to look into the mysteriously silent production complex.

Everything appears to be rather normal when you first arrive, however, it is not. The complex has been set up with traps to capture everyone who enters, the robots are out of control, and previously dead creatures are walking around everywhere. You are responsible for figuring out what happened and how to put a stop to the current mayhem.

The storyline of Atomic Heart is linear, according to the film’s creators. It lies in the middle of murder and madness. 

Does Atomic Heart is open world?

It is not obvious. The world is described as “the whole of the Soviet Union—a large circle, the limits of which reach the Arctic in the north, the Altai Mountain in the south, and with lake, plains and many more in the midst.” There will be various Plant 3826 locations “distributed all across the map.” The sequence in which you attack them will be up to you.

In a 2018 interview, Robert Bagratuni, CEO of Mundfish, stated that Atomic Heart was “planned as an open-world game,” however he later declined to confirm that the setting was entirely explorable. When asked if the world was seamless, he told Wccftech that he couldn’t say yet. “I can now say that there will be many distinct biomes,” he continued.

We believe it will be a set of interconnected levels distributed across a wide map, similar to Metro Exodus. It features a train system that transports you between destinations.

When is the Release Date of Atomic Heart? 

On February 21, 2023, Atomic Heart will take off. It’s wonderful to have a specific date because the release date has been hinted at a few times since it was first announced four years ago.

While Atomic Heart’s release window was initially set and later confirmed as being in late 2022, an announcement that the game would now be published by Focus Interactive described the game as being “initially planned for 2022.” Around this time, Atomic Heart’s Steam page changed from an explicit 2022 release date to the more ambiguous “this Winter.” However, a recent video gave us the precise release date for Atomic Heart, which is in February.

The game will be made available on the Xbox Series XS, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4.

What is the gameplay of Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart- Gameplay

The gameplay appears to be focused on exploring, eliminating robots, and deciphering secrets. The pace is occasionally changed by puzzles, and there are several boss battles to keep you challenging your skills. According to the publicly available trailers, there is a fair balance of action and investigation. To be certain, we will need to play the game.


The fighting in Atomic Heart resembles a decent blend of Bioshock and Doom. You have your conventional weapons on the one hand and abilities on the other. You must choose your loadout correctly as we also see the Agent using both hands to wield hefty melee weapons and assault guns.


The game includes a huge selection of weapons, speaking of which. The regular ones are there, of course, but you may also upgrade and customize them to make them more lethal. In the game, there is a crafting system that allows you to create your own improvised weapons as you are shut off from the outside world.

Utilize various metal components taken from destroyed robots and other household items to upgrade your weapons. Although we don’t have any other information, it appears to provide a wide range of alternatives based on the photographs the firm released. There are several weapons, ranging from shotguns to “meat grinders,” railguns to assault rifles.


A unique polymer glove that Sergey wears offers him a variety of extraordinary abilities. You may fire ice at foes to slow them down and finally freeze them or use your hands to discharge electricity. With the use of that clever glove, you can even change gravity, improving your ability to use crown control to grasp objects from a distance. These skills will undoubtedly be essential in helping us solve some of the environmental issues Atomic Heart gives to us. 

Atomic Heart Enemies 

There are a ton of foes in Atomic Hearts, most of whom are robotic in nature but some of which also possess magical abilities. Because the game is set in Russia, the opponents tend to have Russian names. There is the Belyash, a chimpanzee-based construction robot. Then there is Rabotnik, a little robot employed for managing cattle (this is not the Dr. Variety from Sonic).

The foes can communicate with one another and request assistance. Enemies are simply pumped out by the hive-like buildings spread around the globe. The clip up top shows a multi-stage combat between the player and a robot that shoots bouncing balls. The game also has several fantastic monster fights.

What are the graphic modes in Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart is expected to maintain a constant frame rate on new-generation hardware despite aiming for top-notch aesthetics and sophisticated opponent designs. The game will provide “steady 60FPS” at 4K resolution in dungeons, according to the official mundfish Twitter account. However, the game will switch to a dynamic 4K resolution while still offering 60FPS action when playing outside in the enormous universe.

