Elden Ring Vs Dark Souls

Elden Ring vs Dark Souls

1. Which Ways the Elden Ring Is Different From Dark Souls?

2. What’s Common In the Elden Ring And Dark Souls?

3. Final Verdict

Elden Ring Vs Dark Souls

For more than a decade, the giant game development company FromSoftware has launched several famous titles and built a strong reputation. After the release of Dark Souls, FromSoftware has become one of the most beloved modern action-RPG developers. Every RPG fan likes and praises their fresh and unique style in the games.

FromSoftware recently announced the upcoming action role-playing game, Elden Ring which seems quite similar to the Dark Souls. Let’s find out how the two games differ and what features they share.

You can watch the trailer of the upcoming game here.

Which Ways the Elden Ring Is Different From Dark Souls?

Just after the release of its trailer, fans found out several common things in both games while differences can be seen as well.

Which Ways the Elden Ring Is Different From Dark Souls?

Everything is Renamed; Souls Becomes Runes in Elden Rings

After analyzing the Elden Ring on its first glimpse, it revealed that there is a great similarity between the games. The developers of the game didn’t change much from the previous game but they included more features and made the game sharp by adding a bundle of improvements over a lot of items, stats, and abilities. It won’t be your fault if you keep calling the experience points ‘souls’ as the name is now officially changed to ‘runes’.

Everything is Renamed; Souls Becomes Runes in Elden Rings

Elden Ring Features Infinite Stamina 

In Dark Souls, you experience limited stamina when you’re fighting so you need to stop to boost it back. On the other hand, Elden Ring features infinite stamina when you’re in combat. It means you can fight and sprint as long as you want without being out of breath when you finish. 

Elden Ring Features Infinite Stamina 

Travelling Fast

In Soul games, you are only allowed to travel fast at certain times. However in Elden Rings, you can travel fast to a Site of Lost Grace at any time as long as you aren’t in combat and you won’t need to run back to a Site you’ve already unlocked to travel fast.

Lower Fall Damage

Elden Ring lowers it’s fall damage and becomes more permissible in this case. You will still experience some damage when jumping from high places but it is going to be much lower than those of the Dark Souls game. Elden Ring allows you to survive even greater distances with your spectral steed’s double jump. The developers of the game seem to be encouraging players to take a vertical approach to the open world now that we can jump.

Map fragments 

Another difference between Elden Ring and Dark Soul is Elden Ring has a map. You can collect several Map fragments to uncover areas through the map, which are found around the world of the Elden Ring.

Elden Ring and Dark Soul is Elden Ring has a map

It is one of the few tweaks in the new game that fans are celebrating. The addition of a map gives a whole new experience to Dark Soul fans as RPGs like Elden Ring have always featured sprawling environments with large, interconnected areas. The developers have now added a vast map to the game in which players can view their current location, drop markers at points of interest, and even travel fast to discover Sites of Grace, which act as Elden Ring’s “bonfires”. This feature will help players in navigating easily in this genuinely open world.

Guidance of Grace 

Another new feature added to the Elden Ring that Dark Soul didn’t have is the Guidance of Grace. As the name shows, this feature is a glowing gold thread that sometimes leads away from Sites of Lost Grace, guiding you towards points of interest if you want a tip.

War Ashes 

War ashes are the remains of the war and are featured in Dark Souls 3. These are the weapon arts and you can equip them on whatever weapon you want, and are common rewards for completing mini-dungeons or defeating tougher enemies. Moreover, in Elden Ring, they can also change the properties of a weapon, changing it to scale on a different stat like Intelligence.

Elden Ring and Dark Soul - War Ashes

Guard Counter Move 

The combat system of Elden Ring sees several changes and Guard Counter Move is one of them. It is a newly introduced combat move in the game that is less risky than a parry but gives you the ability to attack unlike just blocking. Moreover, after blocking a hit, a heavy attack right after can do tons of damage to the enemy.

The complete combat system of the Elden Ring is explained in this video.

Power Stance Is Back

A feature that went missing in the latest installment of Dark Soul is Power Stance, here Elden Ring brings it back. This amazing feature allows you to equip two weapons of the same class and attack with both at the same time with a unique move set. Before the Elden Ring, this feature was included in Dark Souls 2. Also, you don’t need 1.5x the weapons’ normal stat requirements as you need in Dark Souls 2.

More Flasks

Elden Ring features more than two types of flasks. That’s right. The game has three flasks and the third consumable flask has two slots for gems that let you customize it’s effects.

Introducing Stealth 

Elden Ring introduces improve stealth in the gameplay. It is relatively light as compared to other RPG games. In the stealth feature, you can crouch so that enemies are less likely to notice you and help avoid fights.

Securing Multiplayer With Group Passwords 

In Dark Souls 3, you can set a password so that you can make it easier for your friends and community to join multiplayer and play. Just like that, Elden Ring features a password but instead of a simple one, it uses a group password. It can support clans and dedicated PvP groups as well.

