Will 2k Games Finally Fix-Up With WWE 2k22 After Hiatus

Will 2k Games Finally Fix-Up With WWE 2k22 After Hiatus

WWE 2K series is finally returned to the stage after a hiatus. Here are the things to keep in mind

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WWE is the dream of the kids who have been watching WWE on TV since their childhood and now trying to experience all those moves on the 2K series games. Yet still, feel some shortcomings. WWE has been in the gaming industry for quite a while now. From the year 2022 people started thinking about whether WWE is going to come back or not. WWE 2K22 pays homage to the sport’s 20-year history and culture. It makes this game what it is today. The most high-flying wrestlers and the most show features in history. 

There has been a significant improvement inside each of the new series. The developers are trying to improve the game’s quality and to suit the imagination of various roles, players from all over the world entering the arena, championships, MITB entries, new move sets, all of these are options for players to enjoy what they desire.

About the Game

Developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports and a total of twenty two year journey. WWE has been a professional wrestling video game. It can be played across multiple platforms like Xbox Series One, S and X, PlayStation 4 & 5 and Microsoft Windows. 

Game includes 75 wrestling bodies including 39 male and 36 female wrestlers in various sizes, forms and musculature for superstar building. WWE 2K22 features a roster of male and female superstars from Raw, Smack Down, and NXT. It is available in four Game Editions: Cross- Gen Digital Bundle, Deluxe Edition, Standard Edition and now 4-Life Digital Edition.

WWE 2k20 has been a disaster for both Visual Concepts and 2K Sports, fans and critics called it the worst ever game series. That is because of the noticeable drop in quality way below the standards. And then for almost 2 years both companies took a year off and effectively created a new series after 2 years of hiatus. Hopefully, now the game has a lot to offer and surely fans will thank the developers for that. 

WWE 2k22 Game Editions

The game also provides 3 editions of this game, the Cross-Gen Digital Bundle, The Deluxe Edition, The NOW-4 Life Edition. Let’s talk about the new and improved features WWE 2k22 contains. We’ll look at the drawbacks usually the WWE games contain and compare them with this one.

Let’s get started!

All the Drawbacks WWE Games Had

Career Mode

2K Gaming is still lacking behind in providing a perfect story mode since they received the WWE license in 2014. No doubt, the 2k20 game is the best ever they tried. Previous series didn’t have original stories and 2K20 tries to cover that up but fails.

Career Mode

While the inclusion of the ability to play as a female character is noteworthy. You can see that the tale is loaded with unlikeable main characters, enforces misconceptions about wrestling fans that most would be delighted to get past, and the tone switches between cheesy ridiculous escapades and serious moments are abrupt.

Control System

WWE 2K20 Control System

Wrestling games should be designed in such a way that every new series brings new moves and punch sets. It can be a lot to teach the new players through a vast set of moves. However, WWE has been giving a thinking range of moves. Players had been now comfortable with the controls by 2k19. Although it’s not a big issue compared to the rest of them.

Game Engine  

Games that have similar content over the past years work on the same engine for performance and graphics. Usually, they stick to what is working perfectly and upgrade it time to time. WWE 2K15 and 2K20 match play looks the same with minor changes. Over 5 years they couldn’t change much in the match play and update the engine for fans so they feel the routine of the game.

Legends Not Included

Legends Not Included

WWE has been ignoring some of the old characters who are legends and it’s very annoying. To promote a video game it might be a very good approach to include the legends which are of the actual WWE world


WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow DLC Revealed With Major Patch Update

WWE has long struggled with downloadable content. They’ve been criticized in the past for charging fans for wrestlers who might have easily been available from the start and excluding key talents. The newest DLC has absolutely nothing to do with wrestling with Asuka in a cyberpunk plot or a horror movie-themed adventure.

Not to mention the addition of imaginary characters. It’s not the best approach to advertise the game to ask fans to waste time on non-wrestling themed structures. 

Absence of General Manager Mode

Every new game is appreciated when the developers hear the voice of the fans and the critics. It has been a great demand in the WWE series about the General Manager mode and yet WWE refuses to listen to the most demanded item.

The general manager mode has once been in Smackdown vs Raw series and the gamers loved playing and managing the roster.

WWE 2K22 General Manager Mode

Launching New Series in Less Time

It seemed obvious that 2K game rushed to launch this game in 2020 instead of making updates in the previous version. It takes a lot to create a new game with new advancements to cover up the needs of the fans. Also new content needs creative staff but Visual Concepts and 2K Gaming efforts were not up to the mark.

Removing the Remarkable Looks of Previous Series

It never happened in any of the game series that the developers exclude the items from the game that were there before. However, in WWE 2K20, some of the great stuff was absent like preset moves, switching tag partners, crafting your championship, and face paint. 

WWE 2K22 Removing the Remarkable Looks of Previous Series

Online Mode

Those who play games online know that glitches come in online mode due to lag in the internet or connectivity. Similarly in WWE, when you are playing in campaign mode you see glitches but as soon you shift to the online mode, the gameplay is even worse. The lag time is such that it’s impossible to control and play with cooperation. 

WWE 2K22 Online Mode

Graphics and Glitches

Usually an upgraded version of the game means better graphics but the 2k20 series step major setback. The reverse integration of the graphics was a terrific idea in this sense. The issue of graphics was reported in the form of how the wrestler looked and how much less he resembled that in the game.

