World of Warcraft Beginner’s Guide: How to Play

World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide: How to Play

If you’re new to World of Warcraft, this guide will help you get started and ready to embark on your adventures in this enormously popular MMORPG. World of Warcraft is one of the oldest and largest games on the market, and it can be difficult for new players just starting out to know where to begin. With this guide, you’ll be off to a great start on your voyage through Azeroth and beyond.

Blizzard Entertainment published the multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft in 2004. About four years after the events of the last game in the series, Warcraft III: The Ice Throne, World of Warcraft is set in the Warcraft fictional realm and takes place in the world of Azeroth. The game was announced in 2001 and published on November 23, 2004, to commemorate the 10-year Warcraft franchise milestone. Since its debut, World of Warcraft has received nine significant expansion packs.

Like other MMORPGs, the game enables users to create a character avatar and travel an open gameplay in third- or first-person view, taking in the scenery, slaying numerous creatures, doing missions, and interacting with NPCs or other players. The game may be played on its own without interacting with other players, but it promotes teamwork to accomplish quests, explore dungeons, and participate in player-against-player (PvP) combat. The game’s main focus is character development. Among other gaming mechanics, players may purchase and sell stuff using in-game cash to upgrade their equipment and level up their characters.

World of Warcraft has been a gaming stalwart for the past 17 years, and fresh players continue to join the massively popular MMO. With its vast history and variety of material, it’s not always simple for new players to join without feeling intimidated by how much there is to explore and discover.

Here is a beginner tutorial for new World of Warcraft players to help you prepare for the adventures ahead.


World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Play for free

A game of this scale might be scary, so it’s a good thing you can test it out for free first.

World of Warcraft starting edition is a trimmed-down version of the full game with some features disabled, but it’s worth a shot to see whether it works for you. That’s why it’s worth giving this version a try first and testing it to see whether you like it. If so, you may start a World Of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card or you can try World Of Warcraft 30 Day Time Card to have full access to the world.


World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Searching and Selecting a Realm

Before you can begin playing, you must decide which world you wish to call home.

A realm is a section of the WoW gaming world that houses thousands of people and their characters. These worlds are full versions of the game world, but there are a few variations that might impact the type of players you encounter. These include to mention a few, faction ratio, population, and language.

So, which world should you choose? It all depends on the type of player you want to be. If you want to play solo, choosing a new player or low population realm is a smart idea because you’ll typically find lots of gamers ready to help. If you wish to play with friends, make sure you all choose the same realm. Those looking for more role-playing like in D&D might look at the RP worlds. 


Now you are ready. It’s time for the most challenging yet rewarding portion of getting started in WoW: creating your character. There is a lot to think about while creating a character; what role do you want to play in a group? Which faction will you support? What race and class would you represent?

It might be an intimidating procedure, so let’s take it to step by step and get you ready to start your adventures in Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Selecting a Game


To begin, you must choose one of the two sides in the game: the Alliance or the Horde.

Both of these camps are unique in a variety of ways. Each has its own races, narratives, ideologies, and variants, as well as key personalities and history from the WoW universe that give it its unique flair and individuality. Your faction also influences various aspects of gameplay, such as which zones you may play and which quest you can do. Players in opposing factions, like worlds, cannot play or communicate with one another. So, if you’re playing with buddies, make sure you choose the same faction.


After you picked your faction; now it’s time to choose your race. Each faction has a choice of seven races.

The Alliance has:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Night Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Draenei
  • Worgen
  • Pandaren

The Horde has:

  • Orcs
  • Undead
  • Tauren
  • Trolls
  • Blood Elves
  • Goblins
  • Pandaren

Each faction has five extra allied races that may be unlocked by achieving specific goals. You may alter the appearance and cosmetics of each race to make them more distinctively you. Each race also has distinctive traits that might add bonuses and offer you an additional skill, or have useful utility.


When you first begin playing, this choice will undoubtedly be the most challenging. There are 12 classes available in WoW and each has a special contribution to make to the game.

World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Classes

These classes are:

  • Warrior
  • Paladin
  • Hunter
  • Rogue
  • Priest
  • Shaman
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Monk
  • Druid
  • Demon Hunter
  • Death Knight

Specializations, sometimes known as “specs,” give each of these classes its own play style. When you reach level 10, depending on the class, you can choose between two and four specs. Each has its own unique collection of spells, powers, and advantages, and each plays very differently from the others. These specs also fall under one of three categories of roles that have an impact on how you interact with other players, with certain classes having the ability to switch between these categories based on their specs.

The breakdown of each role is as follows:

Tank: A player that assumes the tank position is essentially a brick wall and is frequently regarded as the group leader. A tank’s role is to defend their comrades from opponents by getting near and grabbing their attention (often referred to as “aggro”) while taking as much damage as they can. Tanks have high health and armor.