Time Of The Day

The time of the day in the Elden Ring naturally progresses in the game as you play. You can also skip the time ahead from Sites of Lost Grace. This natural feature allows you to predict enemies that usually spawn at night or behave differently in the open world.

Elden Ring and Dark Soul- Time of the day

Get Help With Summoning Ashes

Summoning Ashes is another major addition in Elden Ring for the fans that allows them to tackle Elden Ring alone with the help of companions. The summoning ashes are the potent items that let players summon AI companions to help them in battle. Just like the Lone Wolf Ashes, it summons three powerful wolf companions that can charge into enemy camps to help draw aggro and allow players to cast or attack without nearly as much pressure. This made the combat of Elden Ring more approachable for new players. The addition of summoning ashes is single-handedly the most significant feature addition in Elden Rings.

Co-Op Mode

Players will see improved Co-op mode in Elden Rings. The upcoming RPG by FromSoftware also expands upon the co-op experience in meaningful ways. While summoning allies or invaders, it still requires consumable items like flasks and summoning ashes. As compared to Dark Souls, Elden Ring does a better job in streamlining multiplayer and explaining how it works to new players. The game has made multiplayer more meaningful by allowing the co-op partner to pick up crafting resources and items. This is surprisingly something you couldn’t do before in Dark Soul games.

No More Invaders For Solo Players

The main difference spotted in the trailer of the game is the removal of PVP invaders for solo players. It’s been a stable feature by the developing company however, in Elden Ring they removed the invaders for solo mode. The reason is that for the players who are looking to play through the primary campaign, invaders have been an enormous point of contention. The game becomes more approachable for the players by removing the invaders. In the previous Dark Soul games, the players had to be cautious of other players who could essentially invade your world at will.

Jumping And Increased Vertical Mobility

As explained before, the Elden Ring features low fall damage that increases the ability to jump higher and longer. It is clearly a beneficial enhancement to FromSoftware’s Souls-like formula. As seen before in Dark Souls, the games have always featured platforming in some capacity, the series has never really shined in that department. Elden Ring throws increased options for vertical mobility and opens up the game in remarkable ways.

More Options For Healing

Another noteworthy change in the upcoming game is a more permissible system for healing flasks. Dark Souls games only allow players to recharge through bonfires or similar points of rest. On the other hand, the Elden Ring allows you to refill flasks by simply defeating mobs of enemies. This added feature greatly reduces the need to return to Sites of Grace to gather healing items. This feature can really come in handy when you consider healing every time you return to a Site of Grace to rest.

What is Common In Elden Ring And Dark Souls?

In an interview, the game director and creator, Hidetaka Miyazaki has stated that both Elden Ring and Dark Souls belong to the “same genre” but are not the same. However, the two games share a universe or world, there are a few things that they do indeed share.

Despite having several similarities with Dark Souls, the game, Elden Ring is not a sequel, prequel, series spin-off, or similar extension of the Dark Souls franchise. As announced by the company, there isn’t much of a link beyond being a kind of spiritual successor. It means that both the games are quite similar in their universe, ideas, and gameplay but there is not any link between their stories. According to FromSoftware, no player needs to have played Dark Souls to understand the game. However, playing Dark Souls before playing Elden Ring might help give an appreciation for certain ideas.

Trailer Says It All

The statement made that the Elden Ring could indeed somehow be related to Dark Souls from a lore perspective is because of the details shared in the trailer of the game. For example, the city of Anor Londo gives a brief look at an Elden Ring city that some fans may say looks like the legendary Dark Souls level. Also, some fans concluded that the Elden Ring trailer’s narrator sounds a lot like a painter, the same that players experience in Dark Souls 3.

The trailer of the game shows that there are numerous characters, world, and item designs prominently featured in the Elden Ring that were either simply inspired by the concepts seen in earlier Dark Soul games. Several similar concepts are implemented in the Elden Ring that seems to exist in the same universe of Dark Souls. The main reason behind the suspected similarity between the games is that Elden Ring served as a kind of prequel to Dark Souls and the developers decided to change the name of Dark Souls from Dark Ring late in development.

Final Verdict

Elden Ring and Dark Soul- Final Verdict

After playing the early access of Elden Ring, it’s confirmed that the game is similar to Dark Soul in many meaningful ways. It seems like Elden Ring is a pretty similar game to Dark Souls. The main differences between the game come with the greater emphasis on crafting, free exploration of an open world, low fall damage, more options for healing, summoning ashes and even a little more stealth than any other Soulsborne game other than Sekiro.

Elden Ring is similar to Dark Souls and Zelda: Breath of the Wild to a great extent. The combat system and renaming of the features are some of the things that the two games differ from. As the game is a RPG, it shares a lot of combat concepts with Dark Souls. In this way, players can feel somewhat safe in using their feelings on those as a template for how you’ll feel about Elden Ring specifically.

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