The second problematic thing in the sense of graphics is the bugs and glitches. Game critics have made so many videos just to show how many bugs this game is filled with. Glitches such as wrestlers to be sinking into the mat, passing through the ropes, hitting the other person from ten feet away.

If even when we update the game that could significantly reduce the disaster, WWE has been bad in updating the games and what more could have been. 

All You Need to Know About WWE 2K22

After the 2k20 series, the WWE 2K franchise hit their lowest and faced much of the disappointments. WWE 2k22 by taking a year off now presenting a whole new series as per their claim but still fans and critics are their actual reviewers. Here are a few of the details in the new series that differentiate from the previous ones and set off to be a clear winner. 

WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 a Better Game to Play or Another Lose

There have been rumors about WWE considering partnering up with EA to model this game if WWE 2K22 isn’t a success. These stories and rumors are making rounds for the ‘make or break’ title for the publisher of the WWE 2K22 game. 

The noticeable point is that WWE’s major competitor is AEW (All Elite Wrestling) which features several WWE stars and they are on their way to releasing their own wrestling game. The competition is hyping the WWE to think about themselves and the game is now released however lots of changes are in it now.

MyRise MyFaction & MyGM

WWE 2K22 will be offering several modes for players with this MyRise mode. A very conventional approach of starting the career mode as a rookie player, wrestle, rise through the ranks and take down the major big men as you go up. MyRise is also offering two different story modes one for male and the other for female wrestlers.  

WWE 2K22 several mode: MyRise MyFaction & MyGM

Another new addition in WWE 2K22 is building an ultimate team. MyFaction lets the players build their teams by collecting cards with a large selection of past and new wrestlers. And finally, after years of demand players would be pleased to see the general manager mode. MyGM mode will be finally seen in WWE 2K22 giving control over everything from their rosters to contracts.

Universal Mode

WWE 2K22's Universe Mode Is Better Than My GM | Screen Rant

That is not even shocking for previous series gamers, but it would still be interesting. It is because the game now includes some new superstars and wrestlers. Universal mode allows users to handle the entire WWE sequence. It includes features such as which fights will take place with whom, belt titles under the player’s control. Even the superstar wrestler they wish to be for the duration of the mode.

Creation Mods

More Details On WWE 2K22 Creation Suite & Gameplay - WrestleTalk

WWE games have been a showcase for many years and this creation suite returns as well in the 2K22 series where players share their creation with other players. One feature that would be differentiating is that this feature supports cross-platform play which widens the options for the players.

Gameplay Engine Redesigned

As we noted previously in the disadvantage sections, one of the main reasons for the demise of WWE games over the last few years is a tired outdated gameplay engine. However, WWE 2k22 has been fully redesigned in a new gameplay engine. 2K Gaming believes that the patches will offer more improvements in numerous areas and breathe new vitality into the series. The officials guarantee smoother controls as well as smoother graphics.

Gameplay, Graphics & Visual Animations

 WWE 2K22 Gameplay, Graphics & Visual Animations

This is the major factor where WWE 2K has been lacking behind and still needs significant improvements but the new gameplay engine might give more improvements too. According to the official website of the WWE 2K game, the newly redesigned engine makes this game in better-looking visuals such as better-looking characters, better touch-ups, and better expressions of the characters.

 WWE 2K22 Visual Concepts

Not only this the visuals have been improved in other ways as well. Visual Concepts claims which can be even seen in the trailer that the motions in the game are improved now. Previously in 2k20, the glitches would not be seen in this series and the impacts of visuals are promising this time. The developers claim to have a total of 4800 animations in the whole game.

 WWE 2K22 Visual Concepts

Just like the entrances in the TV, the gameplay has been designed in such a way that you would experience the perspective of superstar entrances when the wrestler makes his way up to the ring and shows like almost you are the camera person and you are the next to be in the fight. It’s all about the perspective view!

 WWE 2K22 Visual Concepts

‘Hits differently,’ as the game’s tagline suggests. You will be delighted to feel the matches like a movie scene the moment you first hit the punch of the soaring kick. As previously said, this game contains over 4800 animations. It is designed to provide a great experience similar to that of watching WWE on TV.

New Controls and Moves

With new controller settings, wrestlers will be able to perform more techniques than in the prior 2K series. Previously, there were two buttons for striking and grappling. In the 2k22 series, one button is for a quick strike, one for a strong strike, and one for grappling. And a combo of all can give a completely different possibility. Players will have options of combos, signature moves, and finishing moves.

Arenas and Season Pass

So many nasty things have been said about the WWE 2K20 series. Anyhow, you can still experience the  ThunderDome in WWE 2K22. The ThunderDome can manage the actual individuals that are observing what is going on in the ring. This is an entirely new idea!

 WWE 2K22 Arenas and Season Pass

Surprisingly, as not to disappoint fans, WWE 2K22 will also include a Season Pass. It will grant access to additional content before the game’s release. In addition to extra goodies and 200 attribute points in MyRise, 5 DLC packs will be released between March and August.

 WWE 2K22 Season Pass

Final Thoughts

You might be thinking that 2K gaming has done a little more to dispel unfavorable perceptions of WWE. This appears to be a genuine contribution to sports fans. Surely, the game requires further upgrades as well. The new game engine may come out with something new from time to time to increase the performance of this. Hopefully, the losses can be restored.

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