DPS (damage per second) – Players that take on a DPS position are charged with eliminating foes in melee and ranged combat by inflicting the most amount of damage, as rapidly as they can. Although it can seem easy, folks who are in this situation frequently have to handle some additional responsibilities while they battle. These can entail disrupting spellcasters or employing crowd control skills to keep certain foes out of the fray

Healer – Players that fill this function serve as the group’s defenders. It is a healer’s responsibility to maintain player life by employing spells and skills that reduce, eliminate, or heal the damage that other players sustain. Healers can assist the group when necessary by using various supportive skills and a few spells.

The majority of gamers play a few different characters. Additionally, leveling up is now a lot more pleasurable and simple, making it simple to switch between classes and races if you find one to be unappealing. You can never go wrong by doing what you enjoy.


World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Exile's Reach

When you finally have your character. It’s time to launch your adventures now. What do you do, though? What is the game’s strategy? How does everything work? Exile’s Reach explains and teaches all of this and more.

Exile’s Reach, a new leveling area included in the Shadowlands expansion, was created to introduce new players to the game’s mechanics, highlight some of its variety, and aid with class comprehension. The controls are explained in tooltips and pop-ups, and each mission does a terrific job of teaching various facets of the game without being overly wordy. To ensure that you obtain the full experience and benefit of this area’s lessons and assistance, you should read the quest text and tutorials.


World of Warcraft Beginner's Guide- Playing with friends

For an MMO, this one might seem a little obvious, but WoW excels when played with other people. Finding other players who are just starting out may make leveling up much more fun as you share knowledge and take on the game’s numerous challenges together. In addition, if you ask for help or guidance, there are a ton of seasoned gamers who will be more than happy to provide it.

Joining a guild is one of the finest methods to do this. These are groups of players that join forces to simplify certain game mechanics, such as grouping up and dungeons. They are also a great opportunity to play with others who share your interests and meet new acquaintances. Additionally, there are groups you may join and events where helpful and gratifying things happen.


Since World of Warcraft is more than 17 years old, being stuck or perplexed occasionally while playing is very normal. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help in your understanding of the world’s different facets.

Some of the best places to go for knowledge are websites like Wowhead and Icyveins, which include guides covering everything from tips and strategies for playing your class to guidelines for achieving goals and everything in between. Numerous gamers and content producers also produce videos to help you. Seasoned gamers still utilize them sometimes.


Every character has a level. Starting at Level 1, you. You will gain experience as you fulfill missions. You will level up as you gather Experience. Level 60 is the highest level. Your Level determines how powerful you are, the types of material you may access and how that content will interact with you. It also determines how many abilities, how much health you have, and how many resources you have available to you to engage with the content. More Levels = More Power, and Harder Content = More Power. When you reach Level 60, you’ll be prepared to tackle the game’s most difficult and demanding Endgame content, which is also some of the most entertaining, fascinating, and rewarding stuff.

You must fill your Experience Bar in order to Level Up, or advance to the next Level. At the bottom of your screen, next to the Action Bar, is the Experience Bar. Every time you defeat an enemy or finish a task, you get experience, which somewhat fills that meter. Your Level rises by one after the bar is fully filled. You will frequently receive a new Ability that you may add to your Action Bar and incorporate into the way you play your character. You will also typically receive additional Health and whatever Resource your Class requires. Keep in mind that certain Abilities are Passive, which means you don’t need to have them on your Action Bar for them to provide you bonuses automatically.

How about the World of Warcraft Classic?

Even though the two games are somewhat similar, World of Warcraft Classic is a harder, slower, and (according to some players) epic version of the game.

Despite this, we strongly advise new players to give both game versions a shot because they each have their advantages. With its modern gaming mechanisms and visuals, Modern WoW is more approachable, but Classic WoW seems more like a vast, nostalgic, grindy journey, although at a lower resolution. 

WoW Classic Classes differ significantly from modern games on a basic level. You can’t switch between multiple “specs” as quickly, and the combat and skill systems are also far more archaic. However, our recommendation is still the same: Choose a race and class in any game depending on what you consider to be most attractive. While you are in it and you are interested in World of Warcraft Classis download it and enjoy.

You’re now set to start playing World of Warcraft if this article was helpful to you with the beginner’s guide, so go out there and start your adventures! We will keep adding to the long list of things we still have to learn. There is no end to these, so you should constantly be looking for fresh strategies to raise your playing level. You should watch out for Electronic First if you want to learn new ways for playing World of Warcraft. Visit our website if you’re seeking a World of Warcraft download while you’re at it.

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