MLB The Show on Switch: Here are 10 Reasons to Play Now

MLB The Show on Switch: Here are 10 Reasons to Play Now
MLB The Show on Switch: Here are 10 Reasons to Play Now

Most the Major League Baseball fans probably marked in their calendar: the MLB The Show 22 release date. Their wait is finally over for them. It is a must-have for baseball fans all over the world, developed and released by San Diego Studio. The MLB The Show releases annually. The new iteration of the game has made the people more excited.

MLB The Show

MLB The Show

Even if you don’t know about the game. Let’s first get to know about it. Major League Baseball The Show 22 is the latest baseball simulation game developed by PlayStation Studios developer Sony San Diego Studio. Like every MLB game, this game is also inspired and influenced by the 2022 season of Major League Baseball. The game was released on 7th April 2022 on PlayStation. The game is available on the PlayStation 5 and PS4, in addition to the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. 

MLB The Show 22 is the first ever installment of the MLB series that is going to be featured on a Nintendo system. It is the series’ first handheld installment since MLB 15: The Show which was available on PS Vita. The great news for the long-term fans of the iconic baseball series is that the San Diego Studio hasn’t stood still from a development perspective. They strived hard to refine its formula and implement it in the game. All this is possible because of the process that’s made the series one of the more celebrated sports titles in gaming. And, it is also represented in the core of its latest installment as well.

Similar to its predecessors, MLB The Show 22 is mainly a console game. It is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Moreover, for the first time, it is available on the Nintendo Switch as well.

Things you need to know before opting for MLB the Show on Switch

The first MLB game was released in 2015 which got much love from baseball fans. Even after five years passed, the Switch continues to delight with amazing features and exciting modes. Despite the aging technology within the diminutive tablet, they still have third parties eager to support the system. 

Sony seems much eager to support the Switch with its baseball masterpiece MLB The Show 22.  The series is currently moving to Xbox. Meanwhile, the Nintendo’s hybrid came at the behest of Major League Baseball making it playable on the famous handheld gaming console. No matter what, the best thing is that it’s the Sony Interactive Entertainment game MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch. 

In the first place, the idea of having MLB The Show on Nintendo Switch feels quite strange. However, the first impressions of this Switch entry are reassuring and impressive at the same time. 

Game Overview

As far as the MLB The Show 22 is concerned, if you’re a baseball fan you already know it delivers a lot of variety and options. As aforementioned, the central offering is the Diamond Dynasty of the game. It is a team-building mode where players assemble a roster by earning Packs and Cards. No doubt, it is a very baseball way to approach the ‘Ultimate Team’ model as mostly followed by most sports games. 

The Ultimate Team model remains one of the most feasible ‘no money spent’ modes of its type in the gaming industry. However, every year brings a creeping feeling of the odds shifting slightly more towards buy-to-win. You won’t need to focus on the few players that will inevitably buy their way to the best team. 

In MLB The Show 22, players start with a modest roster. With that default roaster, they try to work their way up to having an All-Star line-up. If you don’t want to play against other players who spent money on buying the best team, you can also play entirely against the CPU without the vagaries of online matches.

Like every MLB game, this game also features ‘seasons’ with limited-time rewards, programs, challenges, and an assortment of game options. ‘Conquest’ maps are also added into the game that is trying to take over other teams’ bases and grow a baseball empire. You will see ‘Mini Seasons’ in MLB The Show 22 as well. It is probably the best addition to the series until now. In this mode, you play in a league of eight for a brief season and try to win it all. Moreover, you can set a difficulty that suits you as you take on CPU teams ‘representative’ of other players’ squads.

1. Play anywhere, anytime

The first reason to choose MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch is that it is completely portable. It means that with the addition of another platform to play MLB The Show 22 on, you can play anywhere and anytime. You don’t need to set up a whole setup with many accessories to play the game. Moreover, if you’re keen on the idea of playing MLB The Show 22 on the go, then you should be excited about it. 

