Free Games for PS Plus for September 2021

Free Games for PS Plus for September 2021

With August’s lineup of Free PS Plus games leaving officially on September 6th, gamers are itching to meet the new lineup for September that is comprised of two PS4 games and one PS5 game. Sony has announced that from September 7, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download Overcooked! All You Can Eat for PlayStation 5 and Hitman 2 and Predator: Hunting Grounds for the PlayStation 4. All three games will be available from Tuesday, September 7 to Monday, October 4. Learn more about these games to figure out which one(s) you’ll be adding to your collection this month!

Predator: Hunting Grounds | PS4

Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4) is an objective-based shooter you can play with three friends. Or, go solo as the titular Predator and hunt down your victims with alien weaponry. From the epic Predator theme song to the signature light-bending cloaking and thermal Predator vision, fans of the Predator-verse will revel in both familiar and new canon.

Overcooked: All You Can Eat! | PS5

Overcooked!: All You Can Eat! is the PS5’s exclusive Plus game this month! Try to cook in increasingly perilous kitchens with your friends in frenzied disorder. This edition brings Overcooked! 1 and 2 together with added content and an array of accessibility options that make for a great party game. There is a PS4 version of the game, but PlayStation Plus members are only able to access this free title on PS5.

The key features of Overcooked: All You Can Eat! are below:

  • Overcooked! Goes Online: For the first time ever, online multiplayer has been fully integrated into Overcooked! Revisit your favorite kitchens from the first game in stunning 4K and ONLINE!
  • A Visual Feast! Both games have been taken to the next level with stunning, enhanced 4K visuals – this is the best that the Overcooked! series has ever looked.
  • Tasty New Content! New levels, new chefs and new mayhem – all exclusive to Overcooked! All You Can Eat.
  • Multiple Modes! Players can enjoy campaign, survival and practice modes, and new to All You Can Eat – assist mode! Assist mode offers a number of options to allow for a less frantic game including slower recipe timeout, increased round timers and the option to skip levels.
  • Accessible For All! Overcooked! All You Can Eat contains a features to allow as many players as possible to join in the food frenzy! Scalable UI, dyslexia friendly text and color blindness options are all available.

Hitman 2 | PS4

While Hitman 3 released in January, Hitman 2 (PS4) makes a great introduction to the trilogy for newcomers. The games are light enough on story that you won’t miss much if you’re unfamiliar with IO Interactive’s 2016 reboot. Rather, the massive levels of Hitman 2 offer a murder sandbox puzzle that challenges you to complete you “assignments” in increasingly bizarre fashion. 

Check out the key features Hitman 2:

  • A new co-op multiplayer mode called Sniper Assassin where you’ll play with your friends to eliminate targets within a specific time limit.
  • New limited-time missions known as Elusive Targets, giving you one chance to take out your target-fail and your contract cannot be retried.
  • Brand new weapons and more opportunities to create your wildest assassinations yet!

Where to Get Your Discounted PS Plus Membership

If you want to play any of these Free games this month, you’ll need a PS Plus subscription. To purchase a PS Plus Membership at a big discount, head over to Electronic First now!

PlayStation Plus Memberships for US users (3 month or 12 month)

PlayStation Plus Memberships for UK users (1 month, 90 days or 12 month)

What do you think of September’s PS Plus games? Let us know!

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