Xbox Game Pass vs PS Now | Which one should you subscribe to?

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Xbox Game Pass vs PS Now

What are Xbox Game Pass and PS Now?

In recent years, a new form of service was included in the gaming industry known as a gaming subscription service. It adds value for gamers as they can get more games at a discounted price for the subscribed period. Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now are the two major players that entered into a category known. In a gaming subscription service, you pay a monthly fee in exchange for unlimited access to a library of games. Several companies are offering gaming subscription services with different features.

After some years of the PS Now release, Microsoft launched its Game Pass. We’re comparing it to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass which is now the choice of millions of users.

We will see how Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now, the two popular membership programs in the console space compare. The two services will invariably be compared as the main subscription offerings to pair with an Xbox or PlayStation console. 

Here’s what you need to know about two big names providing this kind of service, Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now. 

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

In 2017, Microsoft launched its subscription service by the name Xbox Game Pass for Xbox. Later in 2019, they introduced this service for PC.

In the standard package of Xbox Game Pass, it gives its users access to over 250 games. Moreover, the game library is constantly changing with new titles adding up and old gaming dropping out of the list. All you have to do is simply pay a monthly fee and you can play as many of those games for as long as you like until your subscription expires, or the game is removed that Xbox offered you.

Xbox Game Pass Types

Currently, Xbox Game Pass includes  three types of membership: 

These three types of Xbox Game Pass subscription types come with different kinds of games and features. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate option is considered the best option of all the types as it allows you to play more than 100 games on a console, PC, iPad, and mobile phone.

In addition to that, it gives you day-one access to titles from Xbox Game Studio. It also includes Xbox Live Gold as part of your membership. You’re also entitled to a free EA Play subscription, letting you play dozens of hit games in the publisher’s catalog. PC Game Pass, for example, lets you play games on PC, while the Console version of Xbox Game Pass allows you to play games on almost every Xbox version.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now has only one version as compared to the three versions of Xbox Game Pass. It offers you access to a long library of PlayStation titles. The games offered in PS Now are playable on PS5, PS4, or PC. These games can either be streamed remotely or downloaded to your hard drive so you can play while offline. Several third-party games are included in this service. Moreover, you will have plenty of iconic titles from previous console generations as well.

How much do Xbox Game Pass and PS Now cost: The Price

For Xbox Game Pass, there are three main versions which include Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Price of Xbox Game Pass

The basic package of Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 a month. The Game Pass Ultimate tier pushes up to $14.99 a month with the addition of more games and titles. In certain countries, promotions and discounts are also available for Xbox players. Xbox Game Pass can also be purchased for longer periods at an increasingly better value.

Price of PS Now

In the case of PS Now, the 1 month of PS Now costs $9.99. Recently, we’ve seen the prices of PS Now cut down due to the competitive prices that Xbox Game Pass brought in. It can also be purchased for longer periods with some discounts.

The Game Libraries

The Game Libraries

Released back in 2017 but it took two years for Xbox Game Pass to finally get its deserved popularity. The reason is that it offers a massive list of triple-A games. The most anticipated games like The Outer Worlds were available on day one on Xbox along with Microsoft first-party exclusives like Gears 5. Microsoft is determined to bring other third-party games as well as they are currently planning on adding to the Steam platform. Games including Halo: Infinite and Fable will also be available in the subscription. In Xbox Game Pass, there are nearly 200 Game Pass titles available at once when you buy a Game Pass for Xbox. The list reaches a 150-strong collection on Game Pass when you buy it for PC. The list keeps on evolving with new games adding up and old games being taken down.

Talking about the PS Now, there are more games available as it is quite old than Game Pass. However, it is arguably quantity over quality when talking about the game. It is worth noting that every month new titles from the PS2, PS3, and PS4 generations are added to its 800+ game library. Sony is trying to add more famous titles to its service including The Last of Us and Horizon: Zero Dawn.


The most salient feature of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is that it supports Xbox Cloud Gaming. As we know cloud gaming is another evolving form of gaming that makes it possible to play Xbox games on a wide range of platforms. It means that you can play games on multiple devices including Android phones via the Xbox Game Pass app, iOS and Mac devices via the Safari browsers, Chromebooks via the Chrome browser, and on Xbox consoles and Windows PCs via the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox app, respectively. All you need is a good internet to play Xbox Game Pass games on the devices of your choice.

On the other hand, PS Now only lets you play games on PS4 and PS5 consoles, as well as PC. There isn’t anything announced by Sony when they are going to add cloud gaming compatibility to play games on mobile devices.

Day One Releases

The thing that makes Xbox Game Pass better than PS Now is the availability of games from day one. It means that on Game Pass, all the exclusive first-party Xbox games are available at launch. When you buy Game Pass Ultimate, you will get games including Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, and Gears of War 5 on the day of their releases. 

On the other hand, PS Now currently does not offer first-party games at launch. The company could change this in the future. But for now, the day one release is not something included in the PS Now service.

Which One Is The Best Service?

