Top 10 Upcoming Games YOU NEED to play

Top 10 Upcoming Games YOU NEED to play
Top 10 Upcoming Games of 2022

2021 wasn’t the best year for games and the development companies due to the global pandemic situation. However, thanks to games like Halo Infinity, Elder Ring, Horizon: Forbidden West, Warhammer 3, Saints Row, Far Cry 6, etc that kept the year going on for fans. This year several games were released that got much love from fans.

We are in the middle of 2022 which brought several new games with it and some are still in the development stage. This year has already brought surprising and revolutionary news to the gaming world. After looking at our list of top 10 PC games, you might feel déjà vu because you were expecting to play them last year. Well, patience brings roses. You will get a chance to play the most awaited PC games this year.

Here’s a list of the top 10 upcoming games you need to play in 2022.

1. Saints Row

Saint Row

Saints Row was initially going to release in February, but developers suspected some bugs in it. That’s great because who wants to play a glitchy game. However, we have a few more months to wait before we can jump into the off-the-wall action we expect from Volition’s chaotic playground. The new Saints Row is a reboot as it isn’t just another entry in the series. Although the game resembles a lot of its original game it is released as a new game. 

The first two games in the Saint Rows series started as a much more severe and grounded take on gangland warfare, before Saints Row descended into fighting aliens, attacking people with phallic objects, and other general absurdities. 

The new Saints Row feels like a mix of both of its predecessors. There’s little info about the game and much needs to be explored. However, it’s certainly one for fans of the series and for complete newbies to keep an eye on. If you are a fan of GTA, you will surely like this game.

You can watch the trailer of this upcoming game here.

2. Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Based on the award-winning movie series (Lord of the Rings), prepare yourself to become precious with Lord of the Rings: Gollum. It is a brand new game from Daedalic Entertainment where you play as, unsurprisingly, Gollum (an evil character in Lord of the Rings). 

Starting in Barad-dûr, the Mordor fortress where Gollum is being held captive, the game will take you through plenty of Middle-Earth’s locations and exciting exploration aspects. The game is inspired by Tolkien’s drawings and delivers a colorful as well as the dark world. The player plays out like a stealth-action-adventure in this game that takes advantage of Gollum’s dual personalities too.

The gameplay of Lord of the Rings: Gollum revolves around the fictional character climbing great heights and sneaking around behind enemy lines. In Lord of the Rings: Gollum, you are going to experience Middle-Earth like never before. You will play through the untold story of Gollum’s experience below the Dark Tower. 

This upcoming gaming is all about the creature’s dual personality just like it was portrayed in the series. You will be forced to make decisions favoring Gollum, the playable or main character in the game. The developers of this game are planning to release the game in the latter half of this year. The game will be available to play on almost all major platforms.

You can watch the trailer of this upcoming game here.

3. Forspoken


Forspoken is an upcoming RPG developed and published by Luminous Productions and Square Enix. The developers are set to release this role-playing game this year. The game revolves around a character named Frey who finds herself in the unknown world of Athia. 

In Forspoken,  players will have to take on the role of Frey Holland (a character inspired by Charlie’s Angel’s Ella Balinska). Frey Holland is a young New Yorker who must harness her newfound magical powers to survive what Square Enix calls a “thrilling, otherworldly adventure”. In the game, Frey attempts to make her way home from the beautiful. Unfortunately, she somehow landed in the exciting but cruel land of Athia.

Forspoken is all about the protagonist in which players control the female protagonist in this narrative-driven adventure. Players need to explore the stunning environments while searching for a way home. In her way, she has to deal with enemies and several challenges. Frey must battle dragons and mysterious beings on her journey with the help of her elemental abilities and magical talents. In addition to that, Frey is also Athia’s only hope of defeating the formidable Tanta Sila, the grand boss of the game. As per the developers of the game, this action-packed game will be available on PC and PS5. We have a little delay in the release date of Forspoken as it has now been pushed back to 11 October.

There is little information about the game and we don’t know about Forspoken. However, it certainly is a game that fantasy fans should be keeping an eye on. In short, Forspoken comes with magic at the forefront of combat and trailers showing a plethora of fantastical creatures we can expect to encounter.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

4. The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2

As the name shows, The Last of Us Part 1 has a new version coming this year. It is coming exclusively to PlayStation 5 on September 2 along with a PC version to follow later in the year.

After watching the trailer and gameplay scenes of both games, we have done a comparison between the scenes shown in the first trailer for The Last of Us Part 1 and from the Remastered version of the game that came out on PS4. The comparisons are proving that the developers of this game are doing a great job in making this game worthwhile. As both games are of the same plot so some moments are identical in their delivery. However, the major difference comes with only a marked improvement in visual fidelity and facial animation of the character.

Fortunately, The Last of Us Part 2 will be available on PS5. However, there’s no news we have heard about The Last of Us Part 1 will be coming to PS4. No matter how Part 2 looked on that older console. The developers of the game, Naughty Dog, have been aiming at more powerful hardware throughout its development. It means that for now, it’s going to be on PlayStation 5 only if you’re a console gamer as the game becomes more graphics intensive. Moreover, the game will be also available on PC, although not quite as quickly. The president of Naughty Dog explained that the PC version will get released just after the PS5 release of the game.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

5. Stray


As the name of the game and the image above suggests that Stray will be about a cat and exploration. This game has a strange path as the teaser trailer for Stray was released in 2020 and gameplay footage of the Playstation exclusive has since been made public by BlueTwelve Studios. 

