Top 10 Scariest Dead Space Moments

Top 10 Scariest Dead Space Moments
Top 10 Scariest Dead Space Moments

Dead Space is a science fiction franchise. It was created by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey and Visceral Games developed the games for the franchise. Electronic Arts published these games and made the headlines. The story of the game or even the movies are dependent on the previously released game or movie. 

The story developed by the franchise was even represented through comic books and novels. If one has to follow the whole story one will need to go through everything the franchise has released in order. 

Everyone likes a sense of thrill, the adrenaline rush through the spine and the calming after sensation. The scary moments in games and movies give us a taste of that. In today’s article we will go through the top 10 most scariest moments the Dead Space franchise has managed to produce. We will also see where the story basically takes us before diving into today’s topic. Let’s get started!


In the Dead Space series the player’s character is always visible on screen. All menus and interfaces are integrated into the character’s spacesuit, known as the “Resource Integration Gear” (RIG), to make communication with other characters more seamless. For example, the character’s hit point meter, located on the suit’s spine, is designed to allow other characters to monitor the player’s health. Additionally, when the character enters a depressurized area, a readout on the suit’s back displays the remaining oxygen supply. In these moments, all sound is removed from the game, except for those sounds that would be transmitted through the suit’s vibrations, such as gunfire. Point to note, opening menus does not pause gameplay.

The RIG also has two special abilities that can be used in combat and puzzle-solving: the “Kinesis” module allows the character to levitate and move objects, including heavy and distant ones, and even use them as projectiles. Whereas the “Stasis” module allows the character to slow down a target for a short period, allowing the player to move through rapidly moving obstacles or to hinder enemies. The RIG also has a slot-based inventory for carrying weapons, ammunition, healing items, and other objects.


The game’s combat is influenced by the franchise’s antagonists, the Necromorphs, which are reanimated corpses and do not have nervous, respiratory, or circulatory systems, so the conventions of stopping power are largely irrelevant. Therefore, instead of targeting the head or center of mass, players are encouraged to engage in “strategic dismemberment” by shooting off their arms and legs. Some Necromorphs can be easily defeated this way, but others may change attack patterns or even spawn new enemies when killed. In addition, the game’s weapons are repurposed tools or mining equipment, such as plasma cutters, rotary saws, and gravitic repulsion tools, and ammunition is scarce, requiring careful use of available resources.

The RIGs and weapons in the first two games can be upgraded at workstations, and players can visit vending machines to buy or sell items for in-game currency. In the third installment, the store is removed and the player can upgrade their RIG at “Suit Kiosks” and craft their own weapons by scavenging parts and resources throughout the game. Each type of Necromorph has its unique way of killing the player character, depending on the claws, blades, fangs, or proboscis they possess.


EA Redwood Shores, later rebranded as Visceral Games, developed the Dead Space series, starting in 2008. The studio originally proposed making a sequel to System Shock, but the idea was not well received until the success of Resident Evil 4 in 2005. The goal was to create a horror-driven game set in space, and the first game was successful. 

However, the sequel, Dead Space 2, did not perform as well financially despite positive critical reception. EA asked Visceral to make changes to the third game, such as adding co-op and faster gameplay, in an effort to increase its appeal. Visceral had planned for a fourth game in the series, but the studio was closed in 2017 and the series was shelved. EA announced a remake of the first game under development by Motive Studio in 2021.

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Games

1. The Medical Deck

The Medical Deck in the Dead Space series is known for being one of the most unsettling and disturbing areas in the game. It is filled with various atrocities, such as the morgue section and the Chemical Research Lab, which are designed to make players feel small and dirty. The human NPCs in the area are also unsettling, as they have succumbed to the insanity of their situation and have turned either hopeless or murderous. Overall, the Medical Deck is a perfect representation of what the Dead Space series is all about and is a must-see for any player, but be warned that the experience may be unsettling.

You can see a wall of cloned babies put into the chemical tanks. That’s not it, anything that you can imagine going wrong in the hospital, you will get to see it here. It is the perfect example you can give to your friends to give them a scare. 

2. The Hive Mind

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- The Hive Mind

The Hive Mind is a giant Necromorph that appears just when Issac decides to leave the planet at the age of seven. The giant creature is of the building height and is as scary as they come. Although there are some weak spots which you can target to get the best results, it is not as easy as it is said. 

The Hive Mind really tests the endurance and the moves you have learned so far on Ishimura. The suspense filled moment is very intense as the giant arms of the hive mind are falling around you. You have to survive through the rain of wood and what not to endure the final fall of the Hive Mind after he is dead. 

3. Ishimura Survivors

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Ishimura Survivors

Dead Space has replicated the moments of crisis to the point. Almost everyone on Ishimura died after the infestation. However those who survived are no better than dead. The survivors either lost their minds or were left injured to a point that they would choose death over living. 

This intense moment captures the survivors killing themselves in front of Issac who is safe because of the RIG. Issac’s last interaction with the human life on Ishimura gets intense with every corner he turns. The sound effects added by the developers enhances the adrenaline rush and gives one of a kind experience to the players.

