How to become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC

How to become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC
How to become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time because of its growing popularity and large community of players. The game may appear easy, but it has a surprising amount of difficulty. Minecraft JAVA Edition PC is a game that has many aspects to it, including mining, hunting, surviving, and creating. However, there have been many modifications to Minecraft since then, not the least of which is how to download and play the game. There are two Editions: The Minecraft Bedrock Edition and the Java Edition. 

Even if you are playing Minecraft for years or just starting, you may think about how to be a better player. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to be a better player in Minecraft Java Edition PC. Before we begin, You can visit our website, We provide the top games at the cheapest price at Electronic First including Age of Empires IV, and don’t forget Minecraft Launcher download. 

Gather Materials.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Gather Materials

A map is the only thing you have when you initially begin a new game of Minecraft. Collecting wood should be your primary priority. By pounding tree trunks, you may obtain timber. Gather some soil or sand blocks from the ground if there aren’t any trees where you spawn if you want to build anything. To make wooden plank blocks and sticks, open the crafting menu and choose the wood blocks. You don’t need a crafting table to make wooden plank sticks and blocks.

Create a Shelter.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Create a Shelter

You can utilize a shelter to keep hostile mobs away from you. The majority of the hostile mobs emerge at night, while there are a few throughout the day. For you to make it through the first night, you need shelter. You’ll probably just have a temporary home at first. Don’t invest excessive time and energy on it. All you need to do is construct a modest shelter to shield you from all sides. Wooden planks, sand, or any other material can be used to create it. You can construct a larger and better shelter after you choose a permanent site.

Craft Supplies.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Craft Supplies

In Minecraft, using tools is necessary. You must first create a crafting table from four wooden plank blocks in your inventory in order to create tools. To construct an item, you must have the necessary materials in your inventory. Create the tools you’ll need to survive and start gathering supplies. Sticks, wood, stone, iron, gold, or diamond may be used to make tools. Wooden weapons are the least durable and will not last. Iron tools are more durable than wood, while stone tools are more durable than iron. The strongest tools are those made of diamonds. You’ll need to make the following tools in order to survive:

  • Sword: Used to slay animals for food and combat hostile mobs.
  • Pickaxe: Used to dig materials such as stone. A pickaxe made of iron is necessary to mine diamonds.
  • Axe: A tool for cutting wood from trees and a potential weapon.
  • Hoe: Used to prepare the ground for planting crops and creating gardens.
  • Shovel: A digging tool. You can uncover minerals and stones if you dig deeply enough. Be cautious not to delve down too much. You won’t be able to escape if you get into trouble. Angle your digging.
  • Torches: These can be mounted on walls to illuminate the area at night and ward off hostile mobs.
  • Bed: Build a bed in your shelter so that you may sleep there.
  • Furnace: Food is cooked in a furnace, which is also used to process iron ore into blocks of usable iron for making tools.
  • Fishing rods: These are used to capture fish that can be eaten.
  • Boat: Used to travel across rivers and waterways swiftly and safely.

Locate for Food.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Locate for Food

In order to survive in Minecraft, you must eat. If you are hurt while your hunger meter is full, your health will regenerate. When your hunger bar is empty, your health will begin to decline. Food may be obtained by either harvesting crops or by killing animals and cooking their meat in a furnace. 

Create a Permanent Home Base.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Create Home

Find a good place to put up your permanent home base once you’ve seen the world. This might be in or close to a hamlet, or it could be in a diverse biome like a forest, a jungle, or a mountain range. Any material is acceptable for construction; however, the stronger the material, the better. It should have adequate space to accommodate your tools.

Start Mining.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Start Mining

Some of the most precious materials in Minecraft may be found through mining. This contains gems like emeralds, diamonds, Redstone, gold ore, and more. Finding a cave and exploring it is the simplest method of mining. Using a shovel to dig, you may even create your own mine.

