Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming Methods

Elden Ring Fastest Rune Farming Methods
Elden Ring fastest rune farming methods

In Elden Ring, you’ll need specific farm runes to level up and complete the game. And you’ll need a lot of them to level up. You may not require many at first, but as the game progresses, you will require an absurdly large number of runes. Whether you need to correct a mistake or fulfill a prerequisite for a specific weapon, you’ll need a lot of runes.

Well, there are many areas in these dark lands where you may find many of them without taking too many risks, and here is a guide to finding those runes that will provide you with a mountain of them in no time.

Why Do We Need Runes in Elden Ring?

If you want to level up your character in the Elden Ring game, then you will need to collect runes. This guide will help you find the maximum number of runes up to 100,000 and that can be used at anytime you want. That can be after you finish the tutorial and even after coming back from finishing bosses and creatures.

Technically speaking, you don’t actually need much killing and working with any class. Let’s assume you are just starting the game and you need to jump start in the first step and you haven’t unlocked the starting area of the map. You need runes to complete your weapons, potions, and character. So certain secrets to the farming must be known.

The Best Early Game Rune Farming Location

While you start the storyline, early rune farming is also necessary. The first place you encounter for the rune farming is in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, a higher-level area you can access via a portal from near the start of the game.

The Best Early Game Rune Farming Location

Head up to the Third Church of Marika Site of Grace in the northeast of Limgrave where in the bushes just to the north of the church is a portal to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, specifically the Bestial Sanctum. After arriving there, turn around and go straight for the enemies. At the bottom of the hill of Site of Grace, Farum Greatbridge, you can sneak attack your enemies by going up the hill. 

Attack enemies

Be very cautious at those points because they can easily kill the low-level players, but once you attack them from behind, they are definitely easy to take down and from each of them you can earn 1000 Runes.

After completing them, proceed south on the road and, behind the Erdtree, take the Spiritwind and continue on the route. Eventually, you’ll come to Fort Faroth, which houses half of the Dectus Medallion. A big dragon stands in front of the fort and will not attack you, but you can kill him by attacking him many times. It transports some little dragons, from whom you can obtain 80000 runes and five Dragon Hearts.

The Best Early Game Rune Farming Location
Attack enemies

Similarly, Limgrave is the first place that you will explore, and after you get your torrent, you can move across the places very easily, avoiding your enemies. This place can let you claim at least 300,000 runes per hour, a very good number at the beginning of the game. 

Where to Start?

First, head up to the Third Church of Marika in the Limgrave, situated east of the Site of Grace. And from there, you need to go to the northeast until you find yourself sitting in the water. 

The Best Early Game Rune Farming Location to start

The Third Church of Marika, as well as the concealed doorway, are located here. The portal will transport you to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, a high-level area in Caelid’s northwestern corner. When you arrive at that location, you will run into the oddest of characters, who will be waiting for you just behind you (Site of Grace). Another large beast lurks in the stairwell, which you should avoid because you don’t want to meddle with it at low levels.

This will help you get started

Outside, you’ll find a bridge with another place of grace adjacent to it, as well as some small, reasonably weak foes. If you want to see the grace site, go ahead, but don’t cross the bridge. Return to the tiny opponents instead, as they’ll be the ones you’ll be farming.

These tiny black fellows are costing you up to 1094 runes for one kill. Just keep in mind that they can also hit a low-level player, so don’t let them hit you. You’re done if you can sneak up on them and attack them. They will continue to reappear in a nearby spot of grace.

While still in the Dragonbarrow, avoid the bridge that connects the Lenne’s Rise Site of Grace   To the east of the bridge, climb up to the smaller bridge. There is a boss who appears at night, so go during the day and try to avoid specific opponents and poison traps. If you take any damage, don’t worry; activate the Site of Grace to heal up, then proceed to the location where we avoided the bridge.

A magical boulder towards the top of the route is a trap that only emerges when you are directly in front of it, so be cautious. To obtain almost 1952 runes, avoid the boulder from the front and squash it with something from underneath. Return to the Site of Grace after that.

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The boss on the tiny bridge is the last option for gaining over 42000 runes. Wait until you get Lenne’s Rise Grace Site. After you get it then ride to the boss on the other side of the bridge, but don’t fight him. Make him chase you instead, and force him to walk across the poison traps. Allow him to continue doing so, and the poison will finally kill it.

Best Rune Farming Locations to Level Up Fast – A Complete List + Brief Walkthrough Guide

Let’s get you to a guide on finding the locations of the best and fastest runes in the Elden Ring

Bestial Sanctum

Bestial Sanctum

Bestial Sanctum can let you earn almost 1000 Runes per enemy, and if you are at level 20 and looking for farm Runes to level up quickly, then this is an easily accessible area and can serve you well. Killing the robed creatures in this area can let you earn a pretty easy profit. The location is also such that you can get to and from the Site of Grace to respawn the enemies.

How to Get There?

How to get to Bestial Sanctum

Although you must have met Margit, the Fell Omen, and been taken to the Roundtable Hold, the Bestial Sanctum can be visited early in the game. Speak with D, the Hunter of the Dead, to hear about Limgrave’s directions to the Bestial Sanctum. Then walk east of Mistwood Outskirts to the Third Church of Marika. If you haven’t already, look for the Flask of Wondrous Physik here.

How to get to Bestial Sanctum

Follow the river east to the cluster of trees with a teleporter hidden among them, which is located to the north of the Church of Marika. Head inside the Bestial Sanctum Site of Grace by teleporting to the exterior of a door. A boss stands outside the stairs, but if you keep your distance, he won’t bother you. It is recommended that you avoid fighting, particularly if you are farming rune.

How to Farm the Runes?