4. Necromorph Welcome

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Necromorph Welcome

Throughout the Dead Space series, one lesson which is important to keep in mind is that these Necromorphs can appear out of nowhere. This intense moment is encountered when Issac’s shuttle tries to contact Ishimura after setting eyes on it. When they get no response they decide to board the ship and to their surprise they are welcomed by the Necromorphs. 

What makes this scene intense is that Issac had to watch humans die at the hands of Necromorphs through the protective glass. This doesn’t end here as Issac moves on a Necromorph appears out of nowhere. Issac has no choice but to run as he is unarmed and have nothing at his disposal to fight back.

5. Nearly Disarmed

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Nearly Disarmed

Dead Space one is full of surprise attacks. These attacks can be avoided or defeated by using the right tools at the disposal. One of these moment is when Issac enters a hallway and he is welcomed by a Necromorph’s arm which is trying to  pull our protagonist through the wall. During his fight with the “arm”, Issac is given several windows to attack the weak spots of the Necromorph colored in yellow. 

The intense struggle give players nail biting experience. This scene was so attractive that they even added it in the Dead Space 2. When Issac revists the ruined Ishimura he came across the exact Necromorph “arm” in the same hallway. So, you will need to keep in mind the places where you killed the Necromorphs.

6. Rude Awakening

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Rude Awakening

This scene is introduced in the Dead Space 2. Players resume the game playing as Issac while he is being calmed by a friend of his. The interaction doesn’t last long as a Necromorph attacks Issac’s friend and turns him into a Necromorph. Agian unarmed and injured you have to take Issac out of this intense situation. 

Going through the corridors and hallways, Issac comes across Necromorph which asks for the little energy he is left with. The sequenced button smashing feature introduced gives a moment to breath to Issac if done properly. 

7. Dead Space

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Dead Space

The franchise did justice to their name by building some bits of the game out in the cold space. In this intense scene you Issac can be seen fighting the Necromorphs out in space. EA kept all the physics in play while designing the infrastructure of this epic battle. The movement of enemies and maneuvers of Issac keeps the game interesting and intense.

Issac has to finish up the Necromorphs quickly to get to safety before the next layer of attack comes crashing. The free falling bodies in the space and wreck and objects from the shuttles make up for many hiding places. Through the right strategy and set of skills one can pass this test unharmed.

8. Returning to the Ishimura

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Returning to the Ishimura

To set a safe passage for his friends Issac had to go back to Ishimura to clear everything up but things went south. This scene is filled with suspense and tension. The game gives a chance to players to calm their nerves, however a sensation of building tension in the background. Issac activates the gravity tethers of Ishimura, the quietness in the game brings back the memories of previous visits to the same hallway. 

The suspense builds on as everything is going quiet until a Necromorph makes a move. Just when the friends of Issac think it’s all safe, things start to get scary and yet another challenge arises. 

9. Daina’s Betrayal

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Daina's Betrayal

Daina is the character who helps Issac to escape from captivity in the start of Dead Space 2. However, the two never met until they did. Daina helps Issac to wander around the titan station and eventually they both meet up. The meetup didn’t go as planned as Daina told Issac that she will hand him over to the Church of Unitology. 

However, just when Daina and Issac are having their chat they get attacked by a gunship which leaves everyone dead except Issac who escapes through a maintenance hatch. Little did Issac know that he was going to run into a mammoth sized Necromorph.

10. Scene of Death

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Scene of Death

All the action games have different kinds of dying animation induced in the storyline. Dead Space, as scary as it is, didn’t come short of its reputation in this department either. There are different ways a player can die in the game and every animation is one of its kind. Even if it is a sudden death or a slow death at the hands of Necromorph they are as scary as they can get. 

Sometimes it’s Necromorph vomiting all over you and the others its Necromorph is replacing your head with his. The dying animation in Dead Space give you shivers and goosebumps easily.

Special Mention

Top 10 Scariest Moments in the Dead Space- Special Mention

So far we have discussed some of the scariest and intense moments in Dead Space. However there is one scene that needs a special mention. It is filled with suspense and scary graphics to send the viewers vomiting. 

The government of Earth wants to extract the information straight from the mechanics brain. Issac is placed under a machine where his eyes are looking straight in the laser. Slowly and gradually the laser keeps getting closer and the drill makes contact with Issac’s eye. The brainscan surgery is the most intense moment of the game.


In this article, we have covered the most intense and scariest moments the Dead Space franchise have managed to produce. We have briefly described the gameplay we see and how we can go through the stages of the game. However, the fun part starts where we start discussing about the nail biting scenes from the series. 

From the scary encounters with the Necromorphs to the betrayal from a friend. Issac takes the players through every emotion over the game. We have also gave a special mention to the most scariest and intense scene of the game– the brainscan. 

Hopefully this article will increase your interest to live through the chill we went through while playing the game. That’s all from our side, have a good one.

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