The Game List of PS Now Features More Games With The Year-Winning First-Party Titles

It doesn’t matter how people think and feel about it, but PS Now features first-party titles that have been of a high pedigree for years now. Xbox titles are lacking as compared to award-winning titles offered by Sony in their PS service. The news games are not constantly added to the list of PS Now but the inclusion of God of War 2018 is difficult to turn down. Moreover, if Microsoft collaborates with Steam to put Game Pass on Steam, it will have more of a chance to compete with Sony in terms of featuring more popular titles.

Xbox Provides More Beginners Friendly Service

The premium version of Game Pass known as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs you $14.99 a month. It can be considered a bit pricey for fans who are thinking of it playing just 1-2 games. But, for fans who play for fun, it could be a real deal. Xbox provides three services as explained before. So, if you want to try the service out, the first month is available for just $1. New users can give it a try with this little amount and then they can extend this out to enjoying the first three months for only a dollar as well.

On the other hand, PS Now provides a seven-day free trial for new people who want to try out how it adds value to their gaming life.

PS Now dropped its prices

With time, gaming subscription services have become a thing. With the launching of Xbox Game Pass and EA, the competition increased. It results in the pricing drop of PS Now. However, in the beginning, when PS Now was the only subscription service, it had some very sketchy prices, allowing players to briefly rent games based on how long they wanted to play them, which got into some rather high numbers.

At the moment, PlayStation Now is offering a price of $9.99 a month, or $59.99 a year.

Xbox Game Pass Game List Is Constantly Evolving

Sony and Microsoft never left their fans bored as they keep on adding more exciting titles to their services. However, you should know that among them, only Microsoft is introducing new titles to their service with real regularity. You will see games on Xbox on Day One. It means that they are stepping back for the promotion of their and keeping the games from their users in the name of brand newness. Moreover, you don’t need to spend t $60 to $70 per game. In short, you can have more games to the service with new additions sometimes coming multiple times in your subscribed period.

PS Now Has The Larger Game Library Then Any Platform

There’s no doubt that Xbox Game Pass is an excellent subscription service. However, when we talk about the games we find out that Sony has more than twice the titles on offer. At the moment, Xbox Game Pass offers over three hundred titles for players to spend their hours within the subscription service. On the other hand, the PS Now has almost eight hundred titles to offer. It is a stunning amount of titles for a service

Xbox Game Pass Allows You To Download All The Available Titles

These subscription services are developed to assist gamers to play multiple games of their choice at discounter prices. Currently, PS Now is trying to bring cloud gaming to its service. It allows players to play games everywhere. 

The reason why Microsoft launched Game Pass is to allow players to access a wide variety of games in as simple a method as possible. It means rather than rely on streaming titles, players can download them on their Xbox and/or PC instead. The players can now enjoy them without worrying about the speed or stability of their internet connection as they are available to play offline as well.

Some Titles Of PlayStation Now Are Now Remastered In HD & With Trophy Support With Deep Collection of AAA Games

As more gamers and new genres are introduced in the gaming industry, more and more fans find the idea of leaving their old games behind a turn-off. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that today isn’t the time for Pong and Space Invaders. Most fans want the ability to play their favorite titles long after the console it was made for doesn’t work anymore. Nobody wants to leave their favorites.

For PS Now, fans have access to titles from all the previous eras of PlayStation. It means that all PS2, PS3, and PS4 compatible games are available in the subscription.

It is not just limited to PlayStation 4 or even PS3 titles, the PlayStation 2 games are also available on the app. The games are accessible via ports of the originals and some as enhanced HD remasters with added trophy support. It means that players who want to experience older franchises should make PS Now a priority as it offers old popular games to its fans.

With Xbox Game Pass, You Will Have Access To The EA Play Library Without Any Additional Cost

Another benefit of choosing Xbox Game Pass is the addition of EA Play without additional cost. It is that players also have access to a tier of EA Play. As we know, EA Play is the company’s digital service that allows subscribers to have access to a library of some of Electronic Arts’ titles from several different eras. EA has some of the most popular and played games like Fortnite. You will have access to these games while you are on the basic PC tier as well as the Ultimate tier. EA Play has games including Dead Space 2, Battlefield V, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, various sports titles, and dozens of other games from the publisher, past and present, that are available for free on the service with Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass Allows You To Have The Access To All Xbox Studios Games Right In The Subscription Service

If you are thinking of buying an Xbox Game Pass, the first thing you will see is that all Xbox Game Studios releases are available on day one. Currently, Microsoft’s first party is lacking at the moment. However, with the company having purchased a dozen studios over the last three years, that’s something that’s going to change sooner rather than later as all the Xbox Studios Games are available on the Game Pass. In short, now players will be able to have access to Bethesda’s new games like Starfield and Elder Scrolls as well as games like Halo and Forza. Moreover, several other studios are added to the service. Whatever else they come up with, included free with the service. If you want to spend some amount on a bunch of games then Xbox Game Pass will surpass your expectations.

Which one should you subscribe to

Currently, Xbox Game Pass is more popular than PS Now. As it offers day one releases and a wide range of packages for every kind of gamer. Moreover, it is going to put Game Pass on Steam, so there will be a huge library of games available.

However, Sony is catching up by reducing the pricing and including its triple-A games on the list of the service. Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific winner as both provide excellent services. The choice mainly depends on your taste and the console you are using. Hope this article will help you in deciding which you should choose.

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