System requirements for Atomic Heart

The recommended and minimum system requirements are listed in the Atomic Heart’s Steam page. To run it, you’ll need at least a GTX 760 or R7 260x graphics card, 6 GB of RAM, and an i5 4460 or AMD FX-6300 CPU. The suggested specifications are a GTX 1060, i7 3770, and 8 GB of RAM.

It’s possible that both of them are placeholders, though, as the game’s website notes that it’s “impossible to identify specific requirements at the time.”

RTX will be supported by Atomic Heart.

Ray tracing and DLSS functionality were demonstrated in an Atomic Heart RTX teaser that Nvidia released in January 2021. Atomic Heart continues to have beautiful visuals. It’s a brief glimpse that seems to highlight the museum location we’ve seen in previous videos as well as some further melee and supernatural power battles.

There was once a tech demo of its RTX and HDR accessible, but you may still see a video of the technology in use. The team believes performance is holding up well and they are especially pleased with how it enhances lighting and shadows.

Can VR be used with Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart’s 2017 teaser mentioned SteamVR and PSVR as their release platforms, but Mundfish has since stated the game won’t receive a full VR release. There are no such plans at the moment, it said in response to Wccftech. “Perhaps when the game release approaches, certain game features will be accessible in VR, but it’s difficult to say which and in what form at this time.

Atomic Heart is situated in the same universe as a VR game called Soviet Lunapark VR that was originally released by Mundfish, however, it was taken down from Steam. Atomic Heart will be provided without charge to everyone who purchased Soviet Lunapark.

The release of the Atomic Heart Game Pass is confirmed.

Game Pass will provide Atomic Heart from the very beginning. The announcement was made official at E3 2021 when Atomic Heart and its creator Mundfish were featured in the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. Accordingly, if you’re an Xbox Game Pass user, you’ll be able to play the game as part of your subscription starting on February 21. If you want to start playing right away, you can even pre-install the game through the service right now.

Atomic Heart Trailers

The game has already seen a number of trailers, including a teaser, cinematic, and even two lengthy gameplay reveals that have shown off the development of the game. In 2019, there was one gameplay reveal that showed off some of the settings and fighting. It was a strong first impression of the game, clearly influenced by Bioshock and Arkane’s Prey despite some rough edges.

It turned out that the subsequent gameplay presentation in August 2020 was far more thorough and included the information that DOOM composer Mick Gordon will be writing the music for the game.

In the trailer, the user interface (UI) had been updated to be more slick and informative, the visuals had clearly improved, and it led the player through a cutting-edge laboratory before concluding with a final battle.

There won’t be multiplayer support for Atomic Heart.

There won’t be any multiplayer support for Atomic Heart. It was announced a few weeks ago that the game will only support single players, contradicting earlier statements made by developer Mundfish. Unfortunately, game director Robert Bagratuni recently informed Wccftech that “no multiplayer add-ons are planned at this time.” At one point, the studio claimed that Atomic Heart would feature dedicated regions where you could fight other players, with the official website even going as far as to confirm the combative spaces: “If you want  to challenge other players, there’s a secret railway to get you to a special region intended for PvP fight.”

Atomic Heart is Available to Preorder 

Even though the game’s release date is drawing close, you can already pre-order it. The Labour and Science Weapon Skin Pack offers special weapon skins to those who do. The following three editions are available for pre-order:

  • The Standard Edition includes the base game. 
  • The Gold Edition contains the game and the Atomic Pass.
  • Atomic Heart – Premium Edition includes the Gold Edition’s contents as well as a special digital art book and some extra cosmetics.

The Atomic Pass upgrades the Atomic Heart experience with four DLCs, giving players access to additional locations, labs, weapons, opponents, bosses, and other things!

The Atomic Heart Limited Edition Bundle, which contains the basic game on your preferred platform (PS5, Xbox Series X in retail, or Atomic Heart Steam for PC), is currently available for pre-order.

So, here are the essential details regarding Atomic Heart. Keep checking Electronic First for updates as we bring you news, reviews, guides, and game information. We also provide a huge range of the hottest games at the cheapest prices. You can also our Discord server. We are a community of passionate players that like discussing the most recent and forthcoming releases, including other Atomic Heart games.

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