The Sims 5 Project Rene: Release Date, New Features and everything you need to know

The Sims 5 Project Rene: Release Date, New Features and everything you need to know

As it approaches its ninth year, The Sims 4 is still a huge success for EA. Due to a regular stream of new packs, frequent free base game upgrades, and a loyal, enthusiastic fan following, the game has shown to be exceptionally durable despite a challenging beginning in 2014.

However, the working name for The Sims 5, is now official. EA and Maxis provided a first look at the franchise’s future on October 18, 2022.

Sims 5 Project Rene Update

Sims 5 Release Date, New Features and everything you need to know;

What is The Sims 5 about?

You probably already know how this one works; The Sims is basically a life simulator wherein you create digital characters and manage every aspect of their lives, down to the slightest details, including their home and place of employment.

The Sims 5 will “reinvent The Sims offering additional ways to play, tools to inspire creativity, and the opportunity to develop meaningful tales,” according to EA and Maxis. The same statement also states that “players will have the opportunity to play solitary or cooperate with others,” so we know that it features co-op.

The Sims 5 should contain a ton of new features in addition to enhanced graphics as it is a brand-new numbered entry. It’s unclear how it will truly vary from The Sims 4, but it has been reported that the game will have internet elements, allowing you to view your friends’ creations for the first time. There is also anticipation that The Sims 4’s missing features, such as an open world, cars, and comprehensive neighborhood customization, may make a comeback in its sequel.

Some rumors claim that The Sims 5 may have a story option that would let players pursue a personalized narrative route through the game. It would be a helpful feature for newbies and those who are never sure what to do with their Sims, and making this series a single-player and multiplayer interaction is an appealing one.

Sims 5 “Project Rene”

The Sims 5 is confirmed and presently known as Project Rene. During the Behind the Sims Summit, EA and Maxis confirmed that they are working on Project Rene as the “new future” of the Sims franchise. The goal of this new project is to “reimagine The Sims you know and love with new ways to play,” “based on a foundation of adorable Sims, strong tools, and important tales,” explains Lyndsay Pearson, The Sims’ VP of franchise creative.

The Sims 5 has been officially revealed under the working title Project Rene. This is the “next generation of Sims game and creative platform,” and while it won’t be available for a few years, we’ve been given a sneak peek at what to anticipate.

The Sims 5 release date

The Sims games appear to be released by EA every five years or so, as we have noted. If we examine the Sims 4 release date, we see that EA first made the game announcement in May 2013. It was released in September 2014, little over a year later. Given that we have not yet received an official statement from EA, the period between both the announcement and the scheduled release date is pretty significant.

Another piece of information from EA is that The Sims 4 has attracted a lot of fan interest and generated good sales. For fans, that has both good and bad news. The Sims 5 will undoubtedly be released, which is excellent news. The bad news is that enthusiasts may have to wait even longer than they would want to receive a Sims 5, since EA will probably extend the Sims 4’s lifespan by adding additional expansions and digital material that must be purchased. The Sims 5 will nevertheless be released because EA wants to keep milking this cash cow.

But during the Behind the Sims Summit, Maxis said that Project Rene is still in its early stages of development. As a result, it is doubtful that a full-version of the game will be released until 2024. However, the company softened the blow by adding that they want to publish updates and in-progress work over the next few years, and would use player input to assist the ambitious title’s development.

The Sims Franchise Creative VP Lynday Pearson promised that they will be sharing Project Rene developments with all of you “over the next couple of years.” In-Progress Work, Explorations, Sneak Peeks, and Behind The Scenes Content will be made available, and we’ll progressively grant a select number of users Early Access to the Project Rene software.

Sims 5 Features and Gameplay

The Build Mode features of Project Rene have received all of the initial media attention. Since the very beginning, The Sims games have been known for its famous architectural and interior design elements, and we now know some few things regarding how they’re shaping up in the upcoming game.

The Workshop has received the most attention so far. This is a brand-new tool for the franchise that will provide you a lot of versatility when customizing certain items. It is planned for these features:

Sims 5 Project Rene, Select Surface Color
Sims 5 Project Rene, New Feautures
  • Color wheel: After being away from the franchise since The Sims 3, the color wheel is making its eagerly awaited comeback. It will let you change the colors of items using a precise spectrum of tints and tones, including RGB options.
  • Swatches of fabric or other materials: offer a variety of designs and the option to alter the form of furniture by using various coverings.
  • Independently moveable clutter items: For example, the player can move and arrange the throw pillows on a couch.
  • Resizable objects: If you decide to change your mind when making a single bed, you may scale it up to a double bed.

The game will reportedly have apartments, according to the same demo clip. If true, this Sims game is going to be the initial to have shared living quarters right away, while separate housing was your only option in earlier Sims base games. According to a developer update, flats could be important in the multiplayer aspect of the game. A shift from The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 when individual flats were placed within shell structures that the user couldn’t freely customize. Early images show single apartments being accessible and customizable.