The Nintendo Switch version of MLB The Show 22, though flawed and inferior in terms of several things like graphics and controls. Nevertheless, it is still better overall than any of the PS Vita versions that were available for the earlier MLB The Show games. After playing it for a while, I felt that it looks closer to the PS4 version than the PS Vita version ever did. Also, the Switch controls are better than the PS Vita versions. The screen is bigger and easier to see pitches on. For Nintendo Switch, depending on your model, you can also have the option to dock it.

2. Full game featured for Switch

Let’s take the example of the high-profile FIFA game on Nintendo Switch and analyze how it compares to the other gaming consoles. It is quite evident that Nintendo players have had to tolerate half-baked annual releases lacking key features, modes, and other content. However, according to Sony’s claim, the developer Sony San Diego is continuing its good work to deliver all the content on every gaming console. They have the experience of featuring the game on Xbox as well. They assure the Nintendo players that the game comes with a full package on Switch with absolutely no content cut. This is also the best chance to ensure the best monetization possible from the online ‘Diamond Dynasty’.

3. Comes with 5K Stubs

As every MLB fan knows that Stubs are the universal currency used in MLB The Show 22, primarily in Diamond Dynasty. You use the Stubs to buy items in the game shop. 

The good news for Nintendo players is that when you buy the game for your Switch, it comes with 5K Stubs that you can use to build a desirable and better roster. All the way up from the start!

4. Gameplay and game modes are as excellent on Switch as anywhere

Sony developed MLB The Show 22 with attention. This is why they thought to make it available to the Nintendo Switch. The best thing about MLB The Show 22 on Switch is that the game on Nintendo Switch still plays like you’d expect the game to on other platforms. You will not see any clear difference from Xbox and PlayStation versions in terms of performance and content. 

Franchise Mode and March to October both offer the same level of team strategy challenge and customization, minus the one next-gen exclusive which is Stadium Creator. Advertisement Fans of the responsive and slick user interface in MLB The Show over the years will be pleased to know that the menu interactions and simulation speed on Nintendo Switch don’t grind to a halt compared to other platforms. Diamond Dynasty brings all of the same quality to Nintendo Switch, and online play worked fine without any significant lag or glitching in our experience.


MLB The Show 22 feels smooth and rarely lags. Even on the original model Nintendo Switch, the game runs smoothly. Moreover, the game modes bring everything fans hope to see. The developers even made a great quality of life choice on how the Nintendo Switch controls are laid out. The A and B buttons are swapped compared to their counterparts on other platforms, so pitch and swing types in-game lineup to the same button location they have on Xbox and PlayStation.

5. You’re allowed to create and use multiple Ballplayers

MLB The Show 22 is all set to take the popularity titles from its older versions. Even further than they did last year MLB The Show 21. We could expect some exciting upgrades. Among them, the support for Nintendo Switch is on the top.

The Show 22

Currently, we have a limited amount of information about Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22. However, it is confirmed that it has to do with your Ballplayer. As Sony explained, in MLB The Show 22, you will be able to create and use multiple Ballplayers. MLB The Show 22 players will be able to create as many as 10 Ballplayer avatars in this game. It is a stark change from 21. In MLB The Show 21, players are only allowed to create multiple save files for Road to the Show. However, only one Ballplayer avatar could be used across both RTTS and Diamond Dynasty which is something completely changed in the recent installment.

You’ll be able to create multiple Ballplayers in MLB The Show 22. So, you don’t need to be stuck in editing your single Ballplayer or Loadout each time you’re looking for a change for your avatars.

6. Diamond Dynasty is back and better than ever

Diamond Dynasty is the most liked game mode featured in MLB The Show 22 as well. It is the card-based mode in the game. In this mode, you will be able to collect cards. These cards will help you to build the best baseball team possible by choosing players of your choice. It is worth noting that this mode of MLB certainly favors players willing to spend a little money. However, there are several ways to put together a top team by just playing and winning the games.

In MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty mode, you will see plenty more events and things for players to enjoy at the moment. New Topps Now cards are added  in the game. Most recently, the Bosses Band event was introduced in which you can participate and earn more cards.

It’s a great thing that MLB The Show 22 has plenty of new content coming to Diamond Dynasty. The most salient one includes the next major rating shift. All these new content and features are going to be available on Switch as well. 

7. Play with your friends with cross-platform play

The cross-platform playable capability of MLB The Show 22 on Switch is one of the biggest selling points of the jump to Nintendo Switch. The main goal is for players to be able to link their games across multiple systems and take MLB The Show 22 on the go. It means that they will be able to play with Xbox and PlayStation players as well.

Players who get the game on Nintendo Switch in addition to another platform can follow a step-by-step process of linking it to your account to unify progression. When you buy the game on Switch, you can also play it on other platforms. Having multiple platforms is quite a common thing. In that case, MLB The Show 22 does an amazing job as it allows the cross-save and progression. Just after following the steps to link your devices, you will have your account linked with an Xbox and PlayStation as well.

8. Graphics are not downgraded much as compared to Xbox and PlayStation

The game looks similar to Xbox which is quite an accomplishment by Sony. As they managed to keep the graphics to their top when making the game available on Switch. It looks almost identically clean in the menus as it does on other platforms. However, during the gameplay and in-game graphics, there’s another story. Let’s get this straight!

MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch does not match the quality of those simulations quality that we you in the models on Xbox Series X|S or PS5. It somehow falls short of their level of performance. The main reason is its comparatively low processor and GPU.

Players need to know that gameplay will look lower quality than it does on other platforms including Xbox and PlayStation. After playing the game on Nintendo Switch and comparing it with the Xbox version. We found that the graphics never hinder the gameplay experience. 

9. Reasonable frame rate during the play

The graphics may be slightly lower than the other platforms but Switch never falls short in terms of performance. The Switch plays MLB The Show 22 at around 30 fps which is quite low compared to the 60 fps of other platforms but it looks ok on the handheld. 

The game does not stick, nor does it lag. In short, MLB The Show on Switch runs smoothly.

10. After all, It’s MLB The Show on Switch!

MLB The Show 22 featuring Nintendo Switch is the first time Sony is trying out the famous handheld console. Players who already have a Switch would love to try it out as the full game is featured. 

After all, it’s MLB The Show 22 available on Nintendo Switch.

Pros and Cons of MLB The Show on Switch

Pros and Cons of MLB The Show on Switch


  • Playing MLB on Switch seems smooth, clean, challenging, and more fun as you play on the go.
  • The RTTS, MtO, and Mini Seasons upgrades included in the Switch version are perfect for players who want to play in single-player mode. 
  • On Switch, the Online play, including the new online co-op works perfectly.
  • The user interface on Switch feels smooth and clean, even for new players.
  • The addition of new commentary and some of the players adds fun to the game.


  • Graphics are somehow a downgrade as compared to all other platforms (Xbox and PlayStation). 
  • The Switch version of MLB The Show 22 features only 30fps. On the other hand, Xbox and PlayStation both feature standard 60fps.
  • Currently, the cross-platform is not working correctly as mentioned. Players are finding it difficult to cross-save their game.
  • Players spending money on Diamond Dynasty will always create an unfair competition.

The Verdict

If you already have a Nintendo Switch, it is recommended to play MLB on it. If you are planning to play MLB The Show 22 only on Nintendo Switch, don’t mind the in-game graphics being a few steps behind other platforms, the game is available with full content and is worthwhile. Despite having some drawbacks, MLB The Show 22 is still a blast on Nintendo Switch and can offer hours of content across multiple game modes.

If anything still does not excite you about the new version available for Switch, do watch this review on MLB The Show on Switch.

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