  • Coal is present in blocks with dark patches. You can found Iron ore in blocks with light yellow dots. Blocks with dark yellow patches contain gold ore. Blocks with light blue dots in them contain diamond. In blocks with green dots, emerald can be found. In blocks with deep blue spots, lapis lazuli can be found.
  • Take precautions. Caves may be very dangerous. They are rife with dangerous drops, lava, and hostile creatures. Never carry unnecessary items inside a cave. Additionally, it’s incredibly simple to become lost in caverns. To store your discoveries and any items you wish to save, you could even want to put a chest near the cave entrance.
  • Pack a bunch of torches. Placing torches not only makes your path more visible, but they may also serve as breadcrumbs for navigating out of the cave. On your way out, be careful to gather the torches.
  • Be cautious when near lava. Any things dropped in lava, with the exception of netherite, cannot be recovered.
  • The toughest substance is obsidian. When still lava comes into contact with still water, obsidian is created.

Build Armor.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Build Armor

To offer a bit extra protection, armor is worn. . A helmet, chest piece, pair of trousers, and pair of shoes make up an armor set. Create each component separately, then equip them in the inventory.

Create Farms.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Create Farms

Building farms is one technique to produce a constant supply of resources. Gardens may be used to cultivate and raise crops. You will always have access to wheat, carrots, potatoes, beets, pumpkins, melons, and more. You may also raise livestock. Use fences to keep them contained and food to encourage reproduction.

Tame Creatures.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Tame Creatures

In Minecraft, there are several creatures that you may tame. When trained, horses and mules can be ridden. Llamas and mules are capable of carrying chests. It is possible to hunt with wolves. Creepers can be repelled by using cats.

Discover Enchantments.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Discover Enhancements

You may give your tools, weapons, and armor benefits and perks by having them enchanted. An enchanting table must first be made with diamond, obsidian, and a book. Then you may create charmed books using the magical table. The next step is to make an anvil consisting of four iron bars and three iron bars. Utilize your magical books to create enchanted tools, weapons, and armor on the anvil.

Check out the Nether.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Check out the Nether

The Nether in Minecraft is a hellish-like realm filled with lava, fire, and several deadly creatures that are absent from the game’s main overworld. Additionally, you may locate a variety of minerals and elements that aren’t present in the Minecraft overworld. Many of the components required to manufacture potions are unique to the Nether. You must construct an obsidian gateway and ignite it with flint and steel in order to enter the Nether. You can then use the Nether portal to go to the Nether and return.

Create Potions.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Create Potions

Potions can be used to temporarily change the state of other players, creatures, or you. Some outcomes are favorable. Some are unfavorable. You can eat some potions. You can toss different potions. You must first construct a brewing stand out of cobblestone and a Blaze rod in order to manufacture potions   Then create a glass bottle, and using various materials and a glass container, and you may create potions.

Conquer Minecraft.

Become a better player in Minecraft JAVA Edition PC- Conquer Minecraft

Minecraft is an endlessly replayable game. Many people are unaware that Minecraft can genuinely be defeated. You can create an Eye of Ender and use it to locate an Ender portal if you’ve mastered everything else that Minecraft has to offer. When you do, use an Eye of Ender to activate the Ender portal by placing one on each of the pedestals. To go to the End, pass through the Portal. To defeat Minecraft from there, you must fight the Ender Dragon. It’s not simple, but if you succeed in defeating the Ender Dragon without using any cheats or switching to Creative mode, you have fully mastered Minecraft.

Minecraft players have devoted countless hours to discovering new features and ways to be a better player. Every day, changes are made to the game, so there are always fresh ideas to discover. The only thing limiting the size of the game, Minecraft, is user imagination. There are still countless things to learn, and we will continue to add to the list. There’s no end to these and you should always be on the look for new ways to improve your game. Make sure that you tune in to Electronic First to know new ways to be a better Minecraft player.  And while you’re at it, and looking for Minecraft download Windows 10 make sure to visit our website.

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