Please be advised that since much of this information was gleaned from early development video, it’s likely that all or some of these features will alter significantly by the time The Sims 5 is released and that its inclusion at all is not guaranteed.

Compared to The Sims 4, The Sims 5 will offer a significantly better gaming experience. You might have anticipated that the fourth Sims game would be the most realistic one yet. It turned out that wasn’t the case. Hopefully, these errors won’t be repeated in the following game, from launching without cars and children to expansion packs like Strangerville.

  • Collaborative Play comes to The Sims

Players will have the option to play either alone or collaboratively with others in the new Sims game. The official Project Rene description on the EA website states that “players will have the opportunity to play solo or cooperate with others, and will be able to play their game across compatible devices.” 

Although the specifics of Collaborative Play have not yet been made public, one would anticipate elements like interaction and perhaps house visits. It appears that Simmers will be able to carry their work with them regardless of the platform.

How Multiplayer Could Work

Interacting With Friends

Players will likely be able to visit their friends’ homes and engage with the families there rather than having MMO-style gameplay where hundreds of Sims dwell in one metropolis.

A marketplace for creators

A creator marketplace also appears to be something that will enter the scene, giving digital designers a platform in the vein of Etsy where they can produce their own goods and maybe make some money off of the sale.

  • Improved Graphics

The outstanding graphics in the fan-made trailers above are one feature that sticks out. This is true since The Sims 5 will include dramatically improved visuals and a wide range of new customization choices.

Sims 5 Project Rene, Object Pattern
Sims 5 Project Rene, Object Customization
Sims 5 Project Rene, New Objects

The Sims 5 review

In September 2022, industry insider Jeff Grubb stated on his Giant Bomb program that it isn’t ideal for a new numbered entry in the series to start from scratch every time, and he implied that EA has been contemplating a different method for the next game.

The Sims is one of the big-numbered sequels that Grubb believes they are prepared to handle differently going forward. And I believe that the audience would be more than willing to play that game for that purpose.

Additionally, The Sims 4 has significantly improved its diversity and inclusiveness throughout the course of its existence, including customizable pronouns, asexual and aromantic Sims, and a wider range of darker skin tones, Black hairstyles, and East Asian eye presets.

We may anticipate The Sims 5 to continue in this trend and be more inclusive from the start, given that the franchise’s marketing in recent years has focused on the ‘Play with Life’ theme.

For instance, the team has previously been open about the technological barriers that prohibit them from creating Sims that are mechanically non-binary. When designing the following game from the ground up, this issue will undoubtedly be taken into consideration.

In addition to diversity and inclusivity, gamers frequently ask for automobiles in The Sims 4. The team acknowledged the request in March 2021 and provided additional information in an Inside Maxis stream, stating: “To bring new content into the game, it involves many, many processes. We have to take important steps that are part of the game development process, and often that takes a lot of time.

In order to make these things happen, we sometimes need to work on underlying technologies and delve very deeply into the designs.

The likelihood of automobiles appearing in The Sims 4 is unknown, but there is still hope because the enormous demand will have flowed down those working on The Sims 5.

Open worlds have also been requested by certain fans for The Sims 5, but it’s impossible to anticipate whether or not it would be possible given the current state of the franchise’s fundamental game concept.

What systems will The Sims 5 be playable on?

Sims 5 Project Rene, Compatible Devices

The Sims 5’s release hasn’t been formally announced, but PS5 and Xbox Series X are the most probable platforms for it to appear on. As is customary, The Sims 5 may also get an early PC release, as Windows users are frequently the first to check out each new edition of the game.

The Sims 5 looks to support crossplay on whichever platforms it does launch on. Players “are going to be able to play their game throughout compatible devices,” according to EA and Maxis’ announcement.

The Sims 5 will likely be available for Mac users who prefer Apple devices, which seems likely given that The Sims 4 did have a Mac version. The one and only people who could be excluded are Nintendo Switch players. As The Sims 4 is still not released on the Switch, it is probable that perhaps the Sims 5 won’t either.

The Sims 5 Trailer

It’s perhaps not surprising that there isn’t a trailer yet given that The Sims 5 is still in its very early stages of development.

The Sims 5 Reddit

Fans may provide comments on an open forum provided by EA/Maxis. In an unexpected turn of events, EA and Maxis have abruptly established an open forum for fan feedback.

It’s the Sims 5 Download is your next game. It’s a great fifth chapter of the game, and morality undergoes significant changes. Perhaps you’ve played The Sims 4? Sims 5 is quite similar to the previous iteration. The most recent version allows you to take a picture of the world and the features of the automobile.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comment section below, Are you excited about Sims 5? And remember to stay with us at Electronic First, to know the latest info we have about The Sims 5, including gameplay changes, mod support, new features, release date info, and news. Also, be sure to check out our Discord server, where we talk about various games, such as Elden Ring and Sims 4.

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