Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 10 vs Windows 11
Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Microsoft recently launched its new operating system Windows 11 as an advancement to Windows 10. The latest operating system is praised for its improved design and performance. However, both the operating systems are quite similar in several ways. 

Here are important details shared to clarify questions and uncertainties on the two operating systems.

What are the advantages of Windows 11 over Windows 10?

Newly released Windows 11 is often referred to as the Windows of the future because of its various benefits over previous Windows 10.

The following are some of the key advantages of Windows 11.

Improved AI-Powered Widgets

Widgets are back in Windows 11. You will see new AI-driven widgets in Windows 11 that are more interactive and connected to the system. Moreover, they have an easy navigation interface as compared to Windows 10. In Windows 11, there are dedicated pane slides out from the left side of the screen. They help users in finding out the desired task or app without extra scrolling.

Windows 10 and Windows 11- Improved AI-Powered Widgets

Store for Android Apps

The built-in Android apps store in Windows 11 provides an easy-to-download platform without going to the Google Play Store. For the first time, Windows 11 gives easy and permanent access to users who want to download Android apps. It is also worth noting that not all apps are accessible on the built-in store for Android apps. You will still need to get them on the Google Play Store. Among thousands of apps, you can get apps like TikTok, Disney Plus, Pinterest, Netflix, Uber, etc.

Windows 10 and Windows 11- Store for Android Apps

Integrated Microsoft Teams Chat Platform

Windows 11 comes up with an improved Microsoft Teams video chat platform. It allows you to connect from across multiple platforms and devices. It provides cross-OS communication so you can connect with Windows 10 desktop computers or laptops, iOS phones running on Apple’s iOS, and Xbox game consoles. This allows users to keep working in a well-connected environment with coworkers no matter where they are in the world. It assists in boosting overall productivity.

Windows 10 and Windows 11- Integrated Microsoft Teams Chat Platform

Efficient Snap Layouts

The latest Windows 11 introduces an efficient snap layout system. It allows you to arrange different layouts on one screen that can help you in multitasking. You can also save the snap layouts in the desired arrangement that you use the most.

On an opened window in Windows 11, you will see an option in the top right corner for the configuration of that specific window. There are several available layout options as well. You will see a square near the X, clicking on it will allow you to choose your desired layout.

Windows 10 and Windows 11- Efficient Snap Layouts

Virtual Desktops

Virtual Desktops is a key feature of Windows 11 that lets you create individualized virtual desktops without any third-party software. With its help, you can customize them with different wallpapers. It makes it easier for you to organize and identify each desktop. You can change the desktops and it will feel as if you are using Mac OS on your computer when switching between various apps or programs.

Windows 10 and Windows 11- Virtual Desktop

Why is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

Why is Windows 11 faster than Windows 10?

Several users claim that Windows 11 feels faster and smoother as compared to Windows 10. The reason is that Windows 11 utilizes an improved memory management system so it assigns each task its appropriate memory to keep the system fast. This difference can be seen if you’re using a good computer in terms of specs. Windows 11 feels much snappier on HDD machines which makes it a better performing OS than its predecessor on different computers.

Which operating system provides a faster gaming experience, Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Talking about the gaming experience, Windows 11 may not be much faster in running games compared to Windows 10 but it is neither slow. It offers a wide range of user interfaces and graphics quality that makes it a suitable OS option when it comes to gaming. According to Microsoft’s claim, Windows 11 is one the best OS yet for computers. It is because of the several gaming-centric options available in the Windows settings which include Game Mode, checking GPU, disabling unnecessary apps in the startup, and checking power plan.

Does Windows 11 require additional hardware requirements than Windows 10?

Microsoft put some restrictions on using its newly introduced operation system. Windows 11 is a next-gen OS that requires additional hardware requirements than Windows 10. It can work with only Windows 11-ready PCs. Users can upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 if their systems meet the new hardware requirements. 

Does Windows 11 require additional hardware requirements than Windows 10?

As per Microsoft’s claim, the minimum PC hardware requirements necessary to run Windows 10 are a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM (2GB for a 64-bit version of the OS), 16GB of storage, and a display capable of 800×600.

For Windows 11, the minimum PC hardware requirements to run it are relatively tame: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor (Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake or Zen 2 CPUs and up), TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) support, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB or larger storage device, and High definition (720p) display.

Can we upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free?

A Windows 10 PC will only be able to upgrade to Windows 11 if it meets the minimum specs and specific hardware requirements for some features to run Windows 11 effectively. Microsoft announced that the upgrade roll-out will continue into 2022.

Can we upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11 for free?

It is also revealed that the free upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 is not offered to all existing users or PCs. According to Microsoft, all existing eligible PCs can upgrade to Windows 11 by the mid of 2022.

Is Multitasking easier in Windows 11?

Windows 11 presents an improved working environment in terms of multitasking as it allows the users to work with multiple apps with new features. The new and improved features like Snap layouts and Snap groups allow you to make snapping windows on the desktop a little easier. It also helps in managing windows in wider displays for easy viewing. 

The major advancement seen in Windows 11 is the Virtual Desktop feature that is responsible for providing a better interface and allows you to choose a different background image per desktop. In addition to that, several new settings are introduced making it easier for you to work with apps with external monitors.

How is Windows 11 design better than Windows 10?

One of the major differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11 is the design. Windows 11 stands out in the competition because of its appealing visuals and designs. The logo of Windows 11 changed after a very long time and you will see the various revamped collections of icons that enhance flat designs with colorful gradients. 

How is Windows 11 design better than Windows 10?

The menu panels and notification boxes took the shape of rounded corners boxes giving a softer look to everything. You can get several high-quality 2D wallpapers with the addition of Windows 11 Home. The dark mode is another big visual tweak of Windows 11 that lets you change from a brighter or colorful look to a darker wallpaper so you can set them according to your needs. Moreover, a subdued color scheme is also added that changes the colors of desktop wallpaper to menus and app icons.

Can we still use Windows 10 after upgrading to Windows 11?

Announced by Microsoft that they will keep on supporting Windows 10 until 2025. If you don’t want to switch to Windows 11 you can still use Windows 10 safely while expecting constant updates.

Some users often prefer to stick to the older version of OS as they are quite familiar with it. The latest version is always worth giving a try, however, in case you don’t like it, you can still have an option to downgrade back to the older version of the operating system.

What are the drawbacks of Windows 11?

After the launching of the Windows 11 OS, a lot of Windows users started pondering what are the major changes integrated within Windows 11 OS. The new Windows 11 operating system is better than Windows 10 in several areas but it does have some drawbacks.

What are the drawbacks of Windows 11?
  • Windows 11 start menu varies from Windows 10. In Windows 10, the start menu pops up from the left side of your screen. In Windows 11 the start menu appears from the center of the computer screen. Old Windows 10 users may find this redesigning quite disturbing. 
  • The search menu in Windows 11 is different from Windows 10. In Windows 10, the searching was easy. The search menu is available on the start menu in Windows 10. It allows you to search any kind of app by easily typing the text. On the other hand, Windows 11 features a search menu separated from the start menu options. In Windows 11,  if you want to search for something then you have to click on the search icon and then the searched apps will appear on the screen.
  • Your PC will not be able to run this new operating system. It is because Windows 11 demands more hardware requirements. You can check your computer’s eligibility to run Windows 11 by tools provided by Microsoft.
  • If you’re an old Windows user, you’re well aware that the updating of the Windows operating system usually takes a lot of time. The time mainly depends on the software updates of the Windows operating system. The problem is seen in Windows 11.

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