In this game, you need to control a stray cat. The game revolves around a cat exploration game and the story takes place in a forgotten city that’s inhabited by strange types of machines. 

After watching its gameplay trailer, it seems that the game has fluid gameplay and a visually appealing environment. The playing area of the game is filled with puzzling mysteries and unwelcoming dangers. During your game, a drone friend, B-12 will help you to progress through different areas. So, you need to work collaboratively with the assistant. The developers announced the release date of the game and it is going to be released on 19 July.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

6. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Among the games on our list, this game is one of the most anticipated games. Yes, you read that right!

This year there will be a new Call of Duty coming out in the second half. Luckily, we also know exactly when it is available for purchase. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to the 2019 Modern Warfare reboot based on the 2009 original with the same name, which is going to release on October 28th.

There will be a dedicated reveal week for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Recently, the developers behind the game, Activision debuted a new trailer and announced that Call of Duty would be returning to Steam this year. The game will be available for purchase at $70.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 revolves around a joint mission called Dark Water. In this mission, Soap, Price, and the rest of the war gang infiltrate an oil rig somewhere on the Atlantic coast with a mission to stop a nuclear missile launch. This probably sounds familiar to the old COD fans.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

7. Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2

The wait is finally over, as Blizzard has taken Twitter to announce the Overwatch 2 release. Yes, it is finally a real game that people have played before providing much entertainment. It surely feels like the original Overwatch’s PvE mode has been banished into the future as announced by the company. However, we will get a chance to play more intense PVP modes in this game.

As most of us know that Overwatch 2 is a sequel to Overwatch, but not in the way that we usually think about sequels. It is different from several perspectives. Mainly, Overwatch 2 is transitioning Overwatch PvP into a free-to-play seasonal mode. In addition to that, the game is making some dramatic changes to the basic format of competitive Overwatch play. Unlike original Overwatch, the team sizes are reduced to a 5v5 format, with only one tank hero for each time. New heroes are also introduced in Overwatch 2 with more forceful abilities and qualities. Moreover, existing heroes will be undergoing substantial revisions to how their abilities and weapons function.

As explained before, there’s also a PvE mode in development for Overwatch 2 that will be going to release in 2023. The PVE mode of Overwatch 2 will feature narrative-driven content that’s intended to push forward the story of Overwatch’s setting and characters.

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Overwatch 2 will be available for early access on October 4, 2022. The game will be free to play. Please remember that it is only the PvP, not PvE, which will presumably get released later next year.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

8. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

In our the only game which neither a sequel nor a reboot is Warhammer 40,000: Darktide. Developed by the award-winning team behind the Vermintide series, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is the new co-op-focused experience.

The game is set to release on 13 September this year. In this game, you will play as heroes that are nicknamed the Rejects. You can see them in a trailer called Rejects Will Rise. The Rejects are a bunch of criminals and outcasts recruited to become agents of the Inquisition. They are then sent to investigate an outbreak of plague and heresy in Tertium Hive to explore and complete the challenges.

According to the developers, it was a real test for the team to develop such a game that revolves around turn-based combat which is equally nuanced and bombastic at the same time.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

9. Two Point Campus

Top Point Campus

Two Point Campus has the same formula of management where you will be running and managing a university campus, its classes, students, faculty, and a lot of other things inside them, which cannot be enough in much simpler words. It might sound a bit boring as everyone takes an escape from their regular routines and sits on their consoles and PCs to play games, so how can a person sit to construct their campus? Well, the brand director, Craig Laycock, explains that what the studio achieves is the setting of the sounds, charm, and humor in them. There is a huge culture inside the game, which we will be discussing in a short while. However, even before the release, the Metacritic shows a buzz score of 70, which is not bad and you can preorder the Two Point Campus as it is going to be released on August 9th.

Developers of the Two Point Campus actually say that their idea for the campus actually came while they were creating the Two Point Hospital. So how was it even possible to ignore another idea after the successful execution of one idea. noting that this game will be focused on building and managing a university.

One of the good things about this game is that players will be engaged with their characters for longer as the students spend more time in the universities as compared to the patients, and that is reflected in this simulator as well. So, you will see them thrive and prosper every day.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

10. Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights is the latest game based on the Batman universe. However, in the game, Batman is not featured. The game is developed by WB Games Montreal. So who’s the star in the game?

With Batman gone, you will take the characters of  Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin. The story starts with the supposed death of Bruce Wayne in a Batcave bat explosion. All it’s left to the extended Bat Family to cover his vigilante shifts in Gotham to stop the criminal activists. 

The idea for this game was generated when the Developers WB Games Montreal were involved with Arkham Origins in 2013 and some parts of Arkham Knight in 2015. Although this game is completely new and is separate from the Arkham universe, it is still a good game that has such a solid pedigree behind it.

Announced by the officials that The Gotham Knights will be released on October 25, 2022. The game was originally planned to launch in 2021. It got late because of an update that developers started to work on in March 2021.

You can watch the trailer of the game here.

Final Thoughts

Among several, these are our top 10 picks that are going to be released soon this year. There is a bundle of other games as well that are worth mentioning but our list is restricted to mentioning the best 10. Either way, these are top names that most players are waiting for.

Whether you are a regular gamer or a casual gamer, the above names are worth giving a try. 

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