Head out to the broad plains now that you’ve arrived at the Bestial Sanctum and dodged the big boss. Small robed beings with scythes or chains will be visible. Don’t be fooled by their small size; they’re powerful. So, proceed with caution, conjure the spirits to assist you, and attack them from behind to deal the most damage possible.

farm of runes at Bestial Sanctum

If you kill 4 to 5 of these animals, you’ll get 5000 runes and be able to return to the Site of Grace. You can also head to Farum Great Bridge’s Site of Grace and work your way up to the Bestial Sanctum, where you can easily earn up to 5000 runes once you get used to it. Your runes can be retrieved if you ride back to the locations where you were killed. As a result, there is relatively little risk.

kill enemies

Palace Approach Ledge-Road

If you need further runes, then another option for collecting maximum runes is at the Place Approach Ledge-Road, which can reward you with about 11,000 runes per hit. There is a bird below the cliff that you can just kill with one hit of the bow and return to the Site of the Grace to repeat. 

With this, you can gain a million Runes per hour and you can maximize your income with a Gold Pickled Fowl Foot or Golden Scarab.

How to Get There?

To get to Palace Approach Ledge-Road, you can use one of two routes. One is to finish White-Faced Varre’s quest, which you can begin by paying him a visit at the Rose Church in Liurnia of the Lakes, south of the Raya Lucaria Academy. After completing the mission, you will receive the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which will lead you to Mohgwyn Palace, where you must reverse your steps and climb the ramp from the blood swamp to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace.

Elden Ring: Palace Approach Ledge-Road

Traveling west from the Consecrated Snowfield across the first of the Mountaintops of Giants area is another option. Travel down a sloping route to the Palace Approach Ledge-Road after using the teleporter.

How to get to Palace Approach Ledge-Road

How To Farm Runes?

Target the bird standing next to the tree by looking over the ledge. Aim with an arrow from your bow and hit it once. As soon as the bird flies towards you, head up to the Site of Grace and wait for the runes to pop. Repeat this process.

attack the bird

Trolls at the Stormgate

This one is quite simple, but a little risky as well. To the north of the Stormgate, at the cliff, a huge hairy troll can each give 1000 Runes when killed. They hit very slowly, as they hit very hard. Taking advantage of their slow attack, you can easily avoid the attack. Once you learn the art of farming, you can pretty easily farm any of the opportunities you want.

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The War The War for Castle Redmane

The easiest farming location on our list is Castle Redmane, a massive fortification in Southern Caelid. You don’t have to go inside because fire-wielding knights and gigantic dogs are fighting it out in front of the castle, and you can just stand there and watch them kill each other while getting runes. Simply ride up the hill and see them fight at the impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. Then you may always ride in and kill the lesser survivors, earning you around 2000-3000 Runes with little effort. 

The war for Castle Redmane
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Windmill Village: Party Crashing Windmill Village

A strange, Midsommar-esque settlement named Dominula, Windmill Village, may be found on the Altus Plateau’s north shore. It’s crowded with dancing locals who only attack if you go too close and drop a large number of runes. There’s a boss at the top named Godskin Apostle, but wiping out the locals will net you roughly 7000 runes in a matter of minutes even before you deal with him. Then respawn them and do it all over again!

Elden Ring: Windmill Village
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Backstabbing at the Haligtree

If you go halfway down to the Prayer Room Site of Grace of Haligtree section, then use the door to the north, you can sprint down the parapets, backstabbing a bunch of foes who are staring out to sea or simply cutting through the relatively easy knights and footsoldiers, who each drop 2000-3000 Runes. Some of them even blow themselves up in an attempt to stop you, meaning that 40000 Runes or even more can be earned in just a few minutes.

attack enemies
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A relatively less paying but very easy spot near the Liurnia Highway North Site off Grace where you do not really need to do much. Right beside the checkpoint, a bunch o soldiers are fighting with the spiritual attacker and a giant. The giant smashes the soldiers and you get 42 Runes per kill. It’s not much but still, you don’t have to do anything and chill.


A similar happening is in Caelid where soldiers will give you a gain of 200 Runes per kill and the dogs will give you 313. A conflict between troops and huge demon dogs is taking place at the Impassable Greatbridge Site of Grace. When you approach them, they’ll start fighting, and you can sit back and rest from there. Perching on the rocks near the ruined wall is a fantastic idea because you’ll have a good view and won’t be in any danger.


For this Rune, you have to complete Varre’s Quest. Visit Liurnia’s Rose Church, invading three other players, soaking a rag in the blood of a body you’ll discover northeast of the East Raya Lucaria Gate, and then returning the rag to him You’ll receive some prizes right away, but you’ll need to chat with him again to collect all you’ll need for this farming run. Varre will advise you to wait but disregard him. It’s the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. It’s ready to use right away.

Elden Ring: Underground

The metal will convey you beneath, and a map and the Grand Mausoleum Entrance site of Grace are just up the steps. After that, you’ll want to spin around and leap down so you can ride Torrent. And you’ll need it because this place contains a few terrible surprises you’ll want to avoid. You should be alright as long as you keep moving and move around the perimeter of the place.

At the Palace Approach, Ledge Road, Site of the Grace. You will notice a lot of enemies chasing you. At that point, just look up and you will see a bird sitting. Hit it with a bow and you will see it coming your way. As it will be a flightless bird, you will get yourself 13,245 Runes.


Elden Ring is a fantastic RPG game and is currently gaining players and increasing its Metacritic score. The game is quite complex and not only contains the fights and finding the hidden walls, but for leveling up it needs certain kinds of farming. Runes farming. In this article, certain fast rune farming locations have been discussed, which can let you increase your level quite fast. Furthermore, in this game, approaching the locations is very difficult, and guide maps and location maps help with them, which can increase